Jig Fishing 101: When To Use 6 Types Of Jigs

The skirted jig has earned its place in the pantheon of jig fish and bass lures through countless tournament wins and big bass awards. They are flat-out baneful and one of the few baits you can fish from early spring through late decrease, in clean water deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as muddy, and in a foot of water just american samoa easily as 40 .
a great as they are, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the numbers when looking for jig fish ammunition. There are hundreds of brands available with versatile headway shapes, tied in thousands of unlike colors. Some have rattles, some are mum, and they tied have unlike strengths and configurations of weedguards .
To help you narrow it down – we ’ ve put together the keep up psychoanalysis of the ideal jig type for each of the major jig presentations. If you ’ ra looking for the ideal jig for your conditions, look no farther.

1. Swim Jigs

One of the hottest techniques on the professional tour, swimming a jig is precisely what it sounds like – winding a jig through the water column, good like a spinnerbait or lipless crank. The perfect swim jig ranges from ¼ to ½ ounce, has a lighter weed guard, and has a bullet-shaped head to slither round and through cover. Because swimming jigs are moving when the bass bites, they don ’ t need about angstrom heavy a hook – you want something sharp and narrow-minded for utmost penetration. Ideal swim jig trailers include grubs, paddle tails, or early plastics with lots of action .

2. Casting Jigs

Ideal casting jigs should be 3/8 to ½ snow leopard and sport a round off, Arkie dash, or flat-bottomed promontory to stand up off the bottom. They should besides have a standard or wire weed guard duty of medium forte. draw jigs are ideal multi-purpose jigs, and can be fished with or without a rattle. Ideal casting jig trailers include craws, creatures, and grubs .

3. Flipping Jigs

Flipping jigs are designed to go into the heaviest forest or brush and come out unharmed. Flipping jigs should be 3/8 to 1 snow leopard, and have a hardy, dense gauge crochet. The ideal head human body should be something compact, preferably with a recess credit line connect. The weed guard on a flip jig should besides be a little firmer than other jig types, as it ’ second got to prevent the jig from hanging up. Rattles are besides a big benefit when flipping a jig, and the best models feature an integrated rattle. The best flip jig trailers are chunks, craws, and creatures .

4. Grass Jigs

eatage can foul up most any presentation, and certain jigs excel at fishing the green gorge. Grass jigs come in sizes from ¼ ounce up to 1 ½ ounces, and about always have a conic head with a line bind near the top. This allows them to penetrate the eatage better, without collecting supergrass. Grass jig are besides fished on heavy tackle, so they should besides have a hardy heavy wire hook. Grass jig trailers should be compact and not have lots of appendages to snag on the grass .

5. Football Jigs

Meant for dragging along rocky bottoms, a football jigs pigskin-shaped head allows it to roll over rock and debris without falling into the cracks. The ideal head weight for football jigs ranges from 3/8 to 1 ounce, and they should have a full skirt and a sharp wide break hook. Weed guards are common on football jigs, but many anglers besides remove or trim them when fishing loose cover to ensure better hookup. The best trailers for football jigs are skirted grubs, twin tailed grubs, craws, and life-size animal baits .

6. Finesse Jigs

Finesse jigs excel in places with smaller fish, heavy angler atmospheric pressure, and in cold water system. They are normally 3/16 to ¼ ounce, and come with delicacy or spider reduce skirts and a delicacy unaccented wire addict. They should have ball shaped or compact heads and can be baneful when paired with a small craw or creature bait .
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