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Forbidden Lands Review - Core Box Set
Forbidden Lands Review – Core Box Set

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Forbidden Lands Review – Core Box Set.

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27 thoughts on “Forbidden Lands Review – Core Box Set | Cover the information about mud 146 land map the most complete”

  1. Thank you for this overview. I'm already a huge fan of Symbaroum and I researched enough to convince me purchase the FL 2E Box Set as well. I'll let you know how our group gets on with it.

  2. 1. The interior art is dope.
    2. XP questions and Willpower looks like World of Darkness.
    3. 4 attributes like in GURPS or Oko Yrrhedesa (Andrzej Sapkowski's rpg).
    4. NO LEVELS – good. Levels sucks. I'm baffled that TSR went down the line with this broken concept.
    5. Did you suffer from your dark secret? – Wow. Even Kult reference is there.
    6. d6 based. Nice. Recently more games use this type of these, which is most common.
    And long known games like Shadowrun or GURPS are based on d6s as well.
    7. Actions that are open to anyone at any time during combat. Well… That's what some people call free form. You don't need any table, or rules for that. Just use your common sense. Simple and also the best solution you can have. Players should use their brains not rules. Rules are for GMs only. The better GM describes the scene, the better ideas players can have. Stop using maps and develop your storytelling skills.
    8. Dice pool mechanic. World of Darkness, Shadowrun, Sibirpunk, Wiedźmin – gra wyobraźni (Hexer/Witcher – game of imagination, yep. There is a Polish Geralt of Rivia game released in early 2000s that's d6 based and use dice pool mechanic).
    9. No "balanced encounters"? Good. Life isn't balanced. Life is savage.

    Bad things
    1. 10:38 Well… That's not how warhammer looks like. The longer handle, the bigger momentum, the bigger force it has. Impact are shouldn't be as big as on this picture and one end should have a spike for piercing armour. That's a devastating warhammer.
    2. Hexmap stickers. R'ly?
    3. Villages, castles and dungeons. Wait. What?! No ships, inns, sewers or brothels?
    4. Horns on helmets. R'ly? That's as lame as it can be. Plus not wise when going into combat.

  3. Forbidden Lands has so far been the most exciting and awe inspiring RPG I've played (Vaesen is a close second).
    I absolutely adore RPGs where the game mechanics encourage IC roleplaying over combat

  4. The card combat system sounds like X-Wing. A system I always wanted to translate to people combat.

  5. How did I miss this game? or did I?

    This look very much like a distilled, tweaked version of the classic swedish fantasy roleplaying game "Drakar och demoner" (Dragons and Demons), from mid 80's to early 90's (with its expansions and editions). A game I played alot when I was young.
    Most (if not all) of the art in this is actually from that classic core game (probably because this is also swedish and probably from some of the same guys).
    The stronghold segment, and some other parts, contains some stuff from the "Drakar och Demoner" expansion "Gigant", that had rules for Strongholds, Lands, Taxes/Income/Expenses, Hirelings, Armies, Battles and more.
    This seem to have put some better collected focus on survival though. The old game lacked a cohesive ruleset for that, but it contained parts of it scattered all over (so it was often forgotten or overlocked), even if the backstory/intro and the classes was more or less the same. Its a harsch world, and you are NOT a hero, from the beginning, just a adventurer trying to do a mark, and survive. Now it looks like they actually included a real ruleset, with what you can do, like making camp, resting, forraging etc. The old games had the details (skills), but no frame for how to use it. Now you have. Good.
    They also changed the "dice mechanic" to this new one with D6's, and Pushing it, and Willpower (like Mutant Year Zero, and other games from them). Originally it was D100 (%) based, and in later edition changed into D20 system. In my head I think I like this new system.

    This brings back memories. I like it. I need to see if I can get this and play it some day.
    PS: I miss the Duck-kins though (used to be a playable race). Have to do a homebrew for them. 😉

  6. Not sure you'll see this but… Super curious if you ever had a chance to play? I just got FBL a couple of weeks ago. Really hoping to get a grp together this fall.

  7. Thanks for reviewing this.

    Here are some random comments:
    This game looks like it has some good ideas. None of them are really new though.
    It looks simple, beer and pretzels, fun to play and limited in the odd sort of way that many of these modern games are.
    But it also seems to incorporate elements of a table-top game, like Gloomhaven or maybe Dark Tower. (Who remembers that?)
    It reminds me a bit of Steve Jackson's The Fantasy Trip to a certain degree from the way that you describe it. The engine is obviously quite a bit different though.
    The problem that I have with it is that the game looks too limited in an odd compartmentalized way.
    I do not see this game as being old school at all. I see it trying to emulate certain aspects of those kind of games. It looks like it succeeds in some cases and falls short in others.
    It seems like they tried to make a boardgame and an RPG for Millennials (sorry guys).
    I like that it has skills. I kinda like that it has classes too, a little bit, maybe . . . ok not really. I do not like classes. I like that the characters are not heroes. I think what they meant with that is that it is more Batman than Superman. You seem to be worried about the alignment aspects of that, but when we look at the world, people seem to always be rationalizing some infraction that they committed vs. the pristine codex that they allegedly follow. Just look at the church or the police or the government. Let's face it alignment is mostly just a façade. Every now and then someone does something "good" and that is really cool, but also amazing.
    70 spells are ok. That is a good streamlined number to start with. Of course there will be expansions. Games like this always have expansions.
    It seems like the pins you down to a generic world that looks like maybe it could change from scenario to scenario. Kind of like a Candyland with variable encounters? Hmm. Not sure I like that either. I suppose it is ok for a few sessions, but what does it have over a game like D&D 1st edition? Simplicity perhaps?
    The game takes a lot of admittedly neat ideas and tries to string them together into some kind of a limited beer and pretzels RPG. How effectively it does all that remains to be seen.
    Most of these games do not do it very well.
    The limitedness bothers me.
    I do not see how it has anything over any of the older classic RPG games where a dungeon master could create a rich and dynamic world. Why would I spend my money on this when I could have the former? I think the answer is work. You are working all the time. You just want to get together with some friends and play something without all the prep. This game gives you a good skeleton for that, the question is can you put more meat on the bones or does the game curtail that?

    I do like the art!

  8. About the animosity between the Kins, In my opinion those write ups are from unreliable narrators. If you read them carefully you'll see that they're written from a single person's perspective and that person clearly has a strong bia for their Kin and the other Kins.

  9. There is currently a Bundle of Holding for up to 7 of the pdfs. I came here to see if it was worth it and you sold me, though, I kinda wish I was buying a physical copy instead of pdfs…

  10. Great review. The fact that the chance of throwing a hit and a disaster are the same means this game is definitely not for me. Unless I've missed something in the review,. the more dice you throw makes no difference, one die and 10 dice carry the same chance of success and the same chance of failure. Nope, doesn't work.

  11. Hi WASD20, did you ever get to play this? It has been sitting on my shelf and I am keen to play it. Not sure if I can get the numbers together unfortunately.

  12. This looks really cool. What is the feasibility of having combat as a tactical, miniatures on the table sort of thing?

  13. "Now the level of hatred between each races is pretty obvious, […] I'm not exactly sure how cohesive a party with multiple kin will be."
    If elves can work along side lumberfoots during the End Times, then anything is possible.

  14. It seems quite cumbersome. I would love to see some people who are comfortable with the game playing a session.

  15. we just had our first session of forbidden lands and absolutely LOVED it. cant wait to keep playing

  16. You gave a review to a game you haven't run yet? my god man, what merit could you gleam from it without using it?


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