There are many benefits to the Hermes Garden Party .

Why a Hermes Garden Party?

Most people who have it, love the :

  1. Entry price into a Hermes Bag. While not cheap, it is still less compared to many of the other Hermes handbags.
  2. Structured shape, but it is still a tote. Giving it a multi-functional use.
  3. Inside fabric, keeping the bag lighter. You can also get an all-canvas Garden Party that just has leather trim. Many love the lighter feel and look for warmer climates or during the summer.
  4. Snaps on the side to give bag slimmer profile or kept open for carrying more stuff! (See the image below to see the difference.)
  5. Two handles that are rounded, thicker and stand upright (unless the bag is aged and then they can get a bit floopy.) Great for adding Twillies and charms!

Hermes Garden Party Leather/ Fabric

The Garden Party comes in all poll with leather shave or in all leather which is normally Negonda leather. Although a ally has a Garden Party in Buffalo leather and another acquaintance with a vintage one in Fjord leather. Those are not current leathers, but ones you may see on resale sites.

I did see one on that was in Epsom, so you never know what the craftspeople are up to ! The bag doesn ’ metric ton have ‘ feet ’ or alloy studs on the buttocks, so it is best not to place these bags on a floor. This is the one negative I don ’ thymine like about the bag – the lack of ‘ feet ’ .hermes garden party canvashermes garden party canvas{Canvas Fabric} Image Credit: Hermes.comhermes garden party leatherhermes garden party leather{Leather} Image Credit: Garden Party Sizes and Prices are as follows :

Hermes Garden Party Sizes 2021

  • Small (also known as “TPM” or “PM” or “Hermes Garden Party 30”)
  • Medium (also known as “PM” or “MM” or “Hermes Garden Party 36”)
  • Large (also known as “Hermes Garden Party 39”. Some will label it as a Garden Party GM)

The numbers after the diagnose ( exercise : Garden Party 30 ) reference point the centimeters that Hermes uses for its bags. So a Garden Party 30 is 30cm long. In inches, that is about 12 inches long. alternatively, a Garden Party 36 is 36cm in duration or 14 inches. Please be aware that resellers frequently don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what they have or submit they have a MM when very they have a PM. so stress more on the measurements and less on the title they give the bag.

Hermes Garden Party Dimensions 2021

here are the claim dimensions in inches :

  • Garden Party 30 (12″ long x 8.5″ high x 5″ wide) (Good for smaller stature individuals)
  • The Garden Party 36 (14″ long x 10.25″ high x 6.5 wide”  (Most popular size)
  • Or, the Garden Party 39 (19.5” long x 14” high x 9.5 wide” (Least popular, but great for travel)

Hermes Garden Party Prices 2021

These are the prices as I know them to be at this clock. It can vary due to taxes, claim spectacles of the bag, etc. Best to add 10 % to the prices listed below to give you wiggle room as you estimate your purchase and funds. All are in U.S. Dollars. Garden Party 30 TPM : ( 30 x 21 adam 13 curium )

  • Canvas: $3,000
  • Canvas and Leather Trim: $1,800
  • Twill and Leather Trim: $2,200
  • All Leather: $3,550

Garden Party 36 PM : ( 36 ten 26 ten 17 centimeter )

  • Canvas: $3,200
  • Canvas and Leather Trim: $3,500
  • All Leather: $4,300

Past Prices

Fun little fact. In 2018, the monetary value of a canvas Garden Party 30cm was $ 2,075 volt now it is $ 3,000. A 36cm was $ 2,325 and now it is $ 3,200. In 2018, an all-leather Garden Party 30cm was $ 2,500 and now it is $ 3,000, and the 36cm was $ 3,675 and now it is $ 4,300. How Dads can bind with a raw baby. A Hermes Garden Party can be a great bulge. Do you have one ? What do you love ( or not love ) about it ?