Idaho Top Secret Hot Spring – July 2019 | Overview documents about prince albert hot springs most detailed

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Recorded earlier this summer. For more information on this hot spring, check out Smoky Bar Store owner Kaylin. LINKS: Smoky Bar Store: Steve Earle: (apologies 😉 “Outlaw’s Honeymoon” “Pilgrim” PayPal: Patreon:

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Idaho Top Secret Hot Spring - July 2019
Idaho Top Secret Hot Spring – July 2019

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Idaho Top Secret Hot Spring – July 2019.

prince albert hot springs.

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49 thoughts on “Idaho Top Secret Hot Spring – July 2019 | Overview documents about prince albert hot springs most detailed”

  1. thanks mr blancolirio! i love that area. occasionally take the boss to pocatello in the king air for overnighters! best place i've overnighted ever. better even than the one outside ukiah with the bubbles. yes vichy springs is pretty nice too

  2. Juan you travel through some REALLY beautiful areas!!! Thank you for sharing… but some of those trails are barely wide enough for a billy goat… let alone a dirt bike!!! haha You're a brave man! 🙂

  3. Living life to it's fullest, true bliss heard in your voice & written all over you.

    Great to seeing you take advantage of your opportunities to seek out adventure.

    And as always, thx for the effort & sharing – especially the strumming & hummin ; )

  4. Many years ago my wife & I spent a month at a hot spring in the middle of the NM desert. 127dregrees coming out the top of the hill a splitting channel so you could adjust temp. Very pleasant. It snowed a couple of times while we sat in the pool and swapped lies with other vagabonds.

  5. I like to ride, and even hill climb, but NO WAY am I riding those trails going sideways on steep hills! You're brave!

  6. Good stuff, Juan! You wouldn't want to hear me sing – a sick cow would sound better! 🤣 I couldn't pluck a note from any instrument to save my life, either. 😁

    Man, what a beautiful spot there! I can't even imagine warm water in the mountains – around here that water is all in the 50's! BRRR! You won't catch me dead in that!! 😂

    That Western single-track always scares the crap out of me – I feel like I'm going to tumble down the hill! Only rode it once with a buddy of mine at Carnegie, down towards Livermore. I was following him. Was a shock for an Eastern guy! No turning around once you've headed that way! I've been out of the dirt bike loop for a LONG time, too – haven't really ridden one exclusively in over 14 years. Way out of practice! I made it unscathed, though. My poor wife was on the back, too! She was a bit nervous to say the least, lol!

  7. So where was the " Groupie following you hiding them from us, Its ALL good Juan keep N it real # 1 Itchy Bon

  8. Was watching your latest video this morning and you mentioned that you played mandolin and I thought to myself huh I’ve never seen him play mandolin any of his videos, and then this one appeared in my feed!

    great stuff, I love your channel!

  9. I have some thoughts on this video. 1. "popsdory" ain't gonna like this one little bit. But at least he had a naked woman in his video instead of……………..a pilot!(;>) 2. That 2 stroke has some good low end power AND I love the electric start. 3. Absolutely beautiful country. 4. Enjoy being all you can be and doing all you can do while you're young, Juan……………………..because these "Golden Years" are the pits.

  10. Thanks Man! Enjoyable slice of life right there,and you share it w the world. Keep on gettin better,Daddio. Peace!!!

  11. I didn't see any other tire tracks on that alleged trail. That was really awesome technical riding. I held my breath. I should have known that you would nail it!
    Great video.

  12. Forget flying that triple 7, (I think that's what you fly"…just stay on disability and enjoy life :o)…good video, thanks.

  13. I once rode a YZ400e across a gravel slide a lot like that one in Trinity county, one ridge over from Ruth Lake. Scary stuff.

    -Doug in Oakland


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