How cool would it be to go shopping with a Hermès bag in your hand ? Let this dream come to world with the Hermès Garden Party – the ultimate lug from Hermès. Released in 1964, the Garden Party is one of the most democratic Hermès handbags outside their top 3 ( Birkin/Kelly/Constance ). Praised for its impeccable craft, low-key appearance and relatively low-cost price orient, the Garden Party is a top pick among first-time Hermès bag buyers and those Hermès lovers looking for a virtual everyday bag. Read on for detail information on the style .

Hermes Garden Party Tote Design

The appeal of the Hermès Garden Party tote lies in its simplicity. The cup of tea features no obvious logo ’ randomness ; pretty a lot the alone direction you can identify it ’ second from Hermès is by looking close at the engraving on the Clou de Selle snap closure. That ’ sulfur, actually, one of the most celebrated features of the Garden Party and one of its biggest advantages. The snap blockage means that the capacity of the bag international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate confined to its dimensions, then larger items can besides be carried, if needed .
Negonda Calfskin Hermes Garden Party 36 Etoupe Hermes Garden Party 36. Media credit : Fashionphile

furthermore, the “ Clou de Selle ” snap fasteners besides connect the sides of the Garden Party Tote. When fastened, these give the bag a very courteous, integrated appearance. But, when unfastened, these create lots of extra department of the interior space, which comes in very handy when you need to carry more .
Talking about the home of the bag. The inner of the Hermès Garden Party features one independent, open-style compartment ( leather versions of the bag besides feature a zip up interior pocket ). Unlike early Hermes handbags, the Garden Party comes with canvas-lined inside. While not deoxyadenosine monophosphate deluxe as leather-lined home, the poll interior besides has its benefits. The biggest benefit of sail is that it makes the bag significantly more whippersnapper. It besides adds to bag ’ south practicality and affordability. You know the Garden Party would most likely be means more expensive if it came with leather interior !
The minimalistic and understated design of the Hermès Garden Party makes it a perfect bag for those who prefer to stay away from screaming logo. however, this minimalist aesthetic besides means that you can easily put your own spin on the bulge by, for example, accessorizing it with one of Hermes ’ bag charms or twilly scarves. And that ’ s the beauty of the Hermes Garden Party lug. even the simplest accessory gives it a wholly different spirit .
Designed with functionality and practicality in judgment, the  Hermès Garden Party tote can be carried by hand, on the bend of the branch and over the shoulder ( this applies to larger sizes of the pocket ). I ’ d say, the only disadvantage of the bag is that there ’ s no feet on the bottom. For me, it ’ s not a deal circuit breaker, but it ’ second constantly decent when a bag has feet, as they protect the bottom from wear and tear .

Why go for the Hermes Garden Party Tote ?

You may be wondering, why to go to Hermès for a basic lug when there are a batch of cheaper architect alternatives out there ? While this is surely a valid compass point to make, try to name another sword with craft like Hermes ’ s ? All Hermès handbags are created by one craftsman from beginning to finish. That ’ s something you rarely see at other brands. And that ’ s what makes Hermès handbags so desirable. They are made to survive .
Hermes Garden Party 30 Hermes Garden Party 30. Media credit : @ vogueconnoisseur More reasons to consider the Hermès Garden Party Tote :

  • Relatively affordable compared to other Hermès handbags (see prices below)
  • Easy to dress up and down
  • Expandable interior
  • Functional design

Hermes Garden Party Materials

The Hermès Garden Party comes in two different styles : wide leather, or canvas with leather tailored. The most normally used leather on the Garden Party Tote is called Negonda .
Hermes Negonda Garden Party 36 Gold Hermes Negonda Garden Party 36 in Gold. Media credit : Fashionphile Developed specifically for the Garden Party lineup, the Hermès Negonda leather is characterized by bombastic grains and felt finish. In addition, the Hermès Negonda leather is sturdy and body of water repellent. Seems like a perfect leather to use on a carryall bag !
You can besides find the Hermès Garden Party in Epsom and Country leathers. A relatively new addition to the Hermès leather batting order, the Hermès Country Leather is a process female calf leather, most known for its steadiness, large texture and lastingness .
Epsom leather, on the other hand, has been out there for quite a while. normally used in Kelly and Constance bags, Epsom leather is characterized by a weight-lift cross-hatch ingrain and semi-matte appearance. wholly rub and water system tolerant, the Epsom one of the most, if not the most hard-wearing leather from Hermès .
The canvas styles of the Hermès Garden Party come feature a canvas body with contrasting leather handles and trimming. Hermès make the Garden Party carryall in three types of canvass : officier, military and twill. Both canvas and leather versions of the Garden Party tote come with the sail inside .

Hermes Garden Party Tote Sizes

In accession to two different styles, the Hermès Garden Party lug besides comes in three different sizes. The smallest of them, the Garden Party 30 ( besides known as Small ), is arrant for everyday. It measures 30cm in duration, 21cm in height and 13cm in astuteness ( 11.8 ” x 8.3 ” x 5.1 ” ) and is excellent for carrying all your daily essentials, like a smartphone, a batting order shell, an agenda, sunglasses and a modest makeup udder .
The second size of the Hermès Garden Party lug, the Garden Party 36 ( besides known as medium ) is better suited for running errands, work and travel. Measuring 36cm in distance, 26cm in altitude and 17cm in depth ( 14.2 ” x 10.2 ” x 6.7 ” ), the cup of tea is excellent for carrying anything from a laptop to smaller everyday essentials .
The Garden Party 49 ( besides known as big ), which, by the room, typically comes in canvas, is more of a heavy-duty udder. Measuring 49cm in length, 36cm in stature and with 25cm depth ( 19.3 ” x 14.2 ” x 10 ” ), the Garden Party is good suited for travel, and particularly, as a weekender bag .
The three unlike sizes of the Hermès Garden Party carryall :

Hermes Garden Party Style Size (cm) Size (inches)
Garden Party 30 30cm ten 21cm ten 13cm 11.8 ” x 8.3 ” x 5.1 ”
Garden Party 36 36cm x 26cm adam 17cm

14.2 ” x 10.2 ” x 6.7 ”
Garden Party 49 voyage 49cm adam 36cm x 25cm 19.3 ” x 14.2 ” x 10 ”

It ’ second important to notice that Hermès used to make the Garden Party in both smaller and larger sizes than the one ’ randomness available veracious now, but those have since been discontinued. I don ’ triiodothyronine think I can list them all, but I can try to name a few. For exercise, the Garden Party 39. It looks like Hermès don ’ t make this size anymore. similarly, the Garden Party 50 is no longer available through boutiques, so it ’ s most probably it has been discontinued. however, I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be sol deplorable about it. We ’ ve seen Hermès bringing back the discontinue sizes in the past, so possibly one sidereal day we ’ ll see the Garden Party 39 and 50 bags back in stock .

Hermes Garden Party Tote Prices 2021

Considering to add the Hermès Garden Party udder to your collection ? here are the latest prices .

Hermes Garden Party Style Price in USD
Canvas Garden Party 30 $ 2,200
Negonda Calfskin Garden Party 30 $ 3,550
Canvas Garden Party 36 $ 2,450
Negonda Calfskin Garden Party 36 $ 3,750
Garden Party 49 Voyage Bag ( Canvas and Negonda Calfskin ) $ 4,375

* retail prices as of August 2021 ( sales tax not included ) .
As you can see, the monetary value of the Hermès Garden Party largely depends on its material. Canvas bags are cheaper, while full moon leather versions are significantly more expensive. At the clock time of writing this web log post, the Garden Party 30 in Negonda calf retails for $ 3,550 in the U.S., while the Garden Party 30 in poll ( twill h canvas with negonda leather trim ) is $ 2,200. The monetary value remainder between the two bags is, obviously, impressive. Getting the base in canvas would save you whopping $ 1,350. The price deviation between the canvas and leather Garden Party 36 bag is besides over $ 1,000. The Garden Party 36 bag in canvas retails for $ 2,450, while the leather version will cost you $ 3,750. The Garden Party 49 Voyage bulge retails for $ 4,375 .
Final thoughts:
With a begin price tag of good over $ 2,000, the Hermès Garden Party makes for an excellent entry-level Hermès bag. A lug base is one of those silhouettes that ’ s constantly in use. so, you ’ ra sure to get your money ’ randomness deserving .
In my opinion, even leather versions of the Garden Party lug are quite reasonably priced. The Garden Party 36 is comparable in size to the Birkin 35, but it ’ s indeed a lot cheaper. In fact, the Negonda Calfskin Garden Party 36 is basically a one-third of the price of the Birkin 35 ( B35 in togo leather presently retails for $ 12,200 ). You could say that with the Hermès Garden Party, you get the same iconic Hermès craft, but for a fraction of the price .
* disavowal : Prices in this web log station are listed for information purposes alone. actual prices in boutiques may vary.