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Photographs at first glance innocuous and which reveal mysterious, incredible and terrifying things. Here are the stories behind these shocking and chilling photos!

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He Took A Photo Of His Pregnant Wife,  But When He Saw The Photo
He Took A Photo Of His Pregnant Wife, But When He Saw The Photo

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He Took A Photo Of His Pregnant Wife, But When He Saw The Photo.

coles county fireworks 2022.

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  1. In 2012 my sister and i took a pic together at her house at the end of her side walk that leads back to her front door and she was so adiment and quick i didnt get a chance to get set you know how we do to take a quick pic with a friend or anybody or family we had left church that sunday and made it back to her house but when the pic showed up there was a terrible looking entity looking like it was standing between us or it looked like it jumped in my image that pic snap quick it was awful we deleted it it was so weird and scary looking and I think I saw the same sort of thing another time but at one time I was sick i got better havent seen it anymore I have learned down through the years that a camera can pick up lots of things that the naked eye cannot see you can see those boots as clear as day behind that little girl it would have bothered me to it botherd her father pray to God and mean it 🙏🙏🙏and those evil entities will go away Jesus is real if you believe in good you better believe in evil too but the Lord God Almighty will always win you got to put him first its a must🙏❤🌹 I've heard a lot of people tell me a lot of things that have happened in the South cause that's where I'm from some of them will give you chills I don't even like to talk about but this was a weird after Sunday but we went on and everything got better my sister and I aren't close like we should be and I'm going to fix that but God is the answer cuz there are some unexplainable things in this world love is the key y'all to the kingdom of heaven❤🌹🙏 so many evil things have been done to people that is so so wrong😪🙏 try not to hurt somebody's spirit just love❤

  2. If the final season of Legends of Tomorrow is any indication the photos are proof of people who are sent to protect fixed points in time

  3. Did anyone notice on the first one with the little girl that her socks look like she was floating


  5. The picture of the pregnant woman only shows a dolphin – nothing weird. Don't bother yourself. None of them are supernatural and all have logical explanations behind them.

  6. Lol I once took a picture my face was like frozen I was forcing a smile it wouldn’t show in pictures weeks went on I worked wore mask took pictures then one day a picture near my microwave showed seven mes going back too the bathroom where I should not smiling full image fully dressed to the bottom of but bare feet in the kitchen microwave the pic show smiling me but the head shot no other parts now I opened the image in save phone because all my pics are taken from my phone the next theming I knew as I showed people and talked about it in a week my screen was crushed by someone and phone within a week missing … during this time I was in a case of missing money drugful sleep and crazy stress episodes had another phone within weeks and then that one went missing from my apartment just saying we will never know …. Truth. But fun to speculate makes life interesting … I unfortunately got worse and am unable to work but I don’t eat or drink any food not prepared by me so don’t have those same problems with sleep

  7. The pregnant women photo has a dolphin in the background.
    For all the people that wanted the answer to the title but don't want to watch it.

  8. If the couple that enjoyed the dolphin display had a baby girl, they should have called her Philippa 🤔

  9. That armored suit kind of looks like the Pinhead. Anyone remember that movie? They probably got the idea of the Pinhead movie from this suit.


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