No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date 1 TBA Shigeaki Kubo Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX April 17, 2016 ( ) The story goes back to the past. Kohaku and Tatsuya, two best friends since childhood, were both motorcycle enthusiasts. They founded “ Mugen “ together, hoping that their glad time together will last everlastingly. Ohta, Konishi, Tsukumo, and Tatsuya ‘s younger friend Cobra, and Yamato joined the gang, making the sum phone number of members seven. It was a happy time for them. meanwhile, Tatsuya announces that he wants to open a Western-style restaurant, a dream he has had since he was a child, and declares that he wants to leave Mugen. All of Mugen ‘s penis started working together to open the diner “ ITTOKAN ”, but Kohaku ‘s feelings were interracial. …
In the present, a raid on the nefarious Scout gang “Doubt” begins in the coastal regions. When carrying out the raid, the newcomer gang Mighty Warriors happens to rescue a stranger who was kidnapped by Doubt. Her name is Sarah. The story begins to unfold… 2 TBA Tsuyoshi Nakakuki, Yūdai Yamaguchi Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX April 24, 2016 ( ) Mighty Warriors is found when a bunch of people gathered with a dream of building their own utopia. At first, Sarah has doubts about their impression of music and fashion being able to save people, but after ICE tells her their measly pass, she understands them and joins the gang.

In the past, Iemurakai of Kuryu Group is finally making its move. Cobra is attacked by Kuryu Group’s faction, the Hyugakai, and Tatsuya stops them from making a mess. Mugen’s members, including Kohaku, become adamant about retaliation. As a result, Six Mugen members have a fight with the Hyugakai, who outnumbers them and is using weapons in a despicable manner, with their bare hands. 3 TBA Tsuyoshi Nakakuki, Yūdai Yamaguchi Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX May 8, 2016 ( ) After the fight with Hyugakai, Mugen becomes well-known for its strength. The little gang started by Kohaku and Tatsuya suddenly grows to be a giant. However, Ohta and Konishi leave the gang for their dream, and Kohaku couldn’t accept the fact that his old friends are leaving one by one. He forgets the feeling when he found Mugen with his friend Tatsuya and begins to lead the gang as its leader, leaving Tsukumo, Cobra, and Yamato in complex feelings. Meanwhile, Mugen has a conflict with the Amamiya Brothers, and finally, they decide to get into a fight. 4 TBA Takanori Tsujimoto Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX May 15, 2016 ( ) When Mugen was still a small group of friends with Kohaku, Tatsuya, Ohta, and Konishi as its only members, they met Tsukumo. Tsukumo, who has lived in solitude, have no idea about friends, turned on Mugen. In order to end their fight, Kohaku and Tsukumo had a bet with their beloved motorcycle. On an uninhabited pier, the one-on-one race began. What would be the outcome of the race, and how did Tsukumo become Mugen’s companion? The past begins to be unraveled. 5 TBA Tsuyoshi Nakakuki Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX May 22, 2016 ( ) The calamity that happen Noboru is superimposed on Tatsuya, and he died in front of his acquaintance Kohaku. Since then, a strong belief of never letting any friend die has grown inside Cobra. After Novor ‘s halt, a negative chain of events piled up to follow. The forefather of Miho, Noboru ‘s girlfriend, is heavily in debt, and Miho has to work at Doubt ‘s cabaret to pay off the debt. interim, Miho learns that Noboru has an accident. Miho rushes to the hospital, worried about Noboru, but a group of dummies blocks her way. Just then, a mysterious pair of men appear and save Miho from Doubt. Who are these two men ?
In the present time, Mighty Warriors and Iemurakai of Kuryu Group begin to cause disturbing events in the SWORD area… 6 TBA Tsuyoshi Nakakuki Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX May 29, 2016 ( )

Kaito and Kizzy were members of Doubt, and were the most violent members flush in this gang of people who kidnapped women for members. But now, they comes to follow Rocky, and they found White Rascals to protect woman, which is the princple of Rocky. In the present, meanwhile, Noboru ‘s condition takes a sudden plow for the worse … and members of Sannoh Rengokai ( Hoodlum Squad ) rush to the hospital .
What will happen to Noboru … 7 TBA Takanori Tsujimoto Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX June 5, 2016 ( ) Todoroki transfers to Oya Koukou ( Oya High School ) with the ambition to become the strongest man there, and immediately he is fighting for the placement of the leader of Oya Koukou ( Oya High School ) with his bare fist. meanwhile, Murayama is not himself. He used to think that it would mean something for him to become the leader of Oya Koukou ( Oya High School ), but after the ferocious battle with Cobra, he about loses sight of his goal. Todoroki, who has beaten the leader of The full-time School in the wink of an eye, sends a letter to a duel to Murayama, the defender of Oya Koukou ( Oya High School ) .
A fierce battle between the new students and the gang leader is about to begin… 8 TBA Takanori Tsujimoto Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX June 12, 2016 ( ) Believing that becoming the leader of Oya Koukou ( Oya High School ) would bring him fame and glory, and consequently he uses despicable means to beat the student of The part-time School and provokes Murayama to fight. On the other hired hand, Murayama finds Todoroki exchangeable to his former self, and when he is asking himself repeatedly the doubt of who he is, he faces the competitiveness. The part-time School v. The full-time School conflict ultimately begins. With their friends on their sides, they engage in heated one-on-one battle. It ‘s a back and away battle that can hardly end.

Meanwhile, Iemurakai of Kuryu Group finally began to make a concerted effort to control the SWROD area. 9 TBA Tsuyoshi Nakakuki Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX June 19, 2016 ( ) Visiting the tomb of Tatsuya, Kohaku tells him that Tsukumo has waken from his coma. Tatsuya also comes to the tomb, and he makes up his mind there that he will follow Kohaku no matter what happens. Meanwhile, people living at the Nameless Street continues to harvest those underground minerals that provide their livelihood. Iemurakai of Kuryu Group, who knows the existence of the minerals, bring a proposal of attacking the SWORD area to a man. 10 TBA Tsuyoshi Nakakuki Keisuke Makino, Takako Murayama/Team HI-AX June 26, 2016 ( ) As Noboru ‘s health improves, a revival celebration is held at ITOKAN to celebrate Noboru ‘s release from the hospital. Members of Sannoh Rengokai ( Hoodlum Squad ) hopes that with the render of Noboru, Sannoh Rengokai ( Hoodlum Squad ) can besides have its revival. What decisiveness will Kobra make ? meanwhile, a mysterious man, ‘Lee ‘, approaches Kohaku, who has become desperate after the death of her best supporter, Tatsuya. What is his design ?
The balance of the SWORD area is slowly collapsing.