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Forerunner 55

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US $

Battery life

20 hour

Water proof

Yes + Swim Tracking

Multi sport


Music support

Yes from call

24h tracking


Heart monitor




Pros and cons according to our running expert

Pros and cons according to our running expert

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to read and use stats
  • Suggests workouts and recovery time
  • Only comes in one size
  • Slight pixelation on screen

Our verdict

This watch is a fantastic choice for the new or intermediate runner. It ‘s a GPS running vigil. not only does it track your mileage but it besides becomes a personal flight simulator that helps you complete assorted workouts that Garmin provides.

It will suggest workouts for you based on your fitness charge and past training history. It is the most low-cost prevail watch Garmin offers but don ’ t let that downplay its capabilities.

The amenities and the price point of this watch are unbeatable in my impression. This watch is a solid choice for those who are looking to take a tone up from their basic fitness trackers and get good about their workouts. The FR55 will hands down make you a better runner .

Design and Hardware Garmin Forerunner 55

When looking at its predecessor the Garmin 45 and this update adaptation, you will see no major differences. It has a sleek and advanced design that is appealing for workouts and free-and-easy wear. This model is still rocking the fresh round front with a silicone watchband. Comfy is a keyword that comes to mind when describing this watch. This watch is NOT TOUCH SCREEN. Around the confront are 5 big buttons. The buttons are marked and slowly to use. It ’ s not bulky like some other running watches. I would say it looks like Garmin ’ second version of their apple lookout but, I think it looks dainty. The FR55 spectacles are very impressive for the $ 199 you will pay. In the previous model, the FR45 came in other sizes but the FR55 is only available with a 42mm event. I have a little wrist and it doesn ’ thyroxine overpower my arm. Overall the FR55 is comfortable, lightweight, and fashionable.
Technology is packed into the FR55 considering the identical little you have to pay. Let ’ s prima donna abstruse into what all comes with this watch. Built-in GPS to help track your distances, footstep, and intervals. It ’ sulfur got wrist-based heart rate monitor that tracks your center rate during workouts and will besides alert you if your center rate is besides high while resting. A cool have that is fair offered by Garmin would be its GARMIN COACH. This fun feature gives you adaptive training plans guidance from professional coaches. Your workouts will sync from your determine to the Garmin Connect app, where you can easily access them to see where you stand. If you ’ rhenium looking for some aid with your runs, the FR55 offers daily suggested workouts. These workouts are recommended based on your train history, fitness level, and convalescence time. But wait, there ’ second still a draw more engineering to talk about ! PACEPRO engineering will help you plan your raceway day scheme, this feature offers GPS-based pace steering for a choose course or distance in the Garmin Connect app. So you can tailor your efforts to what ’ s ahead. Want some guidance to help you meet your goal ? FINISH TIME will help you achieve that. Select a distance for your run, and you ’ ll be able to see a data screen that shows your estimate finish clock time. TRACK RUN is a built-in track run natural process to record accurate lap distances and see your distances in meters. If you ’ re looking to improve your running form then CADENCE ALERTS is for you. This technology will let you know when you go outside of your prey cadence scope. recovery is all-important when you train hard and RECOVERY TIME is a built-in recovery prison term feature that will suggest how many hours you should rest before you get back out on the paving. RACE PREDICTOR is a specialize tool that takes into account your past prepare history and seaworthiness level to help you work towards your race goal. BUILT-IN SPORTS APP offers other choices for workouts. FITNESS TRACKING will constantly count your steps and intensity when you are barely out and about. STRESS TRACKING will let you know if you ’ ve been having a calm air or nerve-racking sidereal day. It will tied alert you when your affection rate is unusually high. BODY BATTERY ENERGY allows you to track your consistency ’ south energy levels so you can find the best times for action and rest. INTENSITY MINUTES lets you know when you were doing vigorous activities throughout the sidereal day. FITNESS AGE engineering uses your age, your resting heart rate, and early assorted factors to figure out if your body is older or younger than you are. RESPIRATION TRACKING will monitor your breathing throughout the sidereal day. WOMEN’S HEALTH TRACKING is a cool feature for female athletes. It allows you to track your menstrual bicycle or pregnancy using the Garmin Connect app. The number of amenities goes on with the SMART NOTIFICATIONS. This lets you receive texts and emails justly on your watch when you pair it with your smartphone.

SAFETY AND TRACKING FEATURES will send messages to your emergency contacts if you have an emergency or if the watch senses one. You can control the songs being played from your smartphone with the MUSIC CONTROLS feature. Let ’ s talk about the specification of the watch. The lens substantial is chemically strengthen glass. I have worn this watch 24/7 for the past few weeks for all types of workouts. I admit I have not been “ pacify ” with it. The face is everyday and always looks sleek. It comes with quick-release bands that are 20mm. The strap material is silicone. The physical size is 42x42x11.6mm and will fit wrists with a circumference of 126-203mm. It weighs in at 37g. It is waterproof and has 5 ATMs. The memory and history will give you 200 hours of activeness data. Water resistance

No Yes + Swim Tracking

Navigating the Interface Garmin Forerunner 55

Garmin Forerunner 55- image0 The Forerunner 55 does not come with a touch screen. You must use the 5 buttons around the watch face to help you navigate where you want to go. The buttons are bad which makes them easy to work and they are labeled. The buttons are located 3 on the bequeath side and 2 on the right slope. I will go into more detail about what each button does. – ” UPPER LEFT ”, this push button is used to turn the light of the watch on and off. If you hold the button in for about 2 seconds it will take you to the main menu. This main menu has : -Power off
-Connecting your telephone -Sync
-Do not disturb
-Find my earphone
-Timer -Stopwatch -Add alarm -Lock keys “ Middle Left ”, is labeled “ astir ” and can be used to scroll through the different settings. “ Lower leave ”, is labeled “ down ” and will allow you to enter the bodily process menu. This button besides lets you control the music once your earphone is connected. “ Upper Right ”, is the enter button and it lets you start and stop whatever bodily process you ’ ra doing. “ Lower Right ”, is used to go back to the former filmdom. It didn’t take me long to learn how to navigate this watch. All the buttons are clearly marked and it ’ second set up to make it easy on you .

On the run Garmin Forerunner 55

When you ’ re about to go on a streak or participate in an bodily process you just push the ‘ upper right ’ push button. This takes you to the bodily process menu. You pick the activeness you will be doing. You can decide what activity appears here, so if your favored use is swimming you can make certain that it appears movement and kernel. Once that is done you will be connected with GPS. Each prison term I waited for the GPS to pick up a signal I didn ’ thyroxine wait longer than a few seconds. At beginning, it seemed to take a bite longer but as the GPS became accustomed to the area in which I live, the lock on become quicker. It was pretty fast each time. This GPS provides you with the pace, distance, and meter for your runs or other outdistance workouts. This built-in GPS is achieved by satellite confirm for Glonass and Galileo. I have been training for long-distance melt. Most of my events have been timed events to see how far you can run in the allotted clock time. My train hasn ’ triiodothyronine had many accelerate workouts recently. This update version of the precursor has a newly feature that will give you training suggestions. All the suggestions are based on previous workouts and heart rates. I think this will benefit anyone newfangled to working and in need of some guidance. While running with this watch for the past few weeks I have done my own thing except for 1 time. I did the suggested exercise and it made me run flying. This feature is distinguish from Garman Coach. Garmin Coach helps you set a train plan to help you meet a classify goal. There ’ second besides a Garmin race predictor. This version is based on VO2 Max formula. It takes into score your log educate history to figure out decently reliable slipstream predictions. All the suggestions that this model recommended, I found to be fairly fair for a new stolon. I will say that some of the workouts did seem reasonably besides easy but I have to remind myself that I am a season ball carrier. Running with the watch on feels and looks great. It ’ randomness reasonably lightweight, most of the time I hardly evening noticed it on my wrist. Checking it during my runs was a while of cake. The screen is boastful and easy to read while on the move. Each mile you hit you will hear the distinct Garmin bespeak arsenic well as a buzz. I happen to like this feature because it makes me want to pick up my pace to get the signal healthy and buzz to alert me again. On the screen during my runs, you can see real-time stats like distance, pace, lick time, lap distance, lap pace, and heart pace. The concentrate of the FR55 is running, but you can besides use it for outdoor cycling and pool swim .

After the run: software and connectivity Garmin Forerunner 55

Garmin Forerunner 55- image6 Before you can access any of your information on your determine you must first download the Garmin Connect App on your smartphone or computer. After a race or exercise seance, you end the exercise and save your information. once this is complete, you ’ ll be able to see an in-depth overview of your exercise. You can see your exercise results on the watch but the information is limited. right after I was finished with a run I would wait for it to be uploaded to the app and access it through there. This is connected over Bluetooth. You can decide if you want your phone connected all the clock or merely for certain occasions. If you stay connected all the time it uses more battery. Looking at all my operate and casual activity through the app is dainty. Being able to have access to this current and past data has made me more mindful of my convalescence, sleep, and stress. These are things I didn ’ t take into report over the past couple of years. The FR55 ’ s Body Battery concept is basically this, the more you use your phone, the firm it runs out of battery. Our bodies work the accurate same means. It ’ s powered by Firstbeat analytics, which helps you keep tabs on how much you have left in your tank. It gives you an easy room to correlate tension, convalescence, sleep, and physical activity. The higher the numeral ( 0-100 ), the greater your ability at that moment to focus, cope and bounce back from challenges. Sleep and recovering moments replenish your Body Battery, and physical activity and try, be it negative or positive, drain your inside reserves and diminish resilience. This feature was eye-opening for me and has helped me make my education more fat .

Other activities Garmin Forerunner 55

Besides equitable waking a run and getting steps, I did use this watch for a few pool sessions. It ’ south 100 % waterproof. My naiant sessions were anything brainsick, by and large convalescence workouts. During a float, I could view the pace I was swimming, distance, drill logs and I could besides use an automatic pillow timekeeper. I take my kids on runs in the double saunterer and one thing I didn ’ thyroxine like about the watch was that it didn ’ thymine pick up a fortune of my steps when my hands were on the saunterer. not a big softwood. Another dainty sport is if you are upgrading from an older Garmin lookout, all your former saved workouts and health data can be sent to your modern determine through the Garmin Connect mobile app .

Accuracy and battery life Garmin Forerunner 55

Garmin Forerunner 55- image4 The battery life will hold up to two weeks and the GPS mode will hold up for approximately 20 hours. The accuracy of heart rate monitor is pretty smudge on when compared with Garmins HRM chest strap. But, if you want the best accuracy then I would suggest bribe barely a dependable affection rate proctor strap .

Other interesting functions Garmin Forerunner 55

A great addition that Garmin is bringing to the table is SAFETY. They are putting in their new guard feature. The FR55 gets this bonus. It detects incidents and has aid features. To enable these features you must pair them to your smartphone. once you do that and there would be an hand brake, an alarm you raise attention to assigned contacts. If you ’ re into running without your telephone nearby then the merely Garmin watch that will allow you to do that would be the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE .

Alternatives Garmin Forerunner 55

If you ’ re looking to save a little more money but want something similar to the Garmin Forerunner 55, then I would suggest Garmin Forerunner 45 or the pivotal M200. The Garmin Forerunner 45 will cost you roughly $ 150. The Polar M200 has wrist-based heart rate chase, GPS, smartphone notifications, tracks your natural process all day, training programs designed for your needs, varying color options, and a battery life that will last up for about a week. You ’ ll yield around $ 99 for it .

Conclusion Garmin Forerunner 55

Garmin Forerunner 55- image9 My conclusion of the FR55 would be that this watch rock candy ! I haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tried a long ton of early watches in the past, but from the ones I have tried and from talking with other runners, you just merely can not beat the price point of the FR55. The amount of technology Garmin packs into this entrance watch is well beyond needed but graciously enjoyed. I would think that some of the costly higher-end watches would be nervous about this watch because of all the big features this novice watch offers. flush though it does lack a touch screen and may take some meter to get used to, the clearly check 5 buttons make it simpleton to use under any context. If you are newly to smartwatches, have no fear. Garmin will walk you through the frame-up serve and you ’ ll be enjoying your new watch in no time.

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