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J. Cole – Neighbors (Official Video) Stream Neighbors on Tidal: Stream Neighbors on Apple Music: Stream Neighbors on Spotify: Best of J. Cole: Subscribe here: Director: J. Cole, Scott Lazer Producer: Tim Grant Producer: Dreamville Watch 4 Your Eyez Only: Stream 4 Your Eyez Only on Tidal: Download 4 Your Eyez Only on iTunes: Stream 4 Your Eyez Only on Spotify: LYRICS: Guess the neighbors think I’m selling dope, I’m selling dope Well neighbors I think so I sell drugs, I sell drugs Sell drugs, sell drugs, sell drugs. Yes, I don’t want a picture with the president. I just want to talk to the man. Nigga never walk again I apologize if I repeat again I know these things happen a lot But I’m back on the scene I was lost in a daze as I write this The team at Austin m built a house Back home in the south, mom won’t believe what it cost and it’s fit for a king, isn’t it? Or a black man who could sing And explain all the pain it took My sixteen should have come with a coffin Fuck fame and fortune Well maybe not fortune But one thing’s for sure, fame is exhausting C That’s why I moved in, I needed privacy Trees and the highly recruited Ivy League students Thinkin’ “You’re you and I’m me” The nursery got a big yard My niggas stand outside and hang out cigars Full of weed, laughing out loud Grateful that his friend is a platinum star No rappers cars in the driveway Just shit coming and going Just shit coming and going Connect with J. Cole: (P)(C) 2016 Dreamville, Inc. Exclusively licensed to Roc Nation Records. ttp://vevo.ly/9YwCbp #JCole #Vecinos #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo

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J. Cole - Neighbors (Official Music Video)
J. Cole – Neighbors (Official Music Video)

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J. Cole – Neighbors (Official Music Video).

coles county fireworks 2022.

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