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jig MASTER Hi Speed Lefthanded Monster Game Reel Power Spell PE5 Gray
Monster Game Limited
Jigging Master Power Spell PE Reel is the ultimate solution of our 12 years fishing have and creativity.This reel is specially designed for jigging with super politic & strong drag.The Jigging fishing reels are the solution of across-the-board market research and countless measure of blue water system field testing. From performance to the outside complete, every Jigging Master fish spin is designed and engineered to out do. Equipped with optimize gear ratio and integrated JM exclusive pry drag engineering, this ultimate freak game ready fishing bobbin provides optimize torsion and accelerate while requiring less wedge to get the job done .
8 stainless steel ball bearing + 1 stainless sword anti-reverse hold and 2 docking gears design.
Lever drag organization.
The reel is crafted by solid solid aluminum rather of molding.
Excellent release spool.
Enhanced treat with ergonomically shaped aluminum power T-bar.
One year guarantee. ( Fiber washers and bearings excluded )
model : PE5N Monster Game ( High Speed / Left Hand )
Gear Ratio : 5.3 : 1
Retrieve Per Crank : 41.93″
Reel Type : conventional / Lever Drag
Spool Diameter : 64mm
Spool Width : 25mm
Gross Weight : 570g / 20 oz
Line Capacity : 400 Meter / 437 Yard ( Measured with # 5 / PE5 line )
effective Drag : 35 pound / Max 60 pound
Color : Gray
Package Includes : bobbin, Power Handle, T-Bar, Tool, Manual, and JM Reel Sack

Jigging Master Lever Drag System :
Common pry drag seawater fishing reels attempts to water proof the reel to provide “ seawater ready ”. Truth is, water can enter even the smallest gaps to cause build up of minerals, crack bearings, and unreliable drag ; resulting your future boastful catch to get away.
The Jigging Master Drag System is a JM exclusive technology providing continuous performance tied when soaked in the ocean. You may never need to reel in a monster pisces while submerged in water, but entirely with a JM Monster Game fishing reel you can. The JM logic is to allow water exit and to construct this reels with the highest quality material and preciseness manufacture possible .
100 % CNC Construction and anodized finish :
Every Jigging Master fishing spin is 100 % CNC constructed to achieve maximum persuasiveness, maximum lastingness, maximal preciseness, maximum operation, and a stunning anodize finish. The drawn-out CNC work starts each reel off with a solid auction block of aluminum, to be lento shaved down into condition in the duration of a few hours per virginia reel. The molding technologies used by batch production companies are cheaper, much faster, but results faint spots, and will about always have imperfections. Each Jigging Master reel is then treated with anodize II treatment, and hand assembled by a license master technician to conduct extensive quality master.

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