At HIS, you can purchase Keihan Sightseeing Passes in addition to your Japan Railway Pass ( JR Pass ). For those who plan on traveling all over Japan, this would be the most beneficial since it allows you to be able to go all across the Honshu Island of Japan the most efficiently in terms of time and price. Most people traveling Kyoto use the bus, but it is easy to get lost or confused taking buses. The Keihan line is direct and straightfoward, promoting effective and dependable travel .

What is the Keihan Pass?

The Keihan Pass is a sightseeing communicate that grants you access to a string that takes you across the Kyoto area. It stops at celebrated landmarks and popular sightsee destinations, making it convenient and easy to see all that you want to. There are three different Keihan Passes that can be selected from ; The Kyoto Sightseeing Pass and the Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass where you can choose one or two days .
The Kyoto Sightseeing Pass is a one-day run that starts in Demachiyanagi post and ends in Yawatashi post. The caravan path makes it easy to visit celebrated landmarks in Kyoto like Heian-jingu Shrine, Kodaji Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and Byodoin Temple to name a few .
The Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass has the option of choosing a one-day pass or a two-day happen. It runs from Demachiyamagi station in Kyoto to Nakanoshima place in Osaka. This pass is basically the same as the classic Kyoto Sightseeing Pass, but it besides travels down Osaka making it possible for riders to visit popular sights in Osaka like Osaka Castle Museum and Dotonbori.

How Does It Work?

The Keihan Pass is easy and convenient for travelers to use. Users of the Keihan Pass can choose the stops that they wish to get on and off on, and do not have to stop at every stop. consequently, there is batch of freedom to choose the course and sights that are dear suited to their own specifications.
The 1-day passing is valid from the first trail of the day to the last train of the day, and riders can choose when and where to get off during the run times.

2-day pass holders can choose the two days in which to use their pas, and it does not have to be two consecutive days. The day that the passing is used begins the start of one full-day and works until the death train of that day, irregardless of the time that the rider chooses to use it. For those who would enjoy nightlife, riders can stay nightlong in Osaka as the nightlife is far more active in Osaka, and it is normally a lot cheaper to stay overnight. basically, having the 2-Day authorize is convenient because it grants riders more freedom to design the locomotion course they wish to have .

What’s included in the Keihan Passes?

The Keihan Passes not only come with fantastic passes to use the Keihan Railway, but besides come with complimentary coupons to use at respective locations in Kyoto and Osaka. There are coupons for temple entrance fees a well as coupons to assorted activities. The coupons are a big way to save some money, and the savings in truth do add up. The Keihan Passes besides come with shop coupons to the Keihan City Mall and the Keihan Mall angstrom well as to UNIQLO located in the Kansai Airport.
away from the coupons, the passes come with vouchers to redeem complimentary gifts in choice landmark locations in Kyoto and Osaka.

So why buy a JR Pass with your Keihan Pass?

-You can travel all throughout the chief island of Japan ( Honshu ) without having to worry about continously purchasing newfangled train tickets. By purchasing a JR Pass and a Keihan Pass, it is assured that you have most of your bases covered !
-JR Passes are utilitarian all throughout Japan. But in the Kyoto and Osaka area, it is beneficial to have the Keihan Pass for places not easily accessible with a JR Pass. With the Keihan Pass, you can get much closer to places like Kiyomizu-dera Temple than you would a JR Pass !

The Keihan Railway Sightseeing Passes are a great value for anyone looking to spend time in the Kyoto and/or Osaka area. Combined with the JR Passes, traveling through Japan becomes army for the liberation of rwanda more commodious and easier, not to mention faster .
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*Passes are sold entirely to foreign vistors traveling to Japan
Sales Period begins April 1, 2017 and ends March 31, 2018. Passes bought during this time period are valid for use until April 30, 2018.
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