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What fruits contain more vitamin C? And what are superfoods? In our food knowledge, you will find everything you need to know about food and nutrition. Learn about healthy eating, cooking tips, and what foods are in season.

Culinary knowledge: information and tips

More and more people are eating consciously and taking care of their health. It is important to know the properties of food, such as its micro and macronutrients. For example, did you know that red bell peppers contain more vitamin C than lemons? We put at your disposal many articles on nutritional topics that list for you the particularities of many foods. This allows you to optimally plan your meals.

Foods that contain fiber and vitamins, for example, are important for a balanced diet. But minerals and trace elements are also important factors in keeping us healthy. Find out which foods contribute to iron deficiency or which foods contain a particularly high amount of calcium. If you want to eat healthy, you often choose low-calorie foods. We offer you an overview of delicious recipes and important rules for a low-carb diet or other forms of nutrition.

Buy foods according to the season and store them properly

If you want to buy regional and fresh products, you should find out in advance what foods are available in season and when. Our seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar offers a clear breakdown by month. With a balanced diet, mixing lots of different foods makes all the difference. In winter, how about mashed Jerusalem artichokes instead of potatoes? Edible tubers, often originating in France, offer a great seasonal alternative.

To ensure that your purchases always stay fresh, you also need to ensure that your food is stored optimally. It is now well known that citrus fruits have no place in the fridge. But how long do fruits keep on average if you store them optimally? And how to peel an orange? Find answers to your questions about food storage and preparation in ChefReader’s product information and cooking tips.

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