GIFs addition spectator engagements and goes beyond traditional post identities ( son, colors, fonts, etc ).
It ’ s a fun manner to add personality to your mark !

♥ There are different GIF types/options for you to choose from :
1. Picture GIFs- your photograph will be used as a gif, it will be cropped to the subject only. minimal text/illustrations are included,
2. Logos/Text GIFs- a Jpeg or PNG version of your logo will be used to create the gif. Texts can be either a specific expressive style or a handwritten effect.
3. Shapes- abstract or defined shapes are utilitarian to maintain your brand expression on Instagram. You can then type different captions and place it on top.
4. Hand drawn Illustrations- if you want a doodle/cartoon
5. short circuit Video Clips- boomerangs can be turned into a gif !
6. short-change Video Clips with Illustrations- Adding a snatch more detail to your video recording gif will surely make it pop even more !

♥ Animation
– normally the animations would be side to side, pop, reveal, and many more ! If you have a specific animation you want, barely make surely to relay it to me and show me a sample distribution if you can so I can fully understand !

♥ How to use your Custom GIF in your IG Story
What you will receive is the .gif file.

If you ‘re an IOS exploiter, you can use your gifs right away by copying and pasting from your television camera roll to your IG Story.

You can create a GIPHY Account for absolve on with the following
requirements :
– 5 original GIFs uploaded to your account
– You have your own web site
– You have an electronic mail associated with your web site
( ex. yourname [ ! at ], note that trade name [ ! at ] is not a host electronic mail )

* I besides offer an end to end service if you are a mark and would want to have your gifs searched on Instagram ( GIPHY Set-UP ).

If you want to apply on your own, you can read more about it here : hypertext transfer protocol : //

♥ How to Order :
1. If you ‘re ordering less than 5 gifs, you can just select the magnetic declination and add to cart per gif type.
2. If you ‘re ordering unlike types of gifs or 5+ gifs, send me a message so I can make a custom order with the deduction already for you.
3. No specific gif in mind for your mark ?
I can create a proposal for you that I think will work for your stigmatize.
then we proceed from there.

For any other concerns, feel rid to contact me
and will reply a soon as I can.

xx Cy

♥ GIF Templates :
Starter Pack 1.0 Listing- hypertext transfer protocol : //