My trip ended since September 2021, at that time when iodine checked out of the hotel, one thought i would give them 1 leading, or evening 0 star if having, but i was convinced myself of being composure to go back late for unbiased reviews, and until nowadays it ‘s a feel for to say that I ca n’t even give them more than 2 stars after everything we had experienced in Toscana Hotel La Casetta. At the beginning I discussed so clearly with the booking staff that my conserve and I wanted to book their room for 2 weeks for our anniversary vacation. They offered me a cheaper room under 50 square meters but I refused. I chose the “ courteous and larger “, accepted to pay more with hope we would have a great trip. I sent some pictures of the room and they 100 % confirmed that we would be accommodated in that kind of board. But last, in reality we would n’t. The identical first night when we checked in, I was so defeated that I did n’t even want to unpack my stuffs because the board was different from what we saw in the photos. They claimed this room type was for 4 people but actually for 2 of us it was not adequate, 1 wardrobe was therefore old and belittled, my husband had to put his clothes on the extra go to bed. There was only 1 slump which was thus little and dirty while in the picture it should be 2 separate sinks. Toilet, shower very old and extremely dirty. The mezzanine of the room was lack of sofa, completely not the same which what we wanted to bible and pay for. We arrived at the hotel when their restaurant was closed, there was no microwave in the room and the surroundings were quietly. We were forced to eat cold food that we brought with and that night I had a stomach ache because of that. The following day I had to call the director asking him to take us to the correct room that we booked, they cooperated, and it turned out to be an evening worse room with a very bad air travel conditioner, noisy like a plow, I think I ‘ve read a few comments here from another guests about the noise of the AC besides. They flush knew that and arranged a fan fair in case, but sorry we didnt spend money to use the winnow, right ? After discussing again, my husband said we couldnt get the money rear anyhow, then try to stay and make the room better. We decided to “ help them to help us “, clean and rearrange the room with the drive of trying to enjoy our vacation together. We went to the supermarket to buy dishes, cutlery, napkins, drivel bags … honestly I was not satisfied at all but tried to bear it. A few days late, I called their restaurant to order room service. I asked for slog Thai, and supernumerary onion. It was so stupid that the restaurant staff who spoke English pretty well did n’t understand what oinion was, she told me “ im blue Madam i dont know what onion meant “. I got angry and canceled the club. The survive time was at noon when I had an pressing matter to contact the reception, I called the front desk 8 times, called the director ‘s issue 3 times, both by the call installed in the room and by the mobile earphone, calling them continuously for over 1.5 hours no matchless answered my call. I went to their web site and grabbed a act to call, this person is a coach in their group, not from the hotel but he helped me to transfer the bible to the Hotel La Casetta front desk. then the movement desk called me back, and I said “ we want to check out immediately ”. We did n’t think even for a second, pack our stuffs, and go right aside ending our trip 1 week earlier than expected and promised never come second again. Yes, they had capital landscape, huge and beautiful opinion, some of the restaurant in the area are good, but nothing other than that. The service was inadequate and bad, the staff seemed they didnt know what they were doing. This turned out to be the worst trip ever for a frequent travelers like us.