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Bio-K Plus ’ web site needed a complete pass to educate and better serve their current and prospective customers. The site needed to support its newly brand steering, which focuses on a newly product cleavage and overall health. e-commerce was a critical component of the vamp in order to sell directly across Canada and the United States. ultimately, the site empowered Bio-K Plus to market their products more efficaciously, connect with their customers, and expand their range. Bio-K Plus was selling their products in stores across North America, but they needed the addition of an on-line store to become more accessible and expand their customer al-qaeda. Their canadian and US markets needed to be served slenderly differently from a marketing and sales position. And the Canadian web site needed to be bilingual to cater to their english and french hearing .
Bio-K needed guidance going through all their existing world wide web pages and help oneself to incorporate fresh content to fit their newly site. It was specially important to establish how the content would fit together considering brick-and-mortar and digital needs .
The core component of this project was the consolidation of a Shopify E-Commerce platform. Bio-K needed a seamless solution that encompassed their stallion exploiter travel from merchandise education to a merchandise leverage.

Utilizing Shopify’s Liquid Templating Language

Shopify developed an open-source templating terminology called Liquid that specifically serves Shopify stores. We used Liquid to customize a alone root for Bio-K Plus .
We designed attention-getting animations throughout and most notably a vertical faculty skidder on their home foliate. Each skidder module contains an picture, textbook and call-to-action to inspire and inform users. The slider module gives Bio-K ultimate master and tractability to change their content whenever they need, which is essential within their fast-paced industry .

Setting-up Shopify Integrations and Inventory Management

Bio-K Plus has two product lines, Original and Pro, and a kind of products within each line. We helped them set up their inventory trailing and management sol they could easily visualize how each product line is performing and better serve their customers. Considering that they operate across North America, we adapted their logistics for canadian and US stock .
We besides helped Bio-K Plus inquiry and integrate a variety show of applications, including requital providers, transformation apps, ship and fulfillment solutions, and market tools, that help their e-commerce locate run smoothly .
In terms of marketing integrations and strategy, we collaborated with Power Digital, a digital selling agency. in concert we created a winning SEO strategy that builds visibility and entrust while driving qualified sales leads .

An E-commerce Platform That Tells a Story

Although an e-commerce platform ’ south ultimate goal is to sell products, we besides wanted to highlight Bio-K Plus ’ brand history. The art of storytelling is specially significant when build trust for health products like probiotics. Due to users reading less when buy products, we created short-change milestones to express how they evolved over the past 60 years .
aboard Bio-K Plus, we got into the mind of the consumer to organize all their capacity in a way that best supports the drug user ’ s journey in purchasing a intersection. We incorporated several calls-to-action so users can explore the site without getting overwhelmed. They can well buy products while learning about the wonders of probiotics .
This project was in partnership with Pointer, an means based in Ottawa that specializes in functional e-commerce experiences. They provided us with guidance in navigating the e-commerce space and specifically the Shopify chopine .

Adapting Branding to the Web

Partnering with Pigeon Brands, a brand agency from Toronto, they produced the stigmatize for Bio-K Plus while we adapted it to be fit for the web .
We took into report how colors appear differently on digital devices, particularly bright colours. Bio-K ’ mho trade name features a bright green which is great for in-person products but straining for users looking at a screen. Our solution was to use a slightly muted green as an emphasis chemical element so the color is still recognizable for existing customers but not besides overwhelming on the eyes.

Another crucial consideration was their original and Pro lines which were designed in two unlike post styles. The original note contains everyday probiotics represented by their authoritative park and a variety show of colours to distinguish different flavours. The Pro line is a stronger probiotic that is recommended by doctors and highly trusted in hospitals, so a dark blue was used to represent authority and dependability .
We adapted the stigmatize of their Pro line so that it would complement their existing sword without clashing. Because the site promotes both merchandise lines, it was crucial that users could easily distinguish between the two while besides remaining consistent overall .

About Bio-K Plus

Bio-K Plus International specializes in the inquiry, fabrication and market of Bio-K+® probiotics. Starting as a family-run biotechnology company based in the Cité de la Biotech in Laval, Québec, it has since expanded into an external net of pharmacies, grocery stores and hospitals in Canada and the United States .

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