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ever since Alessandro Michele was appointed creative director of Gucci back in 2015, the post did a wax 180. This might have been one of the best manner reinventions we have witnessed in decades. thankfully the brand ‘s original [ and quite drilling ] 2014 beauty line was scrapped along the way, so that in May 2019 we could ultimately welcome a reinvent, one-of-a-kind makeup collection that spoke to Gucci’s modern audience ( and finally exploded all over our Instagram feeds ). In this station we will chat all about the brand ‘s most covet products. Buckle up ! Curious ? then please keep on scroll. shade : 500 Odalie Red, Matte


The very beginning matter that Gucci launched back in 2019 was a note of lipsticks called Rouge à Lèvres. 58 shades to begin with, all looking extra cunning in their vintage-esque box. It is easy to distinguish between formulas just by looking at the lipstick bullet itself – different caps represent unlike finishes. presently there are about 100 shades available in 5 distinctive finishes : Price: Gucci Rouge à Lèvres lipsticks and sass balms retail for 42/46 USD ( Made in Italy ) Packaging: I absolutely love the look of these Gucci lipsticks – it about feels like they have time-traveled from another earned run average. They have a nice “ high-end weight ” to them and the brand ‘s logo can be seen on both the hood and lipstick itself. Although the closing is not charismatic, I find that the craft on these is faultless and you will not have problems with the ceiling coming off or anything like that. Please chink on images to zoom in As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited ( I rely on natural day merely ) Formula & Texture: then far I have tried three different formulas that Gucci have to offer. They are politic, glide on with facilitate and appear true to color, offering swerve to semi-opaque/opaque coverage ; it strictly depends on the end that you are going for. From my know Lip Balm, Satin and Matte finishes feel evenly weightless on the lips. With the exception of Lip Balm convention, the other two had a very apparent, perfume-y touch to them ( described by the brand as “ floral bouquet with purple notes and a piano, balmy perfume ” ). In my impression it is extremely similar to YSL Rouge Pure Couture Lipstick or Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick, both of which I adore. I quite like the Gucci perfume ; despite being noticeable at beginning, it does fade away relatively fast. It is twist and feminine. naturally, if you do not enjoy perfume makeup, it might not be your cup of tea. shade : 2 No More Orchids, Lip Balm Application: while sheerer shades can be literally applied with your eyes closed, I do recommend using a sass brush with colored Satin or Matte shades. Plus a coordinated brim lining can take your eelpout to a wholly newfangled degree. none of these Gucci lipsticks accentuated lip lines, sobriety or texture. They felt and looked great all along. Wear: as to be expected, Lip Balm wore off flying ( around 3 hours ), whereas both Satin and Matte lasted much longer ( around 6 and 8 hours respectively ). All three formulas felt comfortable and fabulously aired, varying from hydrating ( Lip Balm, Satin ) to non-drying ( Matte ). Colors faded away graciously. Verdict: I am amazed by the high quality of these revamped Gucci lipsticks. They ca n’t be compared [ even remotely ] to the rather average formula that the sword offered back in 2014. I sincerely ca n’t think of anything negative to say about these – the tactile property, the spirit, the feel all deserve A++. The only thing you need to pay attention to are the insistent shade names ; quite frequently the same color is represented in assorted finishes. so make certain you are getting precisely what you want, particularly when shopping on-line.


Shades : 01 ( left ), 02 ( correct ) Gucci Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Bronzing Powder Gucci Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Bronzing Powder ( 62 USD ; Made in Italy ) – is a stigmatize newfangled channel of bronzers that is available in five shades, going from bazaar ( 01 ) to dark ( 05 ). Packaging: this must be the most epicurean compact I have ever seen ( and I have tried a bunch of makeup in my blogging years ). And I do not use my adjectives lightly – this product is the definition of what architect makeup lines should look like. I love vintage-inspired promotion, particularly a combination of gold and greenish blue. Seeing the two in one equitable makes me want to jump with gladden. To my delight, every bronze comes in a protective baby-pink, velvet bulge. The craft is badly out of this World perplex : a nicely leaden compact with high quality mirror and secret miniskirt brush [ with soft, I suppose synthetic bristles ] hiding right underneath the powder. I would not necessarily use the brush to apply my bronze with, but it might be nice for on-the-go tint ups. I am sure if this was a 40s-50s movie, some silver screen vixen with a beauty mark on her cheek would probably hide a poison for her conserve ‘s happy hour drink in the lower section of this covenant. Formula & Texture: out of five bronzers, only one appears to be shimmer-free and that is the lightest shade 01 Fair. All early shades seem to have a easy, golden sparkle to them that can be seen in the pan, but not on the skin. Having said that, they all feel buttery soft to the touch, having the smoothest, silkiest – in other words highly finely mill texture ( described by the brand as “ a combination of voiced focus microspheres and biomimicry pigments ” ). This formula is besides infused with Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid to provide a nutrify and comfortable find. Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil neither looks/feels powdery, nor has a set of kick up to it. This is a thinly scented formula. similarly to lipsticks, the bouquet used here has fresh floral ( rose ) notes to it. It reminds me a lot of my favorite scent by Dior called Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. I absolutely love it. I must add though – it pretty much disappears once the product is applied. however, if your hide is extremely sensitive to fragrance, you might want to consider other options. I have medium clamber excessively, but it rarely reacts to fragrance, which is why I have experienced no issues with this Gucci guy.

Please click on images to zoom in As constantly, all of my swatches are raw and unedited ( I rely on natural daylight only ) Application: working with this bronze is pure charming. Since this powder is so nicely pigment and voiced, I do recommend using a brush with softer bristles preferably than one that is dumbly throng ( as it might pick up excessively much intersection at once ). even the lightest shade here has a distribute of pigment to it. Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil applies with extreme still and is buildable. No patch ! Color applies evenly and looks uber smooth on the skin ( never dry or chalky ). I swear, at times it feels like this bronze merely blends itself. Wear: semi-opaque/opaque ( depends on how you layer it ) and durable ( up to 8-10 hours ) ; feels merely like your skin. Verdict: if you are in the mood to spend some money on the highest quality bronze, go the Gucci road. ampere much as I love the brands I am about to mention, but Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, YSL do n’t even hold the tiniest candle to Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil. The know of using this product, from holding the compress all the way to applying the powderize, is indefinable. Although I do think they could add a pair more shades, I will be decidedly re-purchasing this bronze once I run out of it. It deserves all the praise in the World. I think it is time to add a fresh grade : A fluorine * cking +++


Gucci Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière All Over Face & Lip Gloss ( 33 USD ; Made in Italy ) – is a multi-purpose gel glossary for eyes, lips and side. Packaging: truth be told, I will have a hard time getting rid of any of the Gucci compacts, tubes and pots once I use them up. This gloss comes in the cutest little picket pink, mattified field glass batch and a color-matching eyelid with the aureate logo on top of it. Really dainty and portable. Formula & Texture: this is probably the merely product in the brand ‘s beauty argumentation that is scent-free and ( as a count of fact ) vegan🍃. It has a very balmy, clean gelatin texture that feels quite cushioned and fluent. Neither gluey, nor greasy ( it is oil-free ). The rule reminded me a draw of Becca Cosmetics Zero No Pigment Glass Highlighter For Face + Lip ( more about it here ) and since both are made in Italy, I could n’t help but compare them. While both virtually give you the same glossy results, Becca’s formula is a touch more liquidy and high-shine and Gucci is a batch more balmy and not as glass-like. Having said that, I actually like both and would even call them dupes. Application & Wear: best applied with fingers, this All Over Face & Lip Gloss will give you that editorial ( no pigment ) foreground of your dreams. It does n’t feel heavy in the slightest. When used on lead of an eyeshadow, it does crease ( then again – any eye gloss will ). The fall lasts all day long, starting to fade around 5-6th hour bell ringer on the face and in about 1-2 hours on the lips. Feels incredibly nourishing as a lip ointment and can be used on top of any lipstick to add “ vinyl ” shine and extra volume. Verdict: an excellent, universally flattering gloss for boys and girls of all ages. While it is not a total necessity, if you want a multi-purpose gloss that can be used as a hydrate sass balm, casual eyeshadow dress hat or glass ( no color ) skin highlight – by all means go for it. expensive, but quality is 100 % there. I give it A


Gucci Mascara L’Obscur ( 35 USD ; Made it Italy ) – promises to “ grip the lashes for distinct results ”, all while adding volume, length, lift, definition and curl. Some very bluff claims if you ask me. Packaging: I do not think there is a better mascara packaging out there, correct me if I am wrong. Baby pink enamel, aureate cap and man-made scepter with fiddling peaky bristles that [ thankfully ] wo n’t poke your eye out. They feel quite soft and I appreciate this sanely size brush. I truly see no point in creating massive mascara brushes that are larger than an average person ‘s eyes. Formula & Application: this is a properly pigmented, black mascara that has that decent “ neither excessively dry nor excessively wet ” convention. The baton picks up just enough merchandise, which speeds up application. Once Mascara L’Obscur is on, it feels quite lightweight and delicate to the refer. I was able to add a second layer with still and experienced little to no clumps. Every eyelash was defined and lifted, however, it did not give me as much volume as I normally look for in a mascara. Wear: fortunately, I did not notice any smear or flaking going on during the day. Mascara L’Obscur wears truly well and feels just adenine weightless as when it is newly applied. It is a hard one to remove though, so I do recommend going in with a cleanse oil or bi-phase makeup remover. Micellar body of water alone wo n’t cut the mustard here. Verdict: this is a dainty recipe, but … it did n’t wow me. My lashes lack in the volume department and I am presently using a five dollar drugstore mascara that does a far better job than Gucci. Hodor. On the other hired hand, I personally know people with naturally thick and long lashes, who swear by it. In other words, Mascara L’Obscur is cover girl but not for me ( or for anyone who craves volume ). While I do not see myself repurchasing it, I still think it is a full product that many beauty lovers will adore, which is why I give it B

Final Thoughts

If you want high-quality, interior designer makeup – you are going to absolutely loooove this line. not only does it look good, but unlike with many other lavishness brands, you are actually getting precisely what you are paying for. Judging by my experience with everything I have tried so far, I think they are doing an excellent work and am actually looking forward to all of the stigmatize ‘s approaching collections. I only wish Gucci considered becoming cruelty-free. They already do an amazing job working with sustainable materials and featuring models of all ethnicities, ages, genders ( and let ‘s not forget about hiring a beautiful and very extra model Ellie Goldstein for their new campaign ). The alone way to become even cooler would be going cruelty-free. What do you guys think about these products ? Let ‘s chat some more in the comments ! available on-line : sephora.com / net-a-porter.com / saksfifthavenue.com / selfridges.com Purchased products ; full disclaimer here

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