The Social Edition is our hebdomadally series which deep dives into luxury initiatives in China ’ s social media landscape. Every week, we highlight brand campaigns distributed on chinese digital platforms — WeChat, Weibo, Tmall, Douyin, and beyond. Our coverage spotlights global lavishness brands, global beauty brands, and local Chinese brands. The latter gives insight into some of China ’ s most successful campaigns, which much come from local players, and are outside of the beauty and fashion space. In this workweek ’ randomness roundup, we look at three campaigns : from Prada ’ s Chinese New Year campaign to Gucci ’ s collaboration with the japanese manga and zanzibar copal quality Doraemon. Prada Joins the Chinese New Year 2021 Celebration

  BRAND  Prada
PLATFORMS  Weibo, WeChat, Douyin
MEDIUM  Imagery, Short-video, WeChat Mini Program, AR filters
FEATURED TALENTS  Cai Xukun ( 34M Weibo Followers ) | Zheng Shuang ( 11M ) | Chun Xia ( 2M ) OVERVIEW 
Prada launched its chinese New class 2021 campaign “ Enter 2021. New Possibilities ” on January 11, inviting audiences to embrace the fresh year in concert and contribution their resolutions. Starring singer Cai Xukun, actress Chun Xia, and actress Zheng Shuang, the crusade film features a metaphorical travel into 2021, starting in suite 2020, a stylish and cryptic hotel, and moving ahead to suite 2021 where a hale new earth awaits. A pop-up book WeChat Mini Program and multiple AR filters on Douyin were rolled out to encourage viewers to record and contribution their New Year resolutions socially. NETIZEN REACTION
The campaign hashtags # Enter2021NewPossibilities and # PradaNewYearGifts garnered over 140 million and 100 million views, respectively, within one sidereal day. And the 30-second crusade film — delivering a positive expectation for the New Year — received 1.5 million views on Weibo. interim, the revised Prada logo, which featured a red ox statue, was welcomed by local netizens. VERDICT
Designing with zodiacs for Chinese New Year initiatives has been a crafty business for many global lavishness brands. In Prada ’ mho sheath, the post opted to communicate thoughts and resolutions for their extra edition New Year products rather. They continued to highlight their signature Cleo bag, a well as the trade name ’ s new Spazzolato Crossbody bag for men. This scheme not only avoids a likely negative reception, but besides strengthens Prada ’ s champion products for local shoppers. Burberry Releases a Trailer For A New Awakening, Its New Film For Chinese New Year

BRAND  Burberry
PLATFORMS  Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Little Red Book
MEDIUM  Short-film
FEATURED TALENTS  Zhou Dongyu ( 31M Weibo Followers ) | Song Weilong ( 12M ) OVERVIEW 
On January 11, Burberry released a dawdler for their short-film entitled A New Awakening. Created for chinese New year 2021, it stars trade name ambassadors Zhou Dongyu and Song Weilong. Directed by the popular film director Derek Tsang, the film reveals the supporter ’ s up-and-down life travel via images intertwining love, friendship, and affection. It besides encourages viewers to regain curio and an optimism for nature. The full version of the film will be accessible offline at film in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenzhen from January 14 to 17, a well as on-line entirely via Tencent Video. NETIZEN REACTION
The campaign hashtag # BurberryANewAwakening and the 60-second trailer have received 89.5 million and 3.4 million views on Weibo, respectively. Netizens adore the project and the search of the film. The previous partnership between the director and Zhou Dongyu in the 2019 movie Better Days was a strike in China. Given this, local fans and moviegoers have high expectations for their latest collaboration. VERDICT
On the heels of rolling out a capsule collection to celebrate the year of Ox, Burberry launched A New Awakening to enrich the narrative of their chinese New Year campaign. In accession to featuring products from the capsule collection, the film spotlights positive sentiments amid the get down of the New Year, including love, office, aspiration, and balance — all of which are much needed during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. With this approach path, Burberry hopes to communicate a touch of humanism via the film, elevating the campaign beyond the standard Chinese New Year zodiac marketing and demonstrating a wide social and cultural awareness. Was Gucci’s New Year Collab With Doraemon A Misstep? BRAND  Gucci
PLATFORMS  Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Little Red Book
MEDIUM  Image, WeChat Mini Program
FEATURED TALENTS  Li Yuchun ( 13M Weibo Followers ) | Ni Ni ( 23M ) | Lu Han ( 62M ) | Cecilia Song ( 12M ) | Hu Yitian ( 18M )

On January 12, Gucci released a dedicated collection that celebrates both chinese New Year and the fiftieth anniversary of the japanese manga and anime character Doraemon. The collaboration features products ranging from bags, ready-to-wear, and sneakers to accessories like watches and scarves. The debut besides marked the expansive opening of the house ’ south Tmall flagship shop. The collection is now available via the brand ’ s offline boutiques, its WeChat Mini Program, and now its Tmall memory. NETIZEN REACTION
Netizens ’ reception of the collaboration has been divided : Some thought the visualize of Doraemon recalled their childhood memories, while others felt that appropriating a family manga figure was “ faineant ” market. WeChat user @ Tina_WHX reflected audiences ’ confusion about the prize of the partnership, saying, “ What is the deviation between Doraemon ’ s collabs with Uniqlo and Gucci besides monograms ? ” VERDICT
Gucci ’ s previous collaboration featuring Walt Disney cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and the Three Little Pigs ( celebrating the Years of the Rat and the Pig, respectively ) were well received in China ’ sulfur market. Unlike the typical luxury house partnerships with established artists, Gucci opted to use popular culture motifs on its touch prints. But whether the same square market tactic can continue to fuel one of the most significant chinese vacation seasons for Gucci is still uncertain, as grok chinese luxury shoppers can tell which brands rightfully understand the state ’ s cultural history .