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Martin’s Goose, Thanksgiving, Christmas Roast – The cold season calls for a goose roast! But how many kg of goose should be calculated per person? Here we explain how much of a whole bird counts as an edible part and what to consider when buying a Christmas goose!

chest or thigh

If you want to serve a roast goose, but each guest prefers to eat a goose leg, you will have problems with the carving later. Each goose has only 2 legs and 2 breast fillets. So if you only have 1-3 guests, it is better to buy 4 legs or just 2 kilos of ready-to-cook duck breast or goose leg.

This approach has the advantage of facilitating the assessment of the degree of doneness. With a whole bird, this is associated with much more effort.

Buy well!

The perfect Christmas barbecue starts with shopping. You can see how much meat you need at the table, but the quality also determines the quantity! A cheap goose from the supermarket or discount store can be fortified with water and crumbled in the oven at a much lower weight. If, on the other hand, you order the roast goose from the butcher or organic farmer, you can assume a solid and natural meat content. Plus, a free range goose tastes tastier!

But be careful: geese weighing more than 8 kilos are usually very fatty and their flavor is no longer as intense. If you need a roast goose for 8-10 people, it is better to prepare 2 smaller geese. They often pass right next to each other in the oven!

How many kg of goose per person: table

The correct amount of meat per person is of course also decided depending on the company at the table. If there are large dining rooms, you must absolutely calculate the 1 kg/person. If children eat with you or most of the guests are reluctant to eat, it is better to count 250g of meat per guest.

kitchen rule:

1 kg of raw or frozen goose, entrails and bones included, is necessary for 1 adult!

This table will help you calculate your roast goose:

Number of people – goose meat

  • 1-2 – 500g – 1kg breast or thigh or 1 small goose
  • 3-4 – 1.5-2 kg breast or thigh or 1 small goose (2-3 kg)
  • 5-6 – 1 goose (4-6 kg)
  • 7-8 – 1 goose (6-8 kg) or 2 small geese
  • 9-10 – 2 geese (4-5 kg ​​each)

Don’t forget you’ll also be serving side dishes. How many kg of goose you need to calculate per person also depends on the side dishes and the menu order! A starter, a cheese board and a dessert reduce the amount of meat needed.

dinner for one

Do you want to organize a “dinner for one” and cook yourself? Welcome to the trend! At least since the days of the lockdown, the emphasis has been on one’s party. Buy the smallest goose you can find – you can use the leftover meat to make delicious stews the day after dinner!

Tip: Consider thawing time when planning if you buy frozen goose. The breast or leg alone will defrost faster than a whole bird! In our article, we show you what to pay attention to when defrosting a duck or goose.

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