Granite Creek Hot Springs: Jackson, Wyoming

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Granite Creek Hot Springs is located just south of Jackson, Wyoming, nestled in the Gros Ventre mountains, in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This is a developed hot spring that looks just like a swimming pool, although you can find some natural springs in the area, if you desire. To get here, you’ll have a 13-mile drive up a bumpy dirt road.

Granite Creek Road in Wyoming
Granite Creek Road


The road to the hot spring

Granite Creek Hot Springs Location:


Granite Creek Hot Springs is located south of Jackson, Wyoming, down a 13-mile bumpy gravel road. We had a 4×4 truck, but any sedan would be able to easily make it. Just take it slow. Summer season is May 15 to October 31. The hot springs are open from 10am-8pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day. After Labor Day, Granite Creek Hot Springs closes at 6pm.

Granite Creek Road in Jackson Wyoming
The beautiful scenery you’ll find down Granite Creek Road to the hot springs

Granite Creek Hot Springs is only accessible by snowmobile, fat tire bike, dog sledding or cross country skiing in the winter. I imagine it’s absolutely breathtaking with the snow-capped mountains against the steamy hot water! If you’re visiting the Jackson area and want to do this in the winter, you’ll have to arrange for a snowmobile tour in town before heading out to the hot springs.Winter season is December 6 – April 4.


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$8 for adults, $5 for children – CASH ONLY

Granite Creek Canyon - Jackson Wyoming
The wildflowers are poppin’ in early July!

Time Commitment

About 2 hours in summer. Plan on a 1/2 day if you are visiting in the winter. In summer, one way driving time from Jackson, Wyoming city center is about an hour.

Granite Creek - Wyoming

Visiting Granite Creek Hot Springs

The drive out to Granite Creek Hot Springs is very scenic, but it’s slow-going with the potholes and bumps. You’ll also need to watch for wildlife in the area – we spotted a lot of deer and a moose on our drive!

Moose along Granite Creek in Wyoming
We spotted a moose!

Along the bumpy, gravel road to Granite Creek Hot Springs, you’ll spot a stunning waterfall on the right side of the road. You’ll have to keep an eye out for it, as there is no sign. There is a small trail that leads closer to the waterfall. It’s an easy hike down to the waterfall – we didn’t go all the way, as I just wanted pictures of it. Here is a better post from a blog I found that goes into more depth than I can do.

Granite Creek Falls Waterfall in Jackson Wyoming
The beautiful Granite Creek Falls

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Campsites are available at Granite Creek Campground There are 51 tent/camping trailer sites and cost $15 per night, first come/first serve. Camping is available from Memorial Day weekend until mid-September.

Bathrooms/changing rooms

They have changing rooms available and a rustic pit toilet. The dressing rooms are gender specific but they are not private. It’s just a big open area so you’ll have to take off your britches in front of everyone in the room. You’ll also want to make sure to bring your own towels.

Granite Creek Hot Springs pit toilet
Rustic pit toilet. You can change in here or the building just behind it is an actual changing room
This is a family-friendly hot springs – no skinny dipping and no alcohol are allowed.

Granite Creek Hot Springs looks like a run-of-the-mill swimming pool, so if you were expecting to soak in a mud pit, you’ll be disappointed (you can find natural hot springs in the area). This concrete pool is filled by the springs that flow down a hill, right into this pool. Because it’s natural, you’re going to find some moss at the bottom of the pool, along the sides, and floating willy-nilly around in the water. Certain areas of the pool had more slime than others (especially the section right near the flow). Gross? I suppose, but remember, this is not your town’s municipal swimming pool; despite its concrete appearance, it’s still a hot spring.

Some hot spring pools have that sulfur stench and leave you smelling like a fart, but not here.

The water isn’t hot-hot — I’ve been to some hot springs that are more like a hot tub. The water temperature here is lukewarm-more like your average swimming pool, even though the sign said that the summer temp is 93 degrees. It felt much cooler than that.

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As for crowds, we didn’t think it was crowded at all. Sure, we had company, but it was nothing unbearable. I guess tour groups pass through here a lot, but we didn’t see any during our time here. We relaxed in the pool for about an hour, taking it all in. The surrounding mountains provide some outstanding views from the pool!

This was a really nice relaxing way to end the day and I highly recommend taking a trip out to Granite Creek Hot Springs if you’re in the Jackson area.

Final Thoughts

Pros:Well-maintained man-made hot springBeautiful mountain scenery

Cons:Can get crowdedDirt road makes for a long journey out here, if you’re staying in Jackson

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