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Do you want to run a hood outlet exhaust? Wondering if it’s worth the trip? This video will help you decide if a doorbell socket is right for you! After using a hood exhaust on my Turbo Miata for some time, I’ve put together this list of the pros and cons of this type of exhaust. Pros: Easy to do Low cost Lightweight Low back pressure / No exhaust restrictions (good for turbo cars) Cons: Noisy Difficult to tune / poor O2 sensor readings Requires permanent hood modification Exhaust enters the car Messy They can collect rain, road debris and are a target for people who don’t like Cop Magnet Support CashedOutCars on Patreon and get exclusive benefits! End Screen Music: 3mbrace – Issues *All links are affiliate links, buying through them means a small portion of the total cost goes towards supporting the channel, and there is NO cost extra for you! For additional content, visit www.cashedoutcars.com!

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Hood Exit Exhausts: Pros and Cons | Should You Run a Hood Exhaust?
Hood Exit Exhausts: Pros and Cons | Should You Run a Hood Exhaust?

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Hood Exit Exhausts: Pros and Cons | Should You Run a Hood Exhaust?.

teardrop hood exit.

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27 thoughts on “Hood Exit Exhausts: Pros and Cons | Should You Run a Hood Exhaust? | Overview of the knowledge about teardrop hood exit the most detailed”

  1. For sure have decided FENDER exit, over hood exit. I currently have side exit on my Geo. But I want racing headers and fender exit exhaust. 🙏

  2. what if I run it out my front bumper, it will be a little longer and the fumes will stay more out of my way

  3. This is bullshit!!! Hood dumps are only done for one reason. To show off and be a fool!

    How fucking hard is it to dump it out the fender or under the car!

    This is a style plane and simple a style!

  4. i wanna follow in my brothers footsteps with pissing off the neighbors so when i get my sc300 shes getting a screamer out the hood or fender idk yet

  5. As for the weight saving, this saves only a few pounds across the entire car. If you have a car that's underpowered enough where that makes a difference, I have to presume you swapped an engine into it which was weaker than what the car was manufactured with, because in stock form, the car didn't have that issue, even with a full exhaust. As for being an attention grabber, son, you drive a fucking Miata. It's still 99% invisible to every person around you, especially cops. The primary reason Miatas are popular is because they're so cheap and common that cops don't notice them. Cops will notice if you own a car that is rare and/or fast, but Miatas aren't either of those, so even with a hood dump, chances are, no cop is ever going to look twice.

  6. I think running the pipe through the sides of the front bumper would be cooler, safer, and a little easier to tune.

  7. i think only #3 is a con for me…..btw if you are are using full lent exhaust with cat delete and muffler delete you still fall into CON 4 & 5. if i have a hood exhaust on my car it will only be for the tracks

  8. personally i think it could be a fun thing to do if you have a shitbox project car, but a horrible idea on a daily driver

  9. Another pro is less exhaust length in the engine bay and under the car for less heat around important components and in the bay and car in general.
    Another con is that it can get your windshield and roof dirty, hood too if you have one with a hole, especially if you spit a little oil or unburned fuel.


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