Kept Bangsaray Hotel Pattaya has floating rooms with Maldives vibes

Maldives is one of those destinations that many of us seek to visit in our lifetimes, due to its open waters and idyllic bungalows overlooking the boundless sea. I am unabashedly among this crowd of travellers who ’ ve been pretty travel-deprived since the begin of the pandemic .
Having said that, I searched for alternative places that look like Maldives, and amazingly found a fall back in my hometown .
Kept Bangsaray Hotel is in Pattaya, Chon Buri, which is about 2 hours away from Bangkok by car. here ’ s a quick drumhead of what to expect here, from floating rooms with Maldives-style decorations and a luxury pool in the center .
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Floating villas on sapphire waters like in Maldives

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Kept Bangsaray Hotel offers guests a slice of the Maldives seaside experience, with floating villas along the Bangsaray beach with a hanker pier extending above the sea ’ sulfur waters .
Peering out from a higher vantage distributor point, you ’ ll glimpse the clear blue sea, along with outlines of a few of the surrounding islands in the distance .
Step carefully on the elevated wooden walk, and listen out for the sound of waves crashing upon the shore .
Image credit : Khonkeetiew
Walking down on the pier, you can ’ thyroxine miss four villas standing side by side ; those come with bird’s-eye views of the sea. Plus, you can take easy strolls while basking in the piquant sea breeze around you .
As for the villa, you may actually have to resist your momentum to jump into that huge pool in the in-between .
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If you get tired of walk, let your hair’s-breadth down by sitting outside your room and watching the smol boats float on by. The city ’ mho horizon will probably remind you not to by chance mistake this place for the actual Maldives, though .
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On the early side, you will see Pattaya City, where skyscrapers stand improbable, side by side along the shoreline .
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When the even comes, seat on the knoll at the end of the pier and catch the sunset with your partner or squad .
The comply day, you might want to do something else — specially if swim in the ocean international relations and security network ’ t for you — they have private tubs and pools for guests to take a dip in .

Spend the entire day lounging in a private jacuzzi tub

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You might have read about many resorts with outdoor bathtubs overlooking mountains and mist, but this hotel ’ south promises a different know. In your secret villas, open the toilet ’ s doorway to be greeted by a round-shaped jacuzzi right future to a window — allowing you to gaze at the sunset .
Prices are a little steep, however, if you wan sodium listen to the soothing voice of waves in their Kept Villa, be prepared to fork out ฿13,000 (~USD303)/night .
Image recognition : Mutika Bowiiz Kuhachit
Besides natural scenery however, their individual outdoor pools besides offer edge to edge bird’s-eye ocean views, in contrast to the indigo skies above .
To kick up the fondness metre a notch, grab a glass of wine and sip it slowly while soaking in the tub .
If your heart says yes to this view, don ’ thyroxine hesitate to koran this Kept Suite from ฿10,000 (~USD303)/night with breakfast included.

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But if those two prices are outside your budget, consider this Kept Deluxe from ฿7,800 (~USD236)/night, which comes with a small outdoor tub alternatively .
After lounging in the board all day, it ’ sulfur prison term to try something new – or adventurous, rather .

Go squid fishing for live seafood dinners

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When the sunday goes polish, you may be feeling a tad bored once night falls. We ’ d recommend grabbing a fishing rod and looking for a green-lit position in the water. That ’ s where you can fish for squid so the recourse ’ randomness chefs can make you fresh sashimi with hot sauce for free .
For those you ’ ve never fished before, no worries. The hotel ’ sulfur employees will guide you through it. Fair warning to those who ’ rhenium game to try, it ’ s not easy job to fish for squid – so just be affected role, and keep trying .
Image credit : Gogogeng
once you catch your squid, this is what your ‘ sashimi ’ will look like. Once you ’ ve experienced squid fishing for the foremost time, you may be wondering what to do the next day. Well, chilling at a floating cafe on the ocean could be another novel activity to consider .

Floating cafe on the sea

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Kept Pier Cafe is a floating cafe near this hotel, located right relish in the middle of the sea. The cafe lets you lounge with a 360° view, therefore be prepared to take out your television camera to capture the bird’s-eye scenery .
overall, I ’ five hundred say this hotel is the answer for a vacation beach getaway, and particularly for Bangkok residents, as it ’ south pretty accessible .

Getting to Kept Bangsaray Hotel Pattaya

It might cost besides much for many of us to plan a travel to Maldives, therefore hera ’ s an option cheeseparing to home to consider. A resort in Pattaya that will scale back on your holiday budget, so you can splurge on food or souvenirs alternatively .
Do note that it takes about 2-3 hours to get hera from Bangkok by driving, then show this review to your friends and take them along with you .
Kept Bangsaray Hotel Pattaya

4/2 Bang Sare, Sattahip District, Chon Buri



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