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I woulf buy thid again and again.

I love how this sprays therefore gently. It makes me want to spray myself all the time. The smell is fantastic. I ‘m not normally a vanilla person, but this merely smells comparable chocolate and vanilla to me and I absolutely loveee it. Will buy again when I run out .

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Terrible Spray Nozzle

I love Pacifica products and Island Vanilla is my front-runner aroma from the sword. I was thrilled to see a body mist and jumped at the find to try it. The master perfume is adorable but I feel that Pacifica fragrances in general lose their force after precisely a few hours. I figured if I needed to re-apply regularly throughout the day, I ‘d equitable choose to have a torso obscure that ‘s importantly cheaper. The lastingness is what you ‘d expect from a Pacifica body obscure. It ‘s decent upon lotion but it fades a lot faster than the perfume. But this is a big touch-up choice. My biggest offspring with this product is the room the spritzer is. The obscure leaves me feeling drenched and it besides makes my rug moisture. I would n’t re-purchase this product because I HATE using it. I hate feeling muggy and wet after using the obscure. I hate that my deck is left dampen. And if I styled my haircloth and used this mist on my hair, I ‘d be identical angry because it ‘s indeed wet that it would ruin newly styled hair’s-breadth. Please provide a nozzle with a fine mist ! The product inside is lovely but the application is awful.

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2 medium clamber gal from US The convention itself is identical luminosity, about like water. I like that it ‘s ennoble on my skin. The smell is n’t very brawny and hardly lasts long. It besides does n’t truly smell amazing to me. not to mention, the pump is in truth annoying… it does n’t work besides well .


4 raynes5 from undisclosed I love this merchandise ! It smells perplex and I get indeed many compliments ! I would like to mention that the smell does not last very retentive though. This is my fifth time getting it. There is decidedly room for improvement but I love it ! It is a very good monetary value !


5 bunni101 from undisclosed I love trying out newly perfumes but I end up thinking a set of them just smell gross or previous. This is seriously the best thing I ‘ve ever smelled in my life but it has succchhhh a short lived clothing prison term like it ‘s gone within 2 hours. I bring it in my bag to reapply on days and nights out .

it’s okay

1 Lexi from nyc it ‘s not that good tbh, it ‘s so so unaccented you can barley smell anything, good to use before you go to bed that ‘s how light it is. it is n’t evening smell like vanilla fair some very light sweet spirit. If you want a real vanilla body mist get Bare Vanilla from Victoria Secret ! this shi dookie


5 nancy from Monterey Ca Love it 😍

Gorgeous and Longlasting

5 rebeccab254 from undisclosed A beautiful and abstruse vanilla, particularly for the money. Lasts constantly, peculiarly on clothes. When wearing it it has great sillage and lasts for hours. It ‘s a reasonably linear aroma and does n’t change much once applied, but it ‘s a beautiful elementary vanilla that is gorgeous alone and plays well with many other scents as well .

Smells just like the perfume!

5 Taytay from New Mexico I have NO complaints about this. It is soooo fantastic. The smell matches the perfume the brand has and the oils make my haircloth soooo indulgent !

I love these sprays!

5 Amy from Allentown, Pa I spray this all over before I get dressed for the day .

smells like Nemat “vanilla musk”

4 catherine of aragon from Houston very sweet like marshmallows or cotton candy

Thank you

5 Nancy Bruscato from Kansas City Missouri fantastic costumier serve

Vanilla Body Spray

4 Michelle from Grand Rapids, MI The spirit is pleasant. I wish it lasted longer .

Smells so good!

5 xashleymariex from undisclosed I love Pacifica body sprays. They are low-cost and smack great. The perfume does n’t final american samoa long as I would like but they are ace travel friendly and easy to barely throw in a udder and spray on the go. I even keep one at my desk at work for quick touch ups after lunch or etc and get compliments all the time about my booth smelling great.


2 Trish from VA Does n’t linger nor does the scent fully fit the description, no tropical vibes at all. I was disappointed & wo n’t buy again .

Love it!

4 kaseno from undisclosed This an amazing body spray ! It smells heavenly ! I love that it ‘s more natural and I do n’t have to feel and about breathing in harmful chemicals. My only complaint is that the olfactory property wears off kind of fast !

love love love!

5 allen from South Carolina arrived a workweek after purchase, and couldnt be happier ! it smells soooooo effective and like vanilla cupcakes ! the sweetness reminds me a distribute of lanthanum compete est belle, and I honestly prefer this over it ! it lasts on my skin, clothes, AND in my haircloth. I couldnt be happier and will decidedly purchase this again ! NOW to see if my boyfriend likes it ! I ‘ll update hehe

Smells Amazing

5 Jess from NC I did n’t think this would smell a good as it does. particularly when other people complimented me. I love that I can use it for my hair and it has no alcohol in it. I smell like a vanilla bite lol .

Vanilla where?

2 Bee from NY It does n’t smell like vanilla if I ‘m being honest.Not surely precisely what it smells like because I can barely smell anything. It ‘s so faint so I just use it before bed. I wo n’t be repurchasing


5 Janelle from Houston, Texas identical dulcet but love it layered with patchouli roll on. Sprayed on clothes, lasts for awhile .


5 KayS from NC I just came across Pacifica and have been trying different products recently. I equitable got this in the mail yesterday and OMG… .. This is the best scent ever. I love a dear vanilla olfactory property no topic what the product is and I have to say this is by army for the liberation of rwanda my favored one. I wanted the travel size one cos I did n’t know if I would like it but I ‘m then glad I got the entire size one. I ‘m gon na soon get the aroma, lotion, and body laundry. Thank u sol much Pacifica I loveeeeee it

Good quality packaging

5 Allison09 from East Moline Illinois I bought this as a gift and when I buy from other stores like this the promotion is normally cheap but this was in truth dainty. Smells about precisely like you would think. Overall a great perfume .

Favorite island vanilla hair and body mist

5 Roxy21 from undisclosed Love this body & haircloth mist it ‘s my crack to perfume and the mist is light and fresh with a real vanilla scent ( not artificial ) highly recommend

my new scent!

5 emmanmarshall from undisclosed I am formally only using this body atomizer ! I got sol many compliments the first gear day I wore it. It ‘s not as dessert smell as other vanilla perfumes, but it ‘s just as fresh. The fruity notes very make this perfect, and it lasts all day !

Body and hair spray

5 tammybrownbarajas from undisclosed This body/hair mist works well, there is a becoming come of fragrances to choose from. low-cost and big for travelers, I love the two in one. Smells perplex ( not overwhelming and does n’t dry my hair out at all .

It smells good but turned my clothes blue

2 KB from USA I kept seeing blue little dots all over my clothes. And it took me a while to realize that this was giving my white clothes small aristocratic dots.

Great Buy and wonderful product

5 Barbara from New Jersey This merchandise exceeded my expectations