Gucci x Adidas: Best looks from our favourite Thai celebs

The coolest collaboration of the year has finally dropped in Thailand. here are our front-runner looks from the Pop-Up launch on June 7 .
When two of the most celebrated brands in high fashion and sportswear meet for a collaboration, what happens ? Well, nothing short of magic trick, of course .
Thailand finally got to witness one of the most predict collaborations of the year, the Gucci x Adidas collection, which was revealed to the populace at Siam Paragon earlier this month on June 7. Designed by creative director Alessandro Michele, this cross-category collection mixes the codes of the House with those of the historic sportswear mark .

The collection, inspired by Alessandro Michele ’ s captivation with archival sports catalogues and retro aesthetics, is not merely undoubtedly unique, but besides rightfully evocative of the old-school aesthetics of the by. Debuting with over 60 images on the look book, the space capsule has a bit of everything anyone is looking for : from off-the-rack advanced separates, deluxe streetwear for both men and women, to athleisure wear.

Vibrant colours play across the entire collection, with the three of stripes reflecting the couple of the two brands. On the other hand, you can besides spot the GG monogram combined with Adidas ’ s iconic medic logo being treated in hybrid fashion across the collection – from the colorful prints, on the jacquard loom fabrics, to the red and k Web of Gucci complementing the three stripes of Adidas .

Pushing the hybridization further is the solicitation ’ s forward-thinking towards a more sustainable future, with the pieces crafted with future-conscious materials such as polyester, cotton, and cellulose xanthate. While the collection is indeed evocative of the sporting attire from decades past, it besides maintains an identity of an undeniable advanced quality .

The Pop-Up

The plunge, which took identify at Siam Paragon ’ s M Hall, was indeed a spectacle and a star-studded consequence. here are our front-runner looks from the evenly cool celebrities that wore them .

Mark Prin

All decked out in a silhouette look that ’ south sincerely reflective of the 70s style, Mark Prin is sporting an Adidas x Gucci Trefoil print jacket, Adidas x Gucci new jersey T-shirt, and an Adidas x Gucci cotton jersey sweatpants. It ’ s honestly serving us that vintage x contemporary attend, not to mention the vibrant purple and red that perfectly contrast with one another. One matter we love most is the polyester jacket, which has creatively interwoven the G and Trefoil diagonal stripe print in concert, while finishing off with 3-stripes appliqué.

Prim Chanikarn

here, Thailand ’ s Boys Over Flowers ( F4 ) ace Prim Chanikarn can be seen wearing the Adidas x Gucci Interlocking G and Trefoil shirt, matched with the Adidas x Gucci cotton shorts, Adidas x Gucci women ’ s Gazelle gym shoe, and holding an Adidas x Gucci Horsebit 1955 miniskirt bag .
Coming in with a more refine and preppy touch, we particularly love the Horsebit 1955 mini bag, where Alessandro Michele has pulled inhalation directly from his memories of the ‘ 80s and ‘ 90s. The small shoulder bag, which comes in multiple variations, features the ‘ Gucci x Adidas ’ and Trefoil photographic print where the crimson and green Web juxtaposes with the three white stripes, and the GG monogram combined with the Trefoil .

Win Metawin

Another front that energetically contrasts with one another has got to be Win ’ s outfit. here, we see the 23-year-old ace exploring the unexpected with Adidas x Gucci ’ s GG Trefoil jacquard jacket, the Adidas x Gucci macro GG bowling shirt matched with Adidas x Gucci macro GG shorts while accessorising himself with Adidas x Gucci men ’ sulfur Gazelle fink in red and the Adidas x Gucci Ophidia shoulder bulge .
In this outfit, we can see both heritages encoded in a trio of lines from the Trefoil jacquard jacket, which has been seamlessly crafted in blue sky nylon. What we love about this attend are the macro GG bowling shirt and the macro GG shorts. Made with 100 % silk, the prints shimmer with the GG Trefoil print in imperial and crimson .

Tontawan Tantivejakul

Rising 20-year-old F4 leading Tontawan ‘ Tu ’ Tantivejakul goes all amobarbital sodium and red with her Adidas adam Gucci cotton jersey T-shirt tucked in Adidas x Gucci GG tulle skirt in aristocratic while finishing off the attend with the Adidas x Gucci bomber jacket and Adidas x Gucci Horsebit 1955 miniskirt bag in red .
What stands out most has got to be the GG tulle surround, which has the gloomy GG Trefoil embroidered in tulle, elastic girdle, and detachable liner. We can picture it going good with any occasion. Whether it ’ second off-the-rack, formal, or preppy – the vintage skirt will add a classy and sophisticated partake to your everyday fits.

Gulf Kanawut

here, ex post facto meets classy in a bluff color palette, an outfit donned by TharnType : The Series star Gulf Kanawut. We see Gulf rocking the Adidas x Gucci cotton jersey sweatshirt with the Adidas x Gucci jersey sweatpants in crimson wear over by the adidas x Gucci cotton jersey shorts. For accessories, the 24-year-old is holding the Adidas x Gucci mini top cover udder in beige and brown from the solicitation .
It was a hard picking, but we got to give it the colored beige cotton jersey sweatshirt as our favorite item from the fit. In all its classy, old-school, and preppy aura, the Gucci Trefoil embellishment at the front is made from 100 % polyester while the framework is made 100 % from cotton .
Want to find out more ? Browse these looks and grab your favorite items from this once-in-a-lifetime collection now by entering the connect here, or visiting the Gucci store in leading department stores. The Gucci x Adidas Pop-Up will distillery be on testify until June 26 – at Siam Paragon only .

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