How to add Instagram GIFs stickers

What is a GIF on Instagram ? It ’ s an animate photograph for any preference, which allows to vary your contented and make it more attention-getting. If you want to try it, you need to create a report first. Upload a photograph or television file, gingersnap or read something. then you can add the dagger :

  1. Press the sticker
  2. Choose GIF.

You will see trendy images. But you may want to search for other options.

  1. Type a word in the search box, then you will be offered related to the word animated images. 
  2. Tap a GIF to pick it. 

Adjust your sticker on a story

After you add an IG GIF, you can change it. This way you will make it fit your history best. You can :

  • move it. Tap and hold the sticker, drag it to the place you want it to be.
  • change the size. Tap your Insta GIF with two fingers and run them apart or towards to maximize or minimize the picture. 
  • rotate. Hold the image with two fingers and move it around.

  • align. If you need to place a GIF right in the middle or by the sides use the grid lines. Tap the image using two fingers, move it approximately to the middle until you see the colorful lines. They will help you to choose the right position for the image. 

  • delete. Tap your Insta GIF, hold it and move to the bottom, an icon of a trash can will appear. Drag the image to the trash.

Cool GIFs to share on your Instagram Stories

Of course, choosing a GIF for Stories is a personal topic, but we want to share some cool and cunning sets you may want to try. You can find them using the search box in the gummed label menu.

1. Polaroid

This cunning set gives Instagram Stories a ex post facto ambiance ascribable to the variety of frames imitating instantaneous photograph. Put them on your pictures and create a whole album of the twenty century. The collection is arrant for on-line shops. Using them you can make your presentation of the modern arrival more creative.

2. Katefully to share life updates

These minimalistic Instagrm Story GIFs turn regular photos and videos more aesthetic. They besides help to diversify popular Stories types, for example, those for your account updates. Post these images when referring to posts or as a call to action near a connect.

3. Store stickers for business giphy on Instagram

These animations are a rescue for brands ‘ accounts. They include animate pics necessity for attracting new clients and increasing sales on Instagram. Put one of them on your narrative when announcing new arrival, discounts, sales. then, the clients ‘ increase wo n’t be long in coming.

4. Tapes for text in your story

These Story GIFs are made similar to adhesive material tape. You can use them as a backdrop for text and arrange several pictures. They make your floor look like beautiful handmade collages. This will catch users ‘ eyes.

5. Kapebeans

Cool GIFs from the Kapebeans collection are assorted forms, arrows and icons. They may be utilitarian if you want to create appealing and effective capacity theatrical performance.

6. Minimalism in your story

The fashionable Minimals collection makes your history more elusive and calm. The contented will please even the most twist social media users. Use footnotes for text, ticks for making lists etc.

8. Memes on Instagram

Humor and jokes are a great addition to everyday Instagram Stories. The temper lightens and clients ’ loyalty and interest increase. Try meme GIFs, and you ’ ll see your range and impressions are going up.


Instagram GIFs are a virtual joyride for making vibrant ocular capacity and promoting an history. They can be applied in any scale and count. animated Instagram images make Stories more bright and vivid, therefore attracting new audience and potential clients. They are a good help in running a business, and you can do versatile tasks : from making calls to actions to catching attention.