Probably should have read more reviews before staying here but the price for a private


villa was a bargain. Stayed 1 night.

Amazing location with great views, perfect for capturing your awe moment photos. Well indicated on the road to arrive to the property.

We stayed in the Minute Private


. The room is very spacious, almost feels like you are staying at a modern chalet on Hollywood Hills. Bathroom almost half of the size of the whole room. Full amenities, however it seems like being a spacious living area there was not much in terms of ergonomic furniture or decorations IMO.


was lovely, can be accessed by your bed. Your whole room is two floors where the top floor/roof features artificial turf and one swing presumably for picture taking.

We decided to dine at the restaurant as it featured both Thai and Western cuisine. This was the worst dining experience I have ever had in Thailand. And I work in F&B management.
Where do I begin.
Food quality was poor. The Tom Yum Goong was so bland I couldn’t even taste the shrimp; probably frozen. And worse, it wasn’t even spicy! The Salmon dish was the worst piece of salmon I have ever had in my life. You can buy better quality for a better price at a supermarket. The salmon was frozen farmed salmon and overcooked. The sauce which was suppose to be a white wine cream sauce, was more like a bechamel that came out of a can, couldn’t even taste the acidity from the wine. The Caesar salad, what a disaster. First of all, it was not even Caesar salad. It was a mixed salad with tomato, carrots, corn, and a thousand island dressing with some dried bacon. The croutons were bad, so soft and chewy. I honestly thought they got the wrong order, but I asked the staff and they told me it was the Caesar! Obviously this staff has had 0 training in terms of food knowledge or service. Service staff even handed me the dish, why not place it in front of me on the table? Not to mention that the staff were on their phones in front of us. No one asked how are food was or nothing. 750 Baht for terrible food and zero star service.
I asked to speak to the F&B manager but was told he only came to the property on the weekends!
No management overseeing anything, the chefs are probably not Thai and not trained because how can they cook such horrendous food. You can get better food at the noodle shop down the road.
I have no idea why people on their Facebook page say the food is good, people can’t be that delusional.

Staff does not speak much English, so if you are a foreigner I recommend picking up some basic Thai or having google translate on your phone ready.

A lot of nice cafes around the area, I recommend checking them out.

Will not stay here again. There are better properties with the same amazing views in Khao Yai.

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