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How to keep bees away from your caravan

Many caravans love to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Bees are an integral part of nature and do a tremendous job of pollinating plants and trees. Bees travel from flower to flower, gathering food to take back to their hives.

Of course, it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors when you get bitten or when the camp is crowded. Bees can be a very real and widespread problem at many campgrounds, especially in the late summer and fall. Being armed with the knowledge to keep bees away from your campsite will help you enjoy the great outdoors. It can even save your camping trip from disaster.

Do bees sting us?

The bees make delicious honey that can be spread on toast while camping in the morning. Bumblebees hopping and hopping clumsily, collecting nectar from flowers. In fact, they really try not to bother anyone. Most of the time, neither of these bee species stings unless provoked.

Bees and bumblebees only sting when they perceive a threat to themselves or their hive. However, there are hives in the southern United States that have been interbred with aggressive African bees. These hives are usually much more aggressive than normal bees. Bees that mix with African bees are more likely to aggressively swarm and sting humans. After all, bees and bumblebees are not there to harm anyone. They just want to collect the nectar and go home.

Do bees remember faces?

In 2006, scientists at the University of Cambridge in England discovered something fascinating: bees can recognize and remember the faces of people who are kind to them. Not only that, but the bees also perceive humans trying to harm them as a possible threat. The bees exchange this information until the entire hive sees it as harmless or a potential threat that needs to be addressed. So always be friendly to the bees you find. You can read more about the study published below

How to keep bees away when camping

1. Avoid camping in campgrounds with lots of bee activity, a hive, or lots of flowers.

When looking for a place to camp, check out these things. Normally, bees nest in the hollows of trees. Bumblebees nest in decaying soil or logs. Either way, lots of bee activity will alert you to a nearby hive.

2. Avoid wearing bright colors.

Bees always watch the flowers to collect nectar. As a result, bees will be attracted to you if you wear bright colors.

3. Don’t smell like a flower when using floral or sweet scents.

Wearing perfumes with floral or fruity fragrances is sure to attract bees. Shampoos, soaps, lotions, and deodorants are products that sometimes contain floral or sweet scents. All of these products can attract bees.

4. Keep sweet or sugary foods like fruit, candy, or cookies covered.

Bees love these sweet scents and will come to explore them.

5. Trick them with fake nests.

Bees do not like to challenge others of their kind. Hanging four or five small air-filled paper bags around the camp pole can help the bees think their place is already taken.

6. Keep all trash clean and tidy and store it in an airtight container.

Bees can be attracted to a single discarded apple seed. Keeping your trash in an airtight container will keep little critters out of your campsite.

7. Use repellant odors when camping.

Bees and bumblebees do not like certain smells. Vanilla, for example, can be a very pleasant smell to humans, but bees find it stinky. So a few drops of vanilla extract on the pulse points (wrists, under the chin near the ears) will help prevent them.

Bees also do not like the smell of eucalyptus or camphor. To keep bees away, try spraying these essential oils around your campsite.

8. Do not treat her with food.

Bees will take the smell of barbecue sauce, sugary sodas, energy drinks, and watermelon as an open invitation to visit. Store these items (and their containers) in the RV.

9. Keep a campfire.

Bees instinctively stay away from smoke. He will be convinced to go elsewhere if you have a bonfire in his place.

10. Use sugar water to keep them away from camp.

A feeder provides bees with an easy source of food so they don’t have to travel far to find food to take back to the hive. You will be glad to know that a bottle is very easy to make. This is what you need to do:

  1. Start with a 1-liter soda bottle.
  2. Cut bananas, apple cores, peaches, apricots and/or cherries. Use whatever you have on hand except citrus. Bees don’t like citrus scents.
  3. Add 1 cup of sugar.
  4. Add the water halfway.
  5. Tie the soda bottle to a tree. Make sure to hang it away from your field. It doesn’t have to be several feet away to be useful, because that’s a long way for a bee to fly.


Bees are a very important part of the ecosystem. These little fluffy insects fly several miles each day and do most of the work of pollinating flowers so fruit can grow.

However, it can be difficult to estimate when they will invade your camp. Fortunately, you can do a lot to keep bees away from your camp without harming any of them.

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