Pokemon Go Mega Evolutions is one of the most knock-down features in the Pokemon franchise. It changed how battle in the independent Pokemon games was done and has since made its way into Pokemon Go. While Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go is very very different than in the main series games, the main aspects of this battle have remain the same. however, since their introduction in Pokemon Go back in 2020 the sport has undergone a number of changes including how to obtain Mega Energy, more on that in the part below. In 2022, the sport underwent its most drastic change yet, giving trainers an easier way to use Mega Evolution.

This usher is every flight simulator ’ mho tool for everything Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go Mega Energy ( opens in fresh check ) | Pokemon Go A Mega Discovery ( opens in modern tab key )

What is Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Mega Evolution ( picture accredit : Niantic ) Certain Pokemon have the ability to obtain a new brawny form in conflict. First introduced in the X and Y games, Mega Evolution is a battle-only feature that gave a handful of Pokemon newfangled abilities, power and, for a few, new typings. It was a hit for the independent series games and is a knock-down tool in Pokemon Go. What Mega development does is give your Pokemon a power boost and to other Pokemon on your team. It ’ s a great direction to take down knock-down enemies like Team Go Rocket and its leaders. Mega Pokemon gain a 33 percentage hike to itself and any other Pokemon in Raids that match the Pokemon ’ s typing. sol if you bring a Mega Venusaur ( a Grass and Poison-type ) all Grass and Poison types in your team and the teams of trainers who join you in Raids will get this boost. All early Pokemon in the Raid will get precisely a 10 percentage boost. Mega Pokemon can entirely participate in battles in Gyms, Raids and the aforesaid Team Go Rocket. They can ’ thymine be placed in Gyms and can ’ thymine enter in the GO Battle League. It should besides be noted that Shadow Pokemon can ’ metric ton Mega Evolve .

How to Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go

( double credit rating : Niantic ) To Mega Evolve your Pokemon, trainers have to use Mega Energy. This particular in-game currentness acts like Pokemon Candy in that your Pokemon will use them to perform the action. The initial cost to Mega Evolve is a bit high but once that specific Pokemon has undergone the transformation once, the cost to do it again for that Pokemon will be complimentary precisely on a cooldown. The cooldown can be reduced using more Mega Energy though. To obtain more Mega Energy, trainers have to defeat Mega Pokemon in Mega Raids. These Raids are exchangeable to Level 5 Raids, but the newfangled update has decreased the difficulty of them for trainers to win with less help than ahead. The amount of Mega Energy obtained depends on a count of factors including how promptly you defeat the Raid. The agile you defeat it the more Mega Energy you receive. Trainers will receive anywhere between 50 and 90 Mega Energy per completion. That means trainers will normally have to win anywhere between four and seven Mega Raids to get adequate to Mega Evolve their Pokemon.

however, there are other ways to obtain Mega Energy. There are some rare occasions where Niantic will reward Mega Energy during limited events where tasks need to be completed. There are besides some Field Research Tasks that will reward certain Mega Energy indeed always keep your eyes peeled. Mega Energy can besides be earned by walking with your Pokemon using the Buddy System. Simply walk with the Pokemon that has Mega Evolved and trainers will earn their Mega Energy alongside sugarcoat .

What are Mega Levels in Pokemon Go?

( trope credit : Niantic ) A new feature to Mega Evolution introduced in 2022 was Mega Levels. These extra levels increase depending on the number of times a flight simulator has actually Mega Evolved a specific Pokemon ( note : this refers to one Pokemon not a species. One Blastoise reaches Level 3 Mega Level, your early Blastoise will be different ). There are three Mega Levels to achieve, each increasing the number of bonuses received during and after the battle and reducing the cooldown of Mega Evolution for that Pokemon. here ’ s the dislocation of Mega Levels .

Pokemon Go Mega Levels
Mega Level No. of Mega Evolutions required Mega Energy Cooldown until next Mega Evolution Bonuses
Zero 0 200 14 days Attack Boost: x1.1 STAB: x1.3 Catch Candy: +1
1 1 41 7 days Attack Boost: x1.1 STAB: x1.3 Catch Candy: +1
2 7 21 7 days Attack Boost: x1.1 STAB: x1.3 Catch Candy: +1 Catch XP: +50 XL Candy Chance: 10%
3 30 11 3 days Attack Boost: x1.1 STAB: x1.3 Catch Candy: +2 Catch XP: +100 XL Candy Chance: 20%

Which Pokemon can Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go?

( persona credit : Niantic ) When Mega Evolution was foremost introduced, entirely five were available in the game. Since then, there are about 20 Pokemon that can Mega Evolve with even more to come in the future. Each Pokemon offers different conflict strategies that trainers will want to implement against versatile Raids, particularly against Legendaries. It should besides be noted that some species will have a higher initial Mega Energy cost than others. Niantic has taken its time releasing Mega Pokemon, but they have made progress in holocene months. They frequently wait for big events, like this 2022 update, or special events to do sol. Mega Pokemon besides appear sporadically in Mega Raids every two weeks. Each Mega Pokemon appears and disappears from these Raids sporadically so trainers should follow the official Pokemon Go sociable accounts for the latest updates. hera ’ s the tilt of Pokemon that can presently Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go with the amount of initial Mega Energy needed to perform them.

Pokemon Go Mega Evolutions
Mega Pokemon Initial Mega Evolution Cost
Mega Beedrill 100
Mega Slowbro 100
Mega Pidgeot 100
Mega Houndoom 100
Mega Manectric 100
Mega Venusaur 200
Mega Blastoise 200
Mega Charizard X/Y 200
Mega Gengar 200
Mega Ampharos 200
Mega Lopunny 200
Mega Abomasnow 200
Mega Aerodactyl 200
Mega Kangaskhan 200
Mega Absol 200
Mega Steelix 200
Mega Altaria 300
Mega Gyarados 300
Mega Latios 300
Mega Latias 300

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