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Keep calm while camping on the 4th of July

I remember running as a kid and enjoying the 4th of July celebrations. I liked it mainly because I wasn’t in school, but I also enjoyed it because I didn’t even think about how hot it was. As I get older, I am a bit more intolerant of temperatures above 100 degrees. Well, I’ll be honest…exceeding 35 degrees Fahrenheit is exhausting sometimes. I have many tips and tricks that I use to keep my temperature comfortable in my daily activities. Try some of these ideas.

1. Plan your meals in advance.

You’ll want to share all of your fun traditional holiday dishes with family and friends. If you have items that you make yourself, prepare them in your brick and mortar beforehand. If you are full-time or camping before holiday meals, prepare them later at night or in the morning to avoid heating the RV during the hottest part of the day. It is usually between 3 and 6 p.m.

Better yet, fire up the grill and cook outside to at least keep the RV cool inside. You can still go out and enjoy a meal at the restaurant without having to heat up the caravan. Take photos for a late lunch so you can take advantage of the air conditioning of a place. Be sure to add plenty of water and cold drinks to each meal to stay cool.

2. Try portable coolants.

Take your 4th of July party to the next level with clothes that keep you cool. Nothing keeps me cooler than an ice veil.

It’s also convenient to carry a mini fan to clip to your shirt or hat. Go one step further and pack only breathable shirts and socks. Bonus if you get UV resistant parts. And you can find all these items in red, white and blue!

3. Use the shadow.

You may already have items that provide shade, but replacing them with inexpensive, patriotically decorated items will bring the party to you. If you don’t have options for shade, invest in something that will cool your adventure down ten degrees. You can start with individual umbrellas you may have around the house and attach them to your easy chair for a quick fix.

you can receive palapa umbrellas or large umbrellas with supports to place on groups of chairs or tables. There are extended canopies that you can attach to your deck. Placed at the right angle and in the right position, these shades can provide plenty of shade without having to be moved during your stay. When there’s no wind, extend your RV’s awning so it at least shades the sides of your gear from the sun.

4. Select the camping services.

You may not always be looking for extra services at an RV campground, but this season it can come in handy in a number of ways.

First look for a campsite with a swimming pool. It’s a great way to cool off, but you can also bring disposable party supplies and host your poolside event.

Check if they have a central pavilion and what characteristics it may have. Sometimes there are pool tables, ping-pong tables, big-screen TVs, and other amenities you can use for a party. Be sure to find out in advance if you need to reserve a seat or if one is still available.

The most important thing is to check what local regulations apply to fireworks. If they don’t allow fireworks on site, can you see them from other local locations or do they have RV fireworks?

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5. Plan your trips.

Take the hottest time of day and make it a 4th of July tradition. We have a tradition of watching a movie with the whole family in the afternoon. We plan and book our tickets in advance. Some people plan the afternoon for various types of shopping. It helps you put yourself under someone else’s air conditioner and gives you a break.

Go out and enjoy a local parade or event. Stay in the shade and bring some liquid. Turn the air conditioner down to 80 degrees when you’re not around. That way, it’ll get some rest, but your gear will stay cool enough for the return trip or for pets.

6. Consider your RV supplies.

These are the everyday items that can turn a hot day into an interesting experience and can enrich your 4th of July party with family and friends.

Implement Men. Not only will it keep you cool, but kids and pets will enjoy driving it (or even us adults!). If you bring camping chairs, bring ones that are ventilated or made of lightweight material. Materials like cotton, rayon, polyester, or nylon are good choices; Bonus if they are in the network. (Consider these materials for your clothing as well.)

Your fridge or freezer may already store your ice cubes, but you should probably consider one portable ice maker or a cooler upgrade that contains ice or produces it for days instead of hours.

If you plan to make fireworks for your own enjoyment, check out where and when you can use them. It might not even be a bad idea to choose ones that emit little heat or flame, not only for safety reasons, but you can’t even heat up camp during the day when you’re not around.

Happy July 14 with your family and friends!

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