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Wonder of nature, one of the best destinations…! and it is also super close to CDMX, unfortunately the rains of the previous days prevented us from seeing the turquoise color of the water Las Grutas de Tolantongo is an ecotourism park famous for its thermal water pools, in this video we show you let’s say everything you need to know how to visit it and enjoy it to the fullest. *Grutas de Tolantongo They are in the Sierra del Estado de Hidalgo, they are characterized by a river of turquoise thermal water known as Tolantongo for centuries *What to do in the Grutas de Tolantongo 1.- Relax in the thermal pools of the Hidden Paradise hotel. 2.-Go through the suspension bridge and return through the steam tunnel. 4.-Visit the caves and the second tunnel inside the Tolantongo waterfall. 5.- Enjoy bathing in the thermal river. 7.-Build a fire and spend the night looking at the stars. 8.-La Gloria offers you a view from above of the waterfall but it has an additional cost of $100 There are also slides, swimming pools and the park has the longest zip line in Hidalgo, however we do not Didn’t do these activities because we missed the weather forecast. *As advice, remember: -Bring cash, as cards are not accepted in Tolantongo. -Use water shoes inside pools, caves and the river. -The best place to stay is Hotel Paraíso Escondido. -You must arrive early because the hotel does not have a reservation system and the rooms are very few. -Bring enough cash as the nearest ATM is an hour away and no establishment accepts cards. -Pay the day of your arrival and the next day if you are going to spend the night or you are refused the reservation of your room. -Visit in low season or during the week to avoid the crowds. -It’s open every day but on Wednesdays they do the maintenance of the pools -The famous photo of the pools without people is taken at 7:45 am. -Wear water shoes and a bathing suit. (They are cheaper if you buy them on the road before arriving) -Follow the indications of the new normal in the caves of Tolantongo In the following links you will find more information about Tolantongo, including prices and good other things

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Grutas de Tolantongo | Cosas que debes saber antes de ir | Nueva normalidad | Fatto tv
Grutas de Tolantongo | Cosas que debes saber antes de ir | Nueva normalidad | Fatto tv

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Grutas de Tolantongo | Cosas que debes saber antes de ir | Nueva normalidad | Fatto tv.

grutas tolantongo.

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