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Whether you’re an avid hiker or just someone looking for a fun adventure for the day, this hike is a tough hike with a big payoff. We found ourselves doing the 3 mile hike to Arizona hot springs on a perfect day in early January. While the rest of the country was hit with cold mid 60’s and light winds made for a perfect day. We started our hike a little later than planned, so after melting in the amazing waters of the hot springs, it was a bit difficult to get out for the hike back to the parking lot. We ended up going back in the dark and although it was a bit more confusing that way, the stars at night were so amazing! For more information on the walk, including travel tips: Follow me on social media for more amazing photos of all the amazing places I visit with my friends: Cinematic Sauce Music Expansions: Check out this song and more more on the link above! !

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Hiking To The Arizona Hot Springs
Hiking To The Arizona Hot Springs

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Hiking To The Arizona Hot Springs.

arizona hot springs.

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