A Monster Lobster at Hua Hin’s Lung Ja Seafood Restaurant

Lung Ja Seafood Restaurant (ร้านลุงจ่า) Have you always been walking round with absolutely no intention to eat whatever you walked by, and the adjacent thing you knew, you found yourself about to dig into something you weren ’ t planning on feed ?
For myself, when it comes to Bangkok street food, it happens more than frequently…
But normally it doesn ’ t hurt the wallet besides much… like it did in Hua Hin !
I was in Hua Hin a few weekends ago, walking through the night market just ahead dark, when I saw the seafood trophies being advertised.

We first walked through the grocery store, amazed, but I knew I couldn ’ t afford it…
Yup, the following thing you know, my wife and I were sitting gloomy to a 1.1 kilogram lobster !
At the night grocery store in Hua Hin, Thailand, you ’ ll find about 10 different restaurants all serving fresh seafood .
My wife had already researched that the most recommend procrastinate was Lung Ja Seafood ( ร้านลุงจ่า ), then that ’ s the one we decided on. Plus the seller was extremely friendly and he ’ s the one that sold me on the lobster ( กุ้งมังกรเผา ) when I was at my weakest… and I caved in, unable to resist .
I picked our trophy, a 1.1 kilogram. beauty !
He sliced it open like a block of butter, the flesh oozing out and quick to be cooked .
Lung Ja Seafood Restaurant (ร้านลุงจ่า) At Lung Ja Seafood Restaurant ( ร้านลุงจ่า ), they first steam the lobster, and then grill for the last few minutes. This makes the lobster crank and non-chewy, said the cook .
crab fried rice (khao pad boo ข้าวผัดปู) Along with our beautiful lobster, they threw in a complimentary denture of crab louse fried rice ( khao pad boo ข้าวผัดปู ) and touch fry good morning aura ( pad pak tip fai daeng ผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง ) .
Both of the side dishes were actually superb on their own, though they were dwarfed by the anticipation of my main event of the meal.

Lobster (กุ้งมังกรเผา) She was delivered in glorious fashion, garnished with a few natural veggies and lathered in a collection of different sauces .
Black pepper sauce, garlic sauce, buttery sauce, and some kind of barbeque sauce were all placed on top of our lobster ( กุ้งมังกรเผา ). They were all good, but in actuality, if I were to decree it again, I ’ vitamin d ask for all the sauces on the slope .
Digging in to our lobster! At Lung Ja Seafood Restaurant ( ร้านลุงจ่า ) they make a pretty amazing lobster. It was pure eden, juicy and tender, not chewy, but cooked just correct .
The sauces were even quite good, but I would have preferred them on the side. Out 1.1 kg. lobster was madly effective and as I took bites of huge pieces of flesh, I couldn ’ metric ton assistant from closing my eyes and thoroughly enjoying every bite .
A mouthwatering bite of lobster here ’ s a little close up of a bite from the tail end, but the lobster kernel from the head segment was even more juicy and offer and amazing !
This meal was not bum, they charge 1,500 THB per kilogram for the king lobster. Ours weighed in at 1.1 kilogram, but fortunately he gave it to us for good 1,500 THB. Two sides dishes come complimentary if you order a lobster .
This is the place you're looking for!

The Bottom Line

The food at Lung Ja Seafood ( ร้านลุงจ่า ) is fantastic. The lobster was perplex and even the crab fried rice ( khao diggings boo ข้าวผัดปู ) and stir electrocute good morning glory ( slog pak bung fai daeng ผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง ) were excellent .
If you ’ re in Hua Hin and looking for a splurge meal of seafood, head over to Lung Ja Seafood ( ร้านลุงจ่า ) .

Lung Ja Seafood (ร้านลุงจ่า)

Address : 103/4-5 Hua Hin Night Market Soi. Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan
Open hours : Monday – Sunday 6.00 phase modulation – 3.00 am
Phone : 082-975-9905, 086-764-1678

103/4-5 ตลาดโต้รุ่ง ต.หัวหิน จ.ประจวบคีรีขันธ์
เปิด จันทร์ – อาทิตย์ 18.00 – 03.00 น .

How to Get There

Lung Ja Seafood ( ร้านลุงจ่า ) is right in the center of the Hua Hin night market chief soi. precisely roll around and you ’ ll find it !

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