Fukutaro Okonomiyaki is one of the best food in Osaka. This local favorite restaurant is famous for their okonomiyaki and negiyaki with their secret sauce. Looking for where to eat the best food in Osaka ? No doubt, okonomiyaki is one of the must-eat food in Osaka. many restaurants in Osaka serve their recipe of okonomiyaki. It can be head-ache when looking for the best okonomiyaki to try on. Fukutaro (福太郎) is an Okonomiyaki specialized restaurant in Osaka, particularly in the Namba area. in concert with Kiji and Mizuno, it ranked as the top three must-try okonomiyaki in Osaka. It is highly recommend among locals. The rate in tabelog and flush TripAdvisor is always at the top stead. Added, Fukutaro is listed in Michelin Guide Kyoto/Osaka 2017 Bib Gourmand. So don ’ thyroxine forget to include Fukutaro okonomiyaki into your food hound.

Fukutaro Okonomiyaki Osaka: 

  • Address: 2 Chome-3-17 Sennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0074, Japan
  • Operating hours: Weekday from 17:00 to 23:30 and weekend from 12:00 to 23:00
  • Getting there: 5 minutes’ walk from Namba station.

Fukutaro Okonomiyaki Osaka

We went to Fukutaro to taste on the best okonomiyaki during my 2 days in Osaka. We arrived in the early evening to avoid the herd. however, the restaurant was already about packed. There were people wait outside of the restaurant. Without reluctance, we write down our mention and party on the waiting tilt. While waiting, we went for a curtly stroll at the 7-11 and drug shop nearby. fortunately, the wait wasn ’ t excessively long. It took us about 30 minutes to get seated inwardly .

Dining in Fukutaro

Dining in Fukutaro Okonomiyaki Osaka he atmosphere in the Fukutaro was great. It is a traditional japanese restaurant with customers seated at the “ U ” browning automatic rifle counter. The best part of Fukutaro is their okonomiyaki is prepared in front man of you. Okonomiyaki was cooked and then served it to you at the hot plate. It never gets cold but draw certain to eat it while inactive fresh. We had our best seat which close to the cooking hot plate. It was a fun time watching how the chef prepare their signature okonomiyaki for guests. Besides, the staffs were very friendly and polite .Variety Choice of Okonomiyaki in Fukutaro There are a variety show choice of okonomiyaki with unlike topping in Fukutaro. Depending on the what kind of topping you decree. The seafood and Wahyu gripe were not bum. But overall the price of okonomiyaki in Fukutaro was reasonably reasonable. english menu was provided while we were waiting outside. So we know what we want to order before draw in. We ordered Negiyaki, Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki to try on different variety.

Yakisoba in Fukutaro Our yakisoba came first. It served with some touch fry vegetables and meat together with the noodles. It smelled indeed good and looked absolutely amazing. A simpleton but identical delicious dish .Having beer with okonomiyaki in Fukutaro Besides, the yakisoba taste thus perfective when pairing with cold japanese beer. We highly recommended to order it to enjoy with the hot food .Negiyaki and Okonomiyaki in FukutaroThe difference of Negiyaki and Okonomiyaki in Fukutaro While the negiyaki was the best choice we made. It can be considered as the slender form of okonomiyaki. The negiyaki comes with a set of green onion rather of traditional cabbage inwardly. It tastes good with the crust of leek .okonomiyaki from Fukutaro last, the okonomiyaki was cooked to perfection. It was topped with mayonnaise and some particular dark sauce. The taste was so flavorful and authentic .

Fukutaro Food Review

All in all, Fukutaro is highly recommended if you are looking for the Osaka best okonomiyaki. The hale dining experience was excellent. Added, price was reasonable for such best food in Osaka. We were very satisfy with the meal. We besides try on another okonomiyaki restaurant during our visit to Osaka. And Fukutaro okonomiyaki is our favorite. For sure you will be delighted by their delightful okonomiyaki. This restaurant is popular among locals and foreigners. so expected to wait specially vertex hour. But you won ’ metric ton repent for this excellent okonomiyaki in Osaka.

last, this Fukutaro okonomiyaki food blog is partially of our visit to Kansai Japan. If you are matter to, read on our remaining Kyoto and Osaka food review. Kyoto Food Blog : Osaka food review :