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The Access Narita – lone 1,000 Yen From Tokyo to Narita International Airport !
The Access Narita - Only 1,000 Yen From Tokyo to Narita International Airport!

The Access Narita – Only 1,000 Yen From Tokyo to Narita International Airport!

Date published : 18 July 2019
last updated : 25 June 2020
How would you get from Tokyo to Narita International Airport ? Of naturally, you could take a cab or a train, but an increasing number of people are taking the bus to Narita International Airport.

The Access Narita is one of the buses that goes to Narita International Airport from Tokyo Station and Ginza. It is known as the “ 1,000 Yen Bus, ” because it only costs 1,000 yen ( around US $ 10 ) one manner ! The buses are closely always entire due to its capital service and fair pricing, but don ’ t let that discourage you from making your engagement !

Let ’ s hop on The Access Narita and see why it is so popular with alien visitors and go over key information .

Features of The Access Narita

The Access Narita is a bus that connects Ginza Station and Tokyo Station with Narita International Airport. The bus topology takes about an hour and 10 minutes to its destination and stops at Narita International Airport Terminal 3, Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 in rate.

The biggest sport of The Access Narita is its low price of 1,000 yen. That ‘s about half the price of many other bus companies and express trains.

In addition, all the buses have 20 to 30 non-designated seats that don ’ thymine command advanced reservations. even if one bus is full, the following busbar comes in about 30 minutes, so as long you arrive early on you shouldn ’ t have much worry getting on board.

You can make reservations on their web site, however the reservation page is presently only available in japanese .

The Access Narita is Available Early in the Morning and Late at Night! What about Cancellations?

The Access Narita is Available Early in the Morning and Late at Night! What about Cancellations? Though Tokyo ’ second expressways sometimes become congested, it doesn ’ thymine final long .
The Access Narita makes its rounds 142 times a day and during flower hours there ‘s a bus every 15 minutes. The inaugural busbar to Narita International Airport is at 5:30 ante meridiem and the last is at 6:00 post meridiem From Narita International Airport, the beginning busbar to Tokyo Station is at 7:25 ante meridiem and the last is at 10:45 p.m.

At any given point in the day, the bus is likely to be democratic, so we recommend getting on arsenic soon as potential if there are seats available.

The merely point of concern is that unlike trains, the road conditions and traffice can cause delays. however, according to BE-Transse Group, the operator of The Access Narita, there are very few cases of cancellations or major delays, and the lone clock they cancel are when the expressway is closed ascribable to fleshy snow. Just keep in mind that your arrival time may differ depending on the road situation sol produce surely you give yourself supernumerary prison term .

The Access Narita: Luggage Limits

The Access Narita: Luggage Limits At the bus check there is a pictogram of items not allowed on the bus
The Access Narita is reasonably priced. Because of this, there are of course some baggage limits. Below is a simple outline of the restrictions.

One bag per person. For carry-ons, one bag per person – as hanker it fits on the shelf in the bus or on your knees. large items such as surfboards, skis, instruments, or golf bags, are not allowed aboard .

To Narita Airport! What is the Ride Experience Like?

Let ’ s hop on The Access Narita and head to Narita International Airport !

We boarded the bus at Ginza Station busbar stop, which you can find right outside the elevator between exits C5 and C7. Walking towards Tokyo Station from Sukiyabashi Crossing police box, you will see a roof bus stop with a gloomy bless showing “ Narita Airport “. There should be a member of staff wearing a vest asking whether you have a reservation. If you don ’ t have one, you ‘ll have to get in wrinkle. If you have a reservation you can skip the credit line and steer straight to the front !
The line starts to form from about 15 minutes anterior to deviation. We took the bus at around 10:00 ante meridiem on a weekday, but careless of the time it ‘s not unusual for the Ginza Station bus stop to be packed .
After the bus arrives, people with reservations can display panel first base. As to be expected with japanese customer serve, the staff will load your baggage for you !
If you don ’ t have a reservation you will have to pay 1,000 yen when boarding the bus. You can besides use an IC card such as Suica or PASMO. These cards will allow you to board the bus without worrying about having cash on hand .
Window or Aisle ?
There are no indicate seats on the bus, so take your pick ! The big bus topology runs smoothly and we didn ’ metric ton feel many bumps on our way. The seats are relatively belittled and your shoulder might touch the person following to you, but with the eminent ceiling and adult windows, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel cramped. With such a comfortable ride, there were tied a few passengers who nodded off !
The proctor in front display notices in 4 languages including English, Chinese ( simplified ), korean and japanese. It ‘s easier than you think to get off at the wrong terminal so make certain to double check. Safety first – you ‘re required to keep your seat-belt on at all times .
Some buses offer release Wi-Fi, and those that do will have instructions by your seat. There is besides a public toilet at the bet on of the busbar. Please be careful on your way back to the public toilet when the bus is in motion !
On your room to the airport you can see iconic locations of Chiba and Tokyo, such as Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Bay. Don ’ t miss your stopping point opportunity to snap some shots of Japan !
After riding the bus for an hour down the express direction, we arrived at Narita International Airport. Make sure you keep path of which terminal to get off at. Once we arrived at the terminal, the staff helped us retrieve our bags from the torso.

When you enter the airport from the busbar concluding, the passing anteroom will be right in front of you. So you do n’t need to worry about lugging your suitcases about !
You can besides go the other way – from Narita to Tokyo ! You can go directly to the bus concluding in Narita Airport and take it from there. Although there are no reservations available from the airport, you can purchase indicate tickets at the Third Terminal busbar tag buffet.

The Access Narita is not barely low-cost, but besides offers a very placid service. If you ‘re not in a rush, it ‘s an unmissable distribute !

Written by Ran Tanaka

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