In the northerly reaches of Okinawa, where there are no Starbucks, cafés where you can spend an good afternoon sipping chocolate and read are a rare discovery. Most places are small and interfering and I constantly feel guilty hogging a whole table for hours at a time. Fuu Café, on Sesoko Island is an exception. I have lost track of the total of weekend afternoons I ’ ve spend sipping a caffe latte and studying japanese, occasionally asking the ( always extremely friendly ) staff for avail on a unmanageable question .
Fuu is possibly the perfective café. seat is available both inside the simple and tastefully decorated restaurant, and outside in their bright cubic yard. There are hammocks, lounge chairs, and evening a little slide for the kids. The owner ’ s friendly dog is often outside, sleeping in his sign of the zodiac or begging a belly rub off patrons.

All the food is organic and many of the ingredients come from the garden adjacent to the building. It ’ randomness besides all delicious. The menu is small, with a few pizza, an umibudou ( sea grapes ) salad, a curry set, and a pasta of the day, which is served with a salad and toast. There is besides a survival of desserts, ranging from gelato made with local anesthetic dairy to shikuwasa ( Okinawa lime ) shakes to cakes made fresh that dawn. The menu is written in both English and japanese, and the staff speaks enough English that you shouldn ’ t have any problems. They ’ re besides familiar with vegetarianism, and always happy to make substitutions if you ask .

What very clinches Fuu ’ s title, in my thinker, is the coffee. They roast their own beans, which create a blend that is rich and flavorful without being bitterness. They have an across-the-board menu of lattes and teas. Try the Yanbaru Honey Latte !

Fuu gets very busy during the summer, so it can be hard to find a postpone, but during the off-season, there is always ample space. So future meter you head improving north, be sure to stop by, this is a café that shouldn ’ thyroxine be missed !
Hours: 11-Sundown. Food service is from 11:30-4, and the lunch drink cake is alone from 11:30-2. close Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Phone: 0980-47-4885
Payment: They accept hankering lone .
Directions: Take the 58 to the 449 head towards the aquarium. When you get to the big white bridge towards Sesoko Island in Motobu, change state left. once on the island, drive straight past the blockage faint, to an intersection where a road joins the independent from the right. This is the lapp road you would take to get to Sesoko Beach. Turn correctly ( there will be signs ). Follow this road as it curls around behind the island, and then turn at the green sign for Fuu Café .