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Goat Milk - The Ethical Alternative? | St Helen's 'Superfood' Goat Milk
Goat Milk – The Ethical Alternative? | St Helen's 'Superfood' Goat Milk

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Goat Milk – The Ethical Alternative? | St Helen's 'Superfood' Goat Milk.

for the love of st helen.

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  1. Breaking article on the homepage of The Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/goats-milk-st-helens-farm-yoghurt-hit-kick-animal-cruelty-video-a9639021.html
    Send an email directly to the supermarket that are selling St Helen’s goat milk: http://dismantledairy.org/sthelenstakeaction
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  2. I remember a goat that my uncle used to have. Her name was Rózia, he loved her. I remember that she has a son once, he stayed with her until adolescence. I drank her milk as her baby boy did. She got two daughters then. When she died my uncle was so miserable, he even made a grave for her. Her two daughters still live with my uncle as pets, they don't give any milk. But this, this is just sick, I will never drink goat milk again even from backyard goats.

  3. Watching this to understand why my friend wanted her son to eat sausage made of goat meat because he likes the milk, but if nobody eats the meat there can't be milk. Thanks. Quickly learned why from this video. Horrible.

  4. I paused at 1:25 and have found this video to be very disturbing. These goats will haunt their unholy masters through eternity … That's for sure !!

  5. how do those people not care avout the pain they're causing the animals, it's even like they're enjoying it, feeling superior or some shit, it's horrible

  6. I don't consider myself a violent person, but after witnessing this, I wanted to go up to these pathetic excuses for humans and inflict the same exact abuse that they were inflicting on the goats. So angry right now!!

  7. While you hippies are too busy whining about animals, fellow humans are killed, bombed, murdered, raped on a daily basis, 10s of 000s dying every single day, why ain’t you campaigning against them injustices?!?!?

    And btw I drink 4-5 litres of goats milk, eat 1-2kg of goats cheese and yoghurt a month!

  8. This is heartbreaking. It’s completely sick how exploitive companies can get away with such lies and the public believe it. Surely at least the trading standards laws make this illegal? I would like to see them sued. I’m vegan by the way and would never buy these products. But seeing as the cruelty itself is legal, I am trying to think of a way to make these companies pay for their actions.

  9. O Veganismo é um modo de viver que busca excluir, na medida do possível e praticável, todas as formas de exploração e crueldade contra os animais – seja na alimentação, no vestuário ou em outras esferas do consumo. #sejavegano #govegan

  10. This behaviour is incomprehensible😪 utterly heartbreaking. I hope this business goes out of production for good. The pain these poor animals endure at the hands of “humans” should be seen world wide. 💔

  11. Thos people will be kiled in the future on the most brutal way and than proces need to be captured for example! Kids of those people will also sufer !!!!

  12. When I see this, I cry. I cry for the trillions of animals who die because humans are not willing to change. So many of us do not give a shit about anything besides our own taste buds. How can you live with the fact that you cause death every day because of the poor choices you make? Anyone can change. Anyone can choose compassion.

  13. This is actually insane!! Last year when I visited my families farm(it's only local) we never treated the animals this way. They weren't inseminated, although we did milk them twice a week and we only put them down if they were old and extremely sick. Surprisingly enough they only really eat eggs from the chickens and a lot of vegetables and wheat that was grown. And as far as I saw they never really killed the animals that weren't able to "produce" what they needed they would just compensate using other foods or by drinking water and juice.


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