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Sunset views over the Rappahannock River.  The view is from the back of the wooded camp with a table and fire pit in the foreground.  Featured Image of Virginia RV at Bethpage and Grey's Point

These destinations are the perfect places to camp in Virginia. Photo: RV LIFE camping reviews

RV Camp at These Virginia Waterfront RV Campgrounds

The famous slogan “Virginia is forlovers” is over 50 years old. It continues to attract people with unique styles and interests. Ye Olde Days inspiration is calling you to come and explore what you love to do.

With gasoline price still fluctuating, limited family travel is more common. Despite this reality, careful travel planning will not only ease your anxiety, it will also give you a boost. examine the distancegather exact costand above all discover the perfect travel destination.

Let’s take a look at two great RV travel destinations in Virginia. Read on and find out for yourself if Old Dominion has a destination campground that’s right for you.

campsite bethpage

Bethpage Camp Resort is located on the longest free-flowing river in the Eastern United States: the Rappahannock River, a 180-mile scenic river with exceptional charm. It flows 20 miles upriver before entering the Chesapeake Bay at the town of Urbanna. It is one of the last cities of any size before the Rappahannock River reaches the Chesapeake Bay.

Although Urbanna is relatively small, this humble town has plenty to offer for all ages. Every year, this town welcomes Virginia’s most famous visitors oyster party and attracts nearly 60,000 visitors. Bethpage Camp Resort is not only the highest rated waterfront resort in Virginia, it has also been voted the best RV resort three times in the country.

Reviews of the RV LIFE campsite

ann2maui beach:It was our first time there, it took us 4 hours to get there and we loved it! ! A guy in a golf cart escorted us to our spot, we had a very long, paved lot, a nice fire pit, no bugs, lots of activities (all printed on paper handed out at check-in), pet and two dog parks! , kids riding bikes everywhere!, huge pool with tons of umbrellas and just a nice well kept campground. The staff are young and old and very helpful.

Glamping with the Ghis:There are numerous facilities for children, such as a large swimming pool, a water park and a lake area. Plenty of room for the kids to roam and play. The small town of Urbanna is only a few kilometers away. Drive a little further and you will see the town of Kilmarnock. Both cities have picturesque historic centers.

Kerry Prichard: [This] The area is known for its vineyards and oyster beds (the best in the country).”

Bethpage Camp Resort has it all: a water park, daily activities, sandy beach, pools, water trampoline, miniature golf, and playgrounds. They have theme weekends to wake up and enjoy, shows and ice cream. There is so much to do for kids of all ages that will not only keep them busy with fun all day, but especially in front of the campfire at night, they’ll be exhausted and asleep before you know it!

Gray dot field

I remember the first time we took our kids in an RV and crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We approached from the north and as we climbed a hill the morning sun shone on the water everywhere. We all looked with admiration at our surroundings.

There were 20 to 30 brightly colored sailboats, pushed along by the cool breeze and cutting through the waves. Other larger ships passed quickly, leaving a trail of white. Looking ahead we could see behind us the huge causeway disappearing along the bridge in the middle of the bay. As our four girls looked ahead with questioning expressions, I heard one of the twins say in a low voice: “We will die”. Needless to say we had a good time.

If you want to camp at your destination and be close to many of Virginia’s most popular attractions while still being close to the Chesapeake Bay area, consider this Gray dot field for your next base camp destination!

Grey’s Point Camp is one of them. New Thousand Trails RV Resorts and has excellent facilities and plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout the season. This RV campground is located at the end of the Norris Bridge on Route 3 south of Irvington, another quaint town. It is one of the last cities of any size before Rappahannock reaches the Chesapeake Bay.

Take a dip in one of the pools or sit back and relax at your campsite. There are many activities for children to explore and be entertained throughout the day. The water park takes everyone’s energy and you can relax and unwind on the beach.

The more adventurous will explore the river to see what they can find. Bring your own boat or rent a kayak or canoe for a few hours. You can bring your own boat and take a cruise on the Chesapeake Bay.

Reviews of the RV LIFE campsite

Grey’s Point averages four out of five stars in RV LIFE campground reviews. Read the 52 reviews, look at the photos and don’t miss any tips. All of them will help you determine which sites are the best and what to expect during your stay. When you decide to go, trust RV LIFE Trip Wizard to create a safe RV itinerary to get you there.

family criticism: “We stayed in Spadefish 29 (corner side). Very spacious and parking/installation was very easy. Security guards Dan and Tom were very helpful. There is a lot to do and the camping is great. Fun driving the golf cart at night with music, lights and kids. The pool is huge, the people are friendly and the kids had a great time. The beach is small but private. Very relaxing. The fishing was excellent in the open sea. The fishing pond was overgrown, best for fishing from the river bank. We wish it was closer to home, but unfortunately nothing can be perfect. We camped at Grey’s Point Camp in a fifth wheel.

Find More RV Locations in Virginia

As you can see, Virginia requires the perfect opportunity to indulge your passions combined with a love of motorhomes. Take a local walk or continue down the road to find your destination campsite. Enjoy a meaningful and affordable getaway. Grey’s Point and Bethpage Camp-Resort offer exactly what you’re looking for: the perfect family destination.

For all your travel and camping planning needs, look no further. Reviews of the RV LIFE campsite Y RV LIFE Travel Assistant. Campground Reviews is a trusted source of campground and RV park reviews for camping and RV enthusiasts like you. with your support LIFE VR AppThe RV Travel Assistant guides you to your camping destinations with RV-friendly itineraries tailored to your travel and RV preferences.

Have you been to a campsite lately? I did not forget it Leave a comment! Reviews help other campers like you and help camping. Leave a camping review today!

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