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If you ’ rhenium looking for an adventure of getting to an island near Pattaya called Koh Kham then you ’ re in the right place. This detail island is only known to locals. In fact not Thai Nationals can entirely go on this island if you are accompanied by a Thai person .
boardwalk on Koh Kham island near PattayaWhen you get off the ferry you’ll get to walk along this manmade bamboo boardwalk to the beach.
now hold on, wait a moment. Don ’ t write off this island merely because you don ’ t know any Thai people that would be decent enough to take you to Koh Kham. It is potential to go by yourself, you ’ ll equitable pay a much higher price. I was able to visit this island through an app called MeetUp. In the app there are many different groups to join in any city in the earth. I have been an avid drug user of the app and met this girl Kotcha, who hosts her own events and local anesthetic outings around the Bangkok area. If you ’ re in Bangkok over a weekend check out her group and attend one of her activities ! You won ’ thyroxine regret it.

koh kham beachRelaxing on the beach.

Where Is This Island Near Pattaya?!

well first base there are two islands named Koh Kham. One near Pattaya and one near Koh Mak which is closer to Koh Chang near Cambodia. The second Koh Kham has an abandoned hotel on the island, which you may have learn of. The island I visited near Pattaya is under protective covering of the Royal Thai Navy in the Sattahip District of Chonburi state .
map of where koh kham is
It boosts eco friendly initiatives including :

  • no trash left on the island
  • you can’t bring food or drinks onto the island (there are places to buy food and drink) to cut down on waste
  • showering with soap or shampoo is not allowed
  • don’t feed the fish
  • don’t take anything from the island like rocks, animals, or coral
  • only 300-400 people are allowed on the island per day

Getting to the island might be a little ambitious. The total of foreigners that go here are minimal and a majority of the information will be written in Thai. Since I went with a group, we hired our own vanguard to go from Bangkok directly to the ticket position located within the Royal Thai Navy grounds .
koh kham ticket
Remember since you have to be accompanied by a Thai person, they will probably know how to get there. Tickets for foreigners are 500 baht which includes the ferry .
Bonus tap : If you have a workplace allow for Thailand bring it with you ! They will give you a deduction and you ’ ll alone pay 250 baht .
To visit the Royal Thai Navy grounds, I suggest taking a bus topology from Bangkok Ekkamai station to Pattaya. then either hire a driver or rent a motorbike to go to Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum. Google maps is your best acquaintance !

Activities on Koh Kham

Ok, so you ’ ve last made it to the island ! Congrats !
immediately you can enjoy snorkeling, kayak, swim, and hiking to the point of view. The water surrounding the island is some of the most clear and blue that I ’ ve ever seen in Thailand. The beach area is little and pin down but offers enough of shade from the scorching Thailand sunday. You ’ ll even be able to see some minor fish swimming around you while you take a dip in the ocean.

swimming on Koh Kham island near pattaya
In the water, there is quite a piece of coral and rocks so bring water shoes to protect your feet. I forgot these and torn up my toes a short snatch. other visitors weren ’ triiodothyronine as fortunate and stepped on a ocean urchin .
Koh Kham is decidedly a family friendly island and you ’ ll see lot of local Thai ’ s enjoying the island a well. Thai people are a fiddling more conservative when it comes to showing skin at the beach. indeed if you ’ re a bikini girl cover up a little and be respectful .
view point on Koh Kham island near pattayaHiked to the top of the view point!
I noticed that most of the locals got to the island early. The first ferry was at 8am. By around 1pm the beach was deserted and lone our group and few other locals remained. The last gravy boat back to the mainland is at 4pm. Staying on the island is not an choice so you must take the stopping point boat back. The naval Officers will start rounding up people at 3:30pm .
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