How Difficult is the Everest Base Camp Trek? Age, Skill, & More! | Trek Tips | All the most complete information camping trek in nepal

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➤ “Everest Base Camp” – it looks intimidating! In this video, we cover the difficulty level, appropriate age ranges, and some of our strategies to make this amazing feat as safe and manageable as possible for you. Watch for more! ************************************************** ************************************************* ******** ** World Wide Trekking uses a slow acclimatization strategy to get our guests (from children to seniors) up and down from Everest Base Camp safely. This video explains what makes the trek difficult and what makes it doable. If you have any questions about your personal abilities, do not hesitate to contact us! Nepal ➤ ************************************************ ************************************************* ******** **** Subscribe to our travel channel for more tips and information: WWT ➤ Questions or comments? Write to us in the comments section! ************************************************** ************************************************* ******** ** Let’s socialize! For more information or to join us on World Wide Trekking Trips: Phone ➤ 1 (801) 943-0264 (Call us! MF 9-5, MST) Email ➤ Instagram ➤ Twitter ➤ Facebook ➤ Blog ➤ *********************************************** **************************************************** *********** Check out our non-profit sister! Human solidarity project ➤

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How Difficult is the Everest Base Camp Trek? Age, Skill, & More! | Trek Tips
How Difficult is the Everest Base Camp Trek? Age, Skill, & More! | Trek Tips

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How Difficult is the Everest Base Camp Trek? Age, Skill, & More! | Trek Tips.

camping trek in nepal.

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  2. Do you see the ice fall from basecamp ? If not is it possible to go to it or do you need permit to climb at that point

  3. Level of difficulty is impossible to assess for each individual. a) Physical fitness means different things for different people. b) some people do well on asphalt and treadmill, but can not walk on uneven real trail (having grown in cities and have no balance nerves & muscles = many young Asians) c) acclimatisation ability plays a huge role, and it is genetic and can not be trained (I am faster than any westerner up there at 66 years of age and double hip replacements, because I acclimate phenomenally well) d) Persons not used to primitive conditions, poor hygiene etc can have mental problems.

    I have been there 5 times and it has always been just a walk in a park. Some outwardly sporty people complain and suffer. Impossible to tell. Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua and Inca Trail were also easy, went up the Dead Woman's pass 45 minutes faster than others in the group.

  4. How about the helicopter rescue scam? Do you have a western guide who prevents the local guide from making trekkers sick on purpose (AMS or spoiling their food) in order to earn a $1500 reward for each client he can make call a helicopter evacuation to Kathmandu? The average bill sent to the insurance agency is $22000, split between a "rescue broker", helicopter operator, scam hospital in Kathmandu (charging $1000/day for unnecessary "care" and tests), trekking agency and the guide doing the dirty work (sometimes literally). This is vastly more profitable business than trekking itself. Trekking agency can make more profit from just one client "rescued" than what they make from an honest trek itself. About 2500 fake rescues happen every year in Khumbu now. Google this and be informed.

  5. Loved Kara & Nates series on this if anyone is looking for a real time trek!! it was awesome. 4 years ago!!

  6. Responsibility of guide!

    Guide! What really it means? Lots of people might not know what guide is but it's not a new word for those who are involved in tourism industries. in simple language guide is a person who leads travellers or tourist through unknown or unfamiliar locations. Not only that a guide is believed as a reprehensive of the company he works for and also an ambassador of the country.
    Anyone can be guide,
    but to be a good guide is the main part. To guide on an unknown or unfamiliar location is not only the features of a guide. A guide should have Moral character professional respect, responsibility & Habits behavior general knowledge of the field & skills to handle a team. But for me a guide is not just a guiding people, a guide is a caretaker or parents who shows the right path taught the journey and take cares their team members & whole staff like kids. As we everyone knows that parents never complaints to their children beside many problems, just like that guide also face lots of problems through the journey, he does his duty, shows respect to the guest and keeps smiling all the time and also take cares of all the team like family. I don't mean that entire guide is same but some of them are not doing their duty very well, as lots of time on journey we hear that the guide had left the guest on the half way, it's completely unprofessional and it affects our Tourism industry. A guide is the backbone of the tourism industry and Tourism is the 2nd backbone of our nation, I feel shy to say that lots of people are in these professions but only few people are professional and some of them are just running the image of the Tourism industry.. And lots of tourist they don't know what really guide means, some of the tourist they think that they have paid money to company and they have bought them. it's not right. The guide is there to show you the way, to point out the famous mountains, landmarks and of course dangers.
    They are there to keep you safe, to fascinate you with tales of local lore and wild adventures. They are there to make you comfort and ease your difficult situations & give best possible experience on your trek that's why they are always very polite and helpful. So I think guide should be treat with respect and acknowledge the experience and wisdom they possess. We all know that lots of tourist travel without guide have lost their friend & their life too & sometime couldn't complete the dream for which they have waited for a long time. I think the government should make rule to take guide compulsory or else they can't go certain region for trek just for their safety. in that case for sure tourist will understand as well and will follow the rule. Because when a tourist dies in our country the news spreads everywhere on social medias and people won't visit Nepal once they read such news. And if we have such rules many guides won't be jobless and the tourism industry will be systematic which will help to increase the economy of our nation. And at last once again I want to let everyone know that guiding people on journey is not only guide, he takes responsibility of the whole team, takes cares of the team members, arrange accommodation and bring you safely to fulfill your dream of the journey. And both guide and guest should have mutual understanding and respect 🙏 between each other. 🙏 And to all the readers and Friends who are in tourism industry, I heartily request please always be loyal and respect your professions. Thank you, Galden Sherpa!!!

  7. Most people I speak to say EBC will be easy.
    Because they believe because they're not doing EVEREST itself it won't be that hard…….
    I beg to differ….
    On the 8th day if you are doing it in 11days. .. you go to the Look out point at over 18000ft…
    You leave in the morning-it can be as cold as -22ºF(-7ºC)
    You then need to walk for 2hrs to the Lookout. Get a couple of pics then get dwn asap because it's extremely cold and dangerous.
    Very slippy terrain so for anyone doin it..
    Remember by the time you get to EBC you're not in the Best Shape….7 days of Climbing. Then the way back dwn is super demanding….especially on days 9, 10 the decent is very painful on legs hips knees and ankles.
    But if you are in really good shape it obviously won't be as bad. But some people will suffer GREATLY.
    All worth while if you make it home safely.
    I would love to do it-But the Sub Zero temperatures would NOT be something my body could withstand.
    So YouTube accounts of the Trek have been absolutely terrific.
    Watched loads of them so I have visually seem all the sights and scenery without having to go through the physicality lol
    Best of luck to all who Go.
    But remember it's NOT easy to complete EBC.

  8. I spent my 72nd birthday May 1st on the Mt. Everest Base Camp.
    I made in 12days.
    It was the best and most excited thing I ever did, also it was hardest thing I ever did in my entire life.
    I still can not believe I actually made it.
    I did training hike to in 6 days to Annapurna base camp then from the top, I took helicopter down to experience the view from the Sky.
    Plus I wanted save my knee for the Mt. Everest.
    I followed your input drinking plenty of water eat plenty of good meals and snacks in between. I only took 1/4 Diamoxin from Dihgboche twice a day after I had brief moment of headache and slight strange feeling in my tummy next morning.they said if you feel sick already, it is too late to take pills.
    I would do it again soon for different trekking area but my next challenge is Mt. Klillimanjaro 2020.
    I started training from gym to the local mountains in Southern California.
    I need to work on endurance for longer hikes and build my cardio.
    It is scary to think about it but I can not leave it as a dream only.
    My bucket list will be no longer be a waiting list. At my age?
    I have to keep on TREKKING, because it makes me happy.
    And I want to die happy lol.

  9. Sorry I have to disagree with you. I have done Everest base camp trek twice with Cho la pass the second time and I know how it feels. Trekkin agencies sell this trek as easy or moderately strenuous. But in my opinion this trek requires a lot of stamina and fitness. One other thing no one tells you is the hygiene which is non existent. One has to be physically and mentally prepared to do this trek.

  10. Nice video – my wife and I did this trek two years ago – we are in our '60's and before the trip we hiked, climbed mountains and back-packed to get in shape for EBC trek. Being in good shape made the trip both successful and enjoyable.


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