2.0 star rating

I visited Angelina ‘s Louisiana kitchen for lunch nowadays. I was very disappoint to say the least. This restaurant is extremely mediocre. absolutely not what I expected. Let me start by saying it ‘s a cunning little restaurant and a trendy separate of Berkeley California. The wait was very long because we had five people in our party. I actually did n’t mind waiting because I thought the food was going to be pretty good. Let me start by saying the staff were very dainty. Lots of smiles very inviting. When we were seated it did n’t take farseeing for our waiter to come and take our drink orders. unfortunately they only serve beer and wine and we were celebrating a birthday so that did n’t very fit into our expectations. I ordered a Rice wine hurricane which was n’t besides bad. We ordered appetizers which did n’t take besides long to come out. The hush puppies were delightful. I must say, they are credibly the best hush puppies I ‘ve had in a very farseeing time. I used to eat out a fortune in Louisiana when I was in college and the quieten puppies were the lone thing like to creole style or Louisiana cook in the restaurant. I ordered a couple of appetizers. The first appetizer was a creole style runt in a barbecue sauce. They wholly missed the mark on this dish. Shrimp were medium size in over cooked to the point where they were fast adequate to use a tongue and crotch to cut them. They were saturated in creole seasoning salt and souse in a light barbecue sauce. This is one of those times where you explain to the chef that precisely because you put Creole season salt on something it does not make it creole style cook. It was fair salty. We ended up keeping it because we asked for bread and they do n’t serve bread individually from the meals so in order to get the bread we had to keep the overprice salty shrimp at $ 18. The second appetizer we ordered were barbecued barbecued spareribs. And good like the salty shrimp, just because you put barbecue sauce on something does not make it barbecue barbecued spareribs. It was Anna season meat lathered in barbecue sauce. The barbeque sauce was actually pretty good. I ‘m not sure if they air fried or french-fry the rib but they were unseasoned and overpriced. We ordered extra hush puppies because they were delightful. We ordered loss beans and rice with ham hocks that were OK. We ordered jambalaya with a ham alternate alternatively of runt. That is the first time I ‘ve ever seen jambalaya not served with runt. My aunt did n’t flush eat it because she needed to take it home to re-season it. My great aunt and I ordered wolffish. They sliced the catfish up into little slithers to the indicate that you can not even taste the wolffish all you can taste is the caterpillar fish fry or cornmeal that it was actually cooked in. identical disappointing. I fry wolffish much and I must say the best separate of the wolffish is the taste of the pisces the season and code is excess. You ‘re ineffective to taste the fish because it is cut and such sparse slices that the code is over bear. It was served with creole manner potato salad which was nothing more than potato salad with a solid fortune of creole season salt dumped into it. And like I said ahead merely because you put creole season salt in something does n’t make it creole style or Louisiana fudge. My aunt wanted to order the gumbo but it did n’t come with crab louse legs rather it came with ham. respective of the dishes had ham in it and I did n’t understand the substitutions. This restaurant appears to be for people who are tourist, students, people who do n’t cook, or people who ca n’t cook. This is not a restaurant that you would go to if you want a very good Louisiana style meal. It ‘s like saying you want mexican food and person brings you Taco Bell. I probably will never go back but it might be thoroughly for person else. Like I said, the people were truly dainty and that ‘s what the two stars are for. I actually left a properly tip off because their team worked truly well in concert. I do n’t want the waiters and servers to not be compensated because the kitchen dropped the testis. felicitous eating