No. Title Original air date 1 “Episode 1” 2 April 2022 ( ) After Kinn’s first major deal with the Italian mafia ends in a bloody street chase, he encounters Porsche in the back of Hum Bar. In a rapid exchange, Porsche agrees to help him with his pursuers, for a fee. After escaping, Kinn reneges on the deal and Porsche takes his watch as payment. Back home, Porsche discovers the loan sharks have appeared again. Porsche is the sole caretaker of his younger brother, Porchay (Chay), juggling payments for the house and his brother’s education. His uncle takes the watch to hock while Porsche heads to his other sideline job as an underground fighter, The Phoenix, to scrap together some additional money. Meanwhile Kinn is pressured by his father, Korn, to track down Porsche and offer him a bodyguard job. Kinn kidnaps Porsche, attempting to intimidate him into taking the job, but after a heated fight, Porsche rejects the offer, and escapes. Unfortunately, Porsche’s uncle has dug them even deeper into financial trouble, and Porsche finds accepting Kinn’s offer is the only way to keep his brother safe and secure. He leaves a note for his brother, lying that he accepting a dream job working as a bartender at a private beach bar, before joining Kinn at the mafia compound. 2 “Episode 2” 9 April 2022 ( ) Porsche struggles to adjust in the new environment and responsibilities as a bodyguard for Kinn. Although despised by Big and Ken, Porsche becomes quick friends with his roommate Pete. Porsche accidentally kills Tankhun’s prized carp, resulting in him becoming protective of the garden so he doesn’t get punished. Later, his first mission is a disaster when he gets drunk and an assassin nearly kills Kinn. After Porsche punches Macau when he gets too close to the carp pond, a delighted Tankhun takes Porsche as his own bodyguard. 3 “Episode 3” 23 April 2022 ( ) Porsche introduces Tankhun and his bodyguards to Hum Bar. Pete, Arm and Pol are more supportive in Porsche’s training than Ken and Big, and Porsche’s skills develop quickly. Porsche eventually grows bored with Tankhun’s antics and joins Pete and Ken in escorting Kinn. Although extremely uncomfortable with the realities of Kinn’s business, Porsche winds up taking a bullet for Kinn when the meeting goes sour. Impressed by Porche’s handling of the situation, Kinn helps him with his wound. That night, Tankhun and his bodyguards take Porsche out to celebrate his “recovery” and are joined by Kinn. A drunk Kinn kisses Porsche. 4 “Episode 4” 30 April 2022 ( )

Vegas visits the main family to talk of the upcoming diamond auction, and has lunch with Kinn and the bodyguards, where it becomes obvious that he’s interested in Porsche. Tankhun hates the attention Porsche is getting and gives Porsche back to Kinn. Jealous of Porsche, Big tricks him into catching Kinn in flagrante delicto. At the diamond auction, Porsche gets drugged with GHB, or Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, a date rape drug, on the orders of Vegas. Porsche is kidnapped and Vegas attempts to rape him. However, Kinn and his bodyguards find Porsche, with Vegas escaping before anything happens. While trying to get Porsche sober, Kinn gives into his desires and takes advantage of him. Meanwhile, Porchay meets Kim, who keeps his interest in Porsche a secret. 5 “Episode 5” 7 May 2022 ( ) While struggling with the events of the previous night, Porsche is punished for allowing himself to be drugged. Korn, angered at Kinn’s indiscretion, gives Porsche a week off for him to decide on his future. Kinn learns this from Pete, who also imparts some advice on how Kinn can win Porsche over. Kinn visits Porsche at home, but leaves his bodyguards behind, leading to both of them being kidnapped. Korn tracks Kinn’s phone and dispatches all the bodyguards to rescue them. Kinn and Porsche manage to free themselves just before the bodyguards cause the truck they’re in to crash. Meanwhile, Kim agrees to tutor Porchay as a means of investigating Porsche. 6 “Episode 6” 14 May 2022 ( ) After escaping the accident, Kinn and Porsche are stuck in the wilderness. As the days pass they learn to rely on each other and grow closer. Porsche indicates that he is willing to return Kinn’s feelings, but the mafioso initially holds back. After sharing their dreams for different lives and getting stuck in a cave, Kinn explains that he’s never slept with a bodyguard before and asks Porsche for forgiveness for everything he’s done. After escaping, Kinn tells Porsche to go home and live a normal life. When the kidnappers finally track them down, Porsche comes back, but Kinn takes a bullet for him. 7 “Episode 7” 21 May 2022 ( ) After being rescued by the bodyguards, Kinn is in the hospital and Porsche spearheads a sting to find out the kidnappers ‘ identity. Vegas gate-crashes the stick and promises to help find the perpetrator, in exchange for Porsche. Kinn is forced to agree but makes Porsche promise to come back to him. Porsche and Vegas discover a liaison between one of the smaller triads and the italian Mafia. Kinn takes his friends ‘ advice and opens up to Porsche by loaning him his golden gun, but Vegas reveals Kinn ‘s dark secret to Porsche. The assail on the Mafia ‘s operation is a success and Vegas hosts a party to celebrate. During the party, Vegas ‘s attempts to seduce Porsche are interrupted by Kinn. Porsche confronts Kinn about his privy and his discussion of him ; upon seeing his truly regretful position, Porsche consents to sex. meanwhile, Kim tries to find out more about Porsche, but entirely succeeds in learning that Porchay is in sleep together with his idol character.

Note: iQiyi released a “side story” on YouTube which bridged the gap between episodes 6 and 7. Tankhun and the bodyguards hold vigil over Kinn while Vegas tries to win Porsche over. When Kinn wakes up, he and Porsche tentatively kick-start their relationship by sharing Kinn’s hospital bed. 8 “Episode 8” 28 May 2022 ( ) Miraculously, Kinn and Porsche’s attempts to keep their relationship secret are successful on the bodyguards. Having never really dated anyone, let alone a man, Porsche goes to Yok for advice. Porsche’s overzealous plans for the perfect day are well-received by Kinn. Porsche begins seeing a strange man whenever he and Kinn are together in public; after a series of mishaps, Pete identifies him as Kinn’s (deceased) ex, Tawan. Meanwhile, Kim looks into Porsche and Porchay’s parents’ deaths and realizes that his feelings for Porchay are more complicated than he thought. 9 “Episode 9” 4 June 2022 ( ) Tawan offers to identify the main family’s enemy in exchange for protection, but also sets about trying to win back Kinn. Arm, having deduced that Kinn and Porsche are an item, helps the latter with keeping tabs on Tawan. Kinn tasks Pete with monitoring Vegas, but his efforts are stymied. When Porsche’s attempt at surveillance is caught, Kinn turns on him, while Vegas makes a shocking offer. Meanwhile, Porchay finally tells Kim how he feels. 10 “Episode 10” 11 June 2022 ( ) 11 “Episode 11” 18 June 2022 ( )

12 “Episode 12” 25 June 2022 ( ) 13 “Episode 13” 2 July 2022 ( ) 14 “Episode 14” 9 July 2022 ( )