Homeless man creates mini mansion alongside Pacoima freeway | Summary of knowledge related to asheville spray tan the most detailed

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A homeless encampment in Pacoima has become a work of art, a mini-mansion for some. FOX 11’s Chelsea Edwards gives us some insight. Subscribe to FOX 11 Los Angeles: Watch FOX 11 Los Angeles Live: FOX 11 broadcasts breaking news, live events, undercover investigations, police chases, true crime files, business news , celebrities and entertainment on Good Day LA (GDLA) and local stories. from Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena and across the country. Watch more FOX 11 on YouTube: Police Chases: Funny Moments: Celebrity Interviews: Archives: Download the FOX 11 News App: Download the FOX 11 Weather App: Follow FOX 11 Los Angeles on Facebook: Follow FOX 11 Los Angeles on Twitter: Follow FOX 11 Los Angeles on Instagram: Sign up for the FOX 11 newsletter:

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Homeless man creates mini mansion alongside Pacoima freeway

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Homeless man creates mini mansion alongside Pacoima freeway.

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28 thoughts on “Homeless man creates mini mansion alongside Pacoima freeway | Summary of knowledge related to asheville spray tan the most detailed”

  1. Let’s just find some land in the city and make it our own. ❤️❤️❤️❤️America! Land of the free and home of the brave! Brave enough to take back what belongs to us! 😯😄

  2. Nice video.
    You guys at Fox 11 should be ashamed of yourselves.
    You realize you're normalizing homelessness. Fucking help him out and the others and get him off that fucking hill and into safe, secure, dry housing. Do the right thing.

  3. Ridiculous in the open spot guy is probably out of it but I feel bad for those that build good homes in secret areas and get busted. It is instinct to do that & eat wild edible plants/animals those kinds are hated more than these are not polluting the image of homelessness not enabling government and private property propaganda. a little bit faster ways to get pleasure is not worth all the war the rent ect of systems




  7. How sad when I was 16 I gave this guy a blanket while he was laying cracked out under the bridge didn't know he built that. Guess now I know haven't been home for ⅗ years

  8. The Children’s slide is what you should be concerned about. Looks like child bait for a pedophile.

  9. That shows how little that reporter knows by asking if he has ever seeked out any services!! What services?! A homeless shelter??!?!? Where you sleep next to strangers who are sick, mentallly ill, drug attics, the opposite sex (if you are a woman extremely scary) you want privacy. That's what you have had. You would rather sleep on the street, in a tent or car then have to stay in one of those places. People act like its so simple. Why have you not went to a homeless shelter. How about you go visit one and tell me if tomorrow you became homeless, all your family has passed away would you go to one??

  10. After this was show on the news.!.
    The city came in and had him deported and torn down his home and thrown everything away.!!!.☹️.
    He never bothered anyone or made a mess like the other homeless people. He was very respectful to the community and kept things clean.


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