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In many recipes, conventional white sugar is not used, but raw cane sugar. The types of sugar can easily be substituted for each other. You can find out here if raw cane sugar is actually healthier than table sugar and what the difference is between the two.


From a purely chemical point of view, there is no difference between the two types of sugar. Both are made from sucrose, which is made up of glucose and fructose molecules. The nutritional and caloric values ​​(400 kcal/100g) are the same for both. Both varieties also taste very similar, so they can be easily interchanged. However, raw cane sugar has a slight hint of caramel.


Raw cane sugar and domestic sugar have fundamental similarities. However, its origin differs. Raw cane sugar is obtained from sugar cane. It is grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Brazil and India are the largest producers of sugar cane. Domestic sugar, on the other hand, is made from sugar beets. They are produced in Europe. Especially in France and Germany. There are also differences in treatment. The house sugar is cleaned and centrifuged until it acquires its typical white color. Meanwhile, raw cane sugar is only refined once. Therefore, it still contains sugar cane molasses, which is responsible for the brown color.

Note: raw cane sugar is often confused with brown sugar. However, brown sugar is obtained from sugar beets and then colored brown.

Is raw cane sugar healthier than table sugar?

The fact is that raw cane sugar is no healthier than table sugar! But if raw cane sugar is less processed than classic homemade sugar, it must be healthier, right? Unlike table sugar, valuable nutrients such as minerals and trace elements are retained during production. However, the proportion decreases little. Therefore, it would be necessary to consume kilos of raw cane sugar to absorb a significant amount.

Is it already known?

Sugar activates the reward system in our brain. This leads to the release of more happiness hormones. That’s why chocolate and company. make us happy

Both varieties cause our blood sugar levels to spike rapidly. This is due to the high content of sucrose. Although this gives us short-term energy, blood sugar levels drop just as quickly. The result is cravings and a strong desire for even more sugar. This often leads to high sugar intake. However, excessive consumption has negative effects on our health. In particular, diseases of wealth such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases may appear. Our teeth also suffer from excess sugar. Therefore, dental diseases such as cavities are becoming more common. Therefore, sugar and sugary foods should rarely be on the menu.

healthy alternatives

Healthy sweetening is still possible! It is beneficial to use alternatives that keep blood sugar levels constant and are lower in calories. His sweetness is very different. Here is an overview of possible alternatives:

Alternative to sugar – Sweetness in %

  • Stevia 300
  • Date syrup 110
  • Birch sugar (xylitol) 100
  • coconut flower sugar 100
  • Agave syrup 95-100
  • (very) ripe banana 80-90
  • honey 80
  • Erythritol 70

Tip: You can find most sugar alternatives at any well-stocked supermarket or health food store. Most of the time they are a bit more expensive than sugar. But our health is really worth it!

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