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Parts: PAGE OUR AMAZON ASSOCIATES: The Georgia Adventure Trail: Winding from the Florida border to North Carolina, this trail will take you through rolling farmland and eventually into the upstate mountains. It’s a beautiful scenic ride that gives you a glimpse of southern history. Dotting the trail are many houses over 100 years old. As I stopped and photographed them, I thought and wondered who was sitting on that porch 100 years ago watching cars go by and working the land. 6 important things to know. 1- We did not create this trail. Any deviation from the GPS map is your responsibility to determine how to get around. 2- This path crosses several agricultural residences. please be extremely respectful of pets and property. 3- Obey all signs indicating whether it is private land or trespassing prohibited. 4- Be sure to plan your gasoline. 5- Bad weather will radically change the state of the roads. 6- Most of the route is a scenic route and there are few or no technical obstacles. Finally, the north end is different and goes up into the mountains of Georgia. DISCLAIMER: Ride at your own risk! By downloading the route file or traveling on the route, you acknowledge that you use this route at your own risk. By downloading the itinerary file or traveling on the itinerary, you acknowledge that you are responsible for any damage, loss or any other problem you may encounter. By downloading the course file or browsing the course, you acknowledge that you assume responsibility for your own actions and your own risks. Vman1313 Adventures: Need some parts covered in our videos? Here are some links to Amazon and the parts we use to perform upgrades and repairs. It’s all done through Amazon and if you have prime you get FREE shipping. I am an affiliate marketer with links to Amazon and I receive commissions for purchases made through these links and affiliate sites. Thank you for your support. #jeep #jeeplife #wrangler #trails #jeeping #offroad

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Georgia Adventure Trail – closed roads – part 3

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Georgia Adventure Trail – closed roads – part 3.

georgia adventure trail.

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  1. The place where they were working on the roads with the dump truck and backhoe is without a doubt pure south Georgia. ♥️


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