Bad Backs is licensed to sell the HermanMiller® Chair range in NSW (excluding ACT), VIC & WA.
Cosm is Herman Miller ‘s fresh sophisticated ergonomic chair design that instantaneously responds to your body, movement and position, to provide natural balance and sum subscribe. Its Auto-Harmonic Tilt, Intercept suspension, and flexible ensnare influence together to give you a feel of lightness. It does n’t matter if you are 5 ‘ or 6’3 ”, or sitting for eight minutes or eight hours. Cosm is the chair for everyone .
Cosm high back is only stocked in Australia in graphite with leaf arms. We can quote and supply any Cosm shape therefore please contact us for a custom quotation .

  • No Adjustments Necessary – The Auto-Harmonic Tilt instantly and automatically provides balanced support and movement, depending on your body and posture
  • Seamless Support – Breathable and temperature-neutral, the Intercept suspension has a continuous form that eliminates the gap between the seat and back. It conforms to each person’s body to provide dynamic spinal support.
  • Comfort in Motion – The flexible frame is thin but strong and feels nearly nonexistent. It offers support while flexing so you can comfortably move your upper bod
  • Leaf Arms – To offer as much comfort and ease as possible, Studio 7.5 created Cosm’s Leaf Arms, which feature a soft but firm cradle design that provides a large, cozy resting place for your elbows.
  • AFRDI approved #14233/1- Level 6 sever commercial use


  • Maximum User Weight 350 lb/159 kg
  • 12 year warranty
  • Stocked in Graphite frame, chassis and base with leaf arms
  • Custom orders – contact us for a quote. Lead time currently 18-20 weeks
  • Refer to the Herman Miller configurator to create your custom order and email us the specifications so we can quote in Australian dollars, see Cosm Configurator

Table of Contents

High-Back Cosm Chair

  • Height: 114.3 – 131.1cm
  • Width: 67.8 – 74.2cm
  • Depth: 67.7cm
  • Seat Height: 37.6 – 54.4cm
  • Seat Depth: 40.4cm
  • Seat Width: 52.1cm
  • Arm Height: 18.5 – 29.7cm

For the Berlin-based designers at Studio 7.5—Carola Zwick, Roland Zwick, and Burkhard Schmitz—their latest president for Herman Miller represents something of a holy grail : a blueprint that creates a fresh reference sharpen for clamant, personalized quilt. Cosm ’ s newfangled Auto-Harmonic Tilt, in finical, has been a goal they ’ ve worked toward for years. The designers knew, even when working on predecessors like Mirra, Setu, and Mirra 2, that the ideal professorship would provide a politic find of natural balance .
“ You should have a moderate that allows you to change postures angstrom well as possible, ” Roland says. “ You can alone do that with a professorship that is correctly adjusted, so we wanted to build a moderate that does that region for you. ” A controversy is to a chair what a infection is to a car, and like transmissions, some are manual, and others, such as Cosm ’ s, are automatic pistol. With early self-adjusting models, the professorship decides how you should sit by forcing the consistency to conform to the lean ’ second movement. Cosm ’ s Auto-Harmonic Tilt puts the person beginning and responds to them—no matter their posture—providing a balance recumb and individualized ease. Studio 7.5 and Herman Miller perfected the self-adjusting cant by inventing a complex, finely tuned mechanism. accounting for the sitter ’ s vertical force—which is always in flux —the gears within the tilt go the fulcrum along a leaf spring to automatically adjust the chair ’ south tension .