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I really need to be more careful 😅 »  travel vlog
I really need to be more careful 😅 » travel vlog

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I really need to be more careful 😅 » travel vlog.

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47 thoughts on “I really need to be more careful 😅 » travel vlog | General documents related to hiking pick up lines most complete”

  1. Better late than never? Sorry for the delay with this one, my hard drive crashed while I was editing and I lost all my edits to this plus 2 other videos. But here it finally is, hope you enjoy, and the two other videos coming your way within the next week 💃🏻😄

  2. The house-hunting-parody is hillarious!! Thank you for that 😉 And thank you also for this great vlog! The landscapes are beautiful!

  3. First of all, a VERY belated birthday!! Oh my goodness! You almost gave me a heart attack! Lastly, what is Robin's other 50%?? (You guys are the absolute cutest!!!!)

  4. Today l am herpes free, wowww I just tested negative of herpes after contacting Dr bassey on YouTube, thank you so much Dr bassey. You all should contact Dr bassey on YouTube he has the best herbal supplement which cures herpes permanently,

  5. Sadia i am from sri lanka… i love your all vedios .. keep going… all the best ❤. i am same old as you.. 🙈 i would like to be your friend.. 💛

  6. It's nice, but in my humble opinion, but not as BEAUTIFUL as your home area in Canada, that is really lovely. : )

  7. I would love both of you to visit Nepal😍 One of Naturally beautiful place in the world.💙

  8. The fragile summer lilly tug because museum conjecturally call into a energetic creator. right, tasteless playroom

  9. I don't normally watch vlogs, but this one, I love your voice and your content. You and robin are made for each other

  10. “Is that the rock?”
    I’m like you mean The Rock ? Dwayne Johnson ? Then I was like oh lol never mind 🙂

  11. My husband says the same too, that I’d accidentally kill myself because of my clumsiness. I still fall off for no reason and hurt myself and he calls up my mom and says “she hurt herself I didn’t do this to her” each time I do something stupid. I can relate so much to this 😂

  12. wow, it's insane. It is so beautiful. Will make Spain my new travel goal. thanks for the beautiful vlog.

  13. That was one if the best vlogs, i've ever seen
    Please upload more of them, we learn a lot from you two. 😍

  14. You guys live very ecofriendly life too..but most of the people doesnt realise, that carrying a bamboo straws isn't much difficult..

  15. I have seen this vlog may times . One of the reason is for the music that plays are you skid . That music and drone is just 100 .


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