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Jain – Makeba – Extract from the album “Zanaka” available: — Directed by Greg and Lio Produced by Spookland Executive Producer ART BRIDGE – Quadruple Group — Subscribe to Jain’s channel: COME (music video): — Follow Jain on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Official Site: — LYRICS “Ooohe” Makeba ma so beautiful, Can I have an “oohe” Makeba, It makes my body dance for you, (x4) I want to hear your breathing right next to my soul, i want to feel oppressed relentlessly, i want to see you sing, i want to see you fight, because you are the real beauty of human rights, CHORUS No one can beat Mama Africa, you follow the rhythm that she is. she will give you, only her smile can make her leave, the suffering of a thousand others, CHORUS x2

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Jain - Makeba (Official Video)
Jain – Makeba (Official Video)

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Jain – Makeba (Official Video).

tamil song blog.

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