japanese singer, dancer and actor ( bear 1997 )
Kazuma Kawamura ( 川村 壱馬, Kawamura Kazuma, wear 7 January 1997 ) [ 1 ] is a japanese singer, dancer and actor. He is a member of the J-Pop group The rampage from Exile Tribe and represented with LDH .

early life [edit ]

Kazuma Kawamura was born on January 7, 1997, in Osaka, Japan. Since his childhood he had dreamed of appearing on television. initially, Kawamura wanted to become an actor but after a close acquaintance of his lend him an Exile album during his third rate of junior high educate, he was sol print by the group, specially their singer Takahiro, that he changed his goals. ever since, he aspired to become a master singer. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] With the support of his parents and the ambition to learn how to sing, he transferred from a normal high school to a music school former on. He was then scouted by EXPG Osaka [ 4 ] during an LDH seminar and became a scholarship student there. [ 2 ] [ 5 ]

career [edit ]

Inspired by Exile and convinced LDH was the only way to achieve his ambition of becoming a singer, Kawamura took part in the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 4 – For Young People with Dreams in April 2014 [ 6 ] as his first audition. ultimately, he passed the hearing as one of three winners out of 30 thousand contestants aboard Hokuto Yoshino and Riku Aoyama and became a vocal music candidate for THE RAMPAGE. In September of the lapp class, he was chosen as an official member of the group. [ 7 ]

In January 2017, The rampage from Exile Tribe made their introduction with the single “ Lightning ”. In October 2018, he made his acting debut in the television receiver drama Prince of Legend, playing the function “ Team Kyogoku Brothers ‘ ” prince Ryu Kyogoku. [ 2 ] On February 14, 2019, he attended the PRINCE OF LEGEND PREMIUM LIVE SHOW, a fan-meeting with the solid Prince of Legend cast, at Yokohama Arena. [ 8 ] There, he performed “ Take on Me “, a cover of A-ha ‘s 80s shoot and cut-in song of the picture, aboard Nobuyuki Suzuki who played the other Kyogoku buddy. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] On September 7 in the same class, Kawamura was invited to the 29th Tokyo Girls Collection ( Autumn/Winter ) at Saitama Super Arena together with the main cast of the movie High & Low The Worst in which he stars as Fujio Hanaoka. This marked the first fourth dimension he attended any fashion related consequence and walked a track in his career. [ 11 ] A few months after, he besides appeared at the 30th Tokyo Girls Collection (Spring/Summer) alongside the chief shed of the movie Kizoku Tanjou -Prince Of Legend-. [ 12 ] On June 23, 2020, his first photograph essay titled SINCERE will be released. [ 13 ]

personal liveliness [edit ]

Kawamura practiced Karate for 11 years starting in his first year of elementary school. [ 14 ] He is one of the members of a Krump dance crowd “ Rag Pound ” with colleague members Kaisei Takechi and Makoto Hasegawa.

Works [edit ]

Participating works [edit ]

Year Title Artist Ref.
2018 “Take on Me” m-flo presents PRINCE PROJECT feat. Kawamura Kazuma [15]

Lyrics [edit ]

Year Title Artist Notes ref.
2017 100 Degrees The Rampage from Exile Tribe Rap part [16]
2018 Dream On The Rampage from Exile Tribe Rap part [17]

Filmography [edit ]

television receiver Dramas [edit ]

Year Title Role Network Ref.
2018 Prince of Legend Ryu Kyogoku NTV [18]
2019 High & Low The Worst Episode.0 Fujio Hanaoka NTV [19]
Kizoku Tanjou -Prince Of Legend- Ryu Kyogoku NTV [20][21]

Films [edit ]

Year Title Role Ref.
2019 Prince of Legend Ryu Kyogoku [18]
High&Low The Worst Fujio Hanaoka [22]
2020 Kizoku Kourin: Prince Of Legend Ryu Kyogoku [20][21]
2022 Sadako DX [23]

game [edit ]

Year Title Role Notes
2019 Prince Of Legend Love Royale Ryu Kyogoku Released on March 25
available on io / Android

bibliography [edit ]

Photo essay [edit ]

Release Date Title Ref
June 23, 2020 SINCERE [13]

References [edit ]