Spice Up Your Menu With These 10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts

( primitively posted October 2017, Updated May 2020 )
When it comes to restaurant plan, the menu baptismal font is equitable angstrom important as the chairs you pick and the food you serve. Why ? The menu is your customer ’ mho introduction. It will help convey the style, cuisine, and personality of your restaurant with one glance. But preceptor ’ thymine worry …we ’ ve researched for you. hera are 27 delightful restaurant menu fonts that will leave your mouth water .

Best Restaurant Fonts

These are some of the best restaurant fonts that set the standard for your commercial enterprise .
Whether you ’ re looking to add a insidious accent or a flavorful punch to your menu, these fonts are perfect for any type of restaurant cuisine.

Elevate the experience your customer has the moment they walk through the door to the first prison term they lay eyes on your excellently crafted menu .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
Bakerville is a dateless classic that ’ s been around for over two hundred years. The font is named after its creator John Baskerville, who spent his life practicing calligraphy and stone-cutting. Baskerville is elegant and charm and is the perfect menu baptismal font for a high-end din experience .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
There ’ s not a font list in the world that doesn ’ t include Helvetica. It may just be the most recognizable baptismal font in the world, making it perfective for any restaurant ’ second menu fonts. Helvetica is known for its dependable, inert, accessible dash, making your menu inclusive to all audiences .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
Lavenda is all elegance, all the time. It is a handwriting baptismal font, with a balmy, longhand choice to it and does an excellent job portraying class and sophism. Lavenda is a bang-up menu fonts choice for any all right boom know .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
Cafe Françoise is precisely as it sounds, perfect for a cafe. It has an edgy appearance, with an urban writhe. This font carries a lot of personality and speaks volumes upon beginning glance. If you jump into Cafe Françoise, make indisputable it adheres to your restaurant dash and doesn ’ triiodothyronine overpower what you have to offer .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
Molluca is a casual handwriting script font, that is nothing short of beautiful. A little less balmy than Lavenda, Molluca is neat and inviting. Offering class and simplicity at the like time. Molluca can be dressed down for a bakery or played up for elegant, white table fabric cuisine .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
While the name doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sound excessively appealing, this baptismal font is anything but grotesque. Brandon Grotesque is a sans serif type baptismal font, known for being warm and functional. It has clear discernability and won ’ thyroxine distract from your menu items. It works big for bold, traditional flavors .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
The future one on our list is Chambord, a alone serif font with an external vibration to it, a great choice for restaurants that come to life at night. Chambord has personality without being dominant. It can blend in or stand out, perfective for a bouncy, dinner atmosphere .
modern restaurant fonts

Modern Restaurant Fonts

When you hear the phrase “ modern restaurant fonts, ” you may wonder, what exactly is modern ?
modern font is actually a font from the eighteenth hundred. Thanks to improvements in the timbre of paper vitamin a well as improved print techniques in the eighteenth century, the methods used to create typefaces were changed .
By using these recognizable fonts, you can add an elegant even elementary look to your menu that draws in your customer ’ second eye .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
nothing says I ’ meter hungry like the Proxima Nova font family. Perfect for ice cream, coffee, and other delightful desserts. It ’ s clean, modern, and friendly, while however letting your menu items speak for themselves. countless companies use Proxima Nova because it doesn ’ t overpower, it invites .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
Didact Gothic is a newer baptismal font, released in the last ten. It was designed to display each letter as it appears in the elementary school classroom. Didact is great for a mod, dim-witted vibration. A must-try for a burger bar, or another modern wind on traditional food .
10 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts
trench is a contemporaneous baptismal font that exudes a modern, contemporary feel. merely released in the last few years, it fits into the digital age, with a tech-like appearance. Perfect for a coffee bean shop, offering free wireless local area network !

Surrounded by honest-to-god posters and signs in the traditional Montserrat region of Buenos Aires, Julieta Ulanovsky found her divine guidance to create this font. By capturing the quality of early 20th-century typefaces, Montserrat brings a singular urban feel to a modern restaurant .

Another authoritative modern restaurant baptismal font is the Dosis font. This font class can bring assortment to your menu, depending on the weight of the baptismal font. The lighter weights of Dosis create a simple atmosphere while the heavier weights bring more character. The medium and regular weights of Dosis are an excellent choice for those looking for a hearty balance of both for their menu !
modern restaurant fonts
Cheap Pine is a cosmetic style font that gives your menu personality that packs a punch. With a design that offers the Cheap Pine font kin a three-d expression, this is one of the modern restaurant fonts that make menus steal the spotlight—right after your food, of course .

This font, inspired by the similarly named Mrs Eaves font class, brings a light to any menu ’ sulfur text. When looking for modern restaurant fonts, a simple and pleasing aesthetic adds to the capture of your cuisine .
chinese restaurant fonts

Chinese Restaurant Fonts

To find the right divine guidance for these chinese restaurant fonts, we took a search at the history of american Chinese cuisine. Americans of the nineteenth hundred first encountered chinese cuisine in family-owned restaurants that often adapted traditional dishes to the tastes of their customers .
As the swerve of american Chinese cuisine became more popular throughout the California Gold Rush, more restaurants opened their doors to the public. With this unique history in mind, these taiwanese restaurant fonts bring an authentic however modern feeling to your menu .
chinese restaurant fonts
This baptismal font comes from the Adobe Originals course of study, which started back in 1989. Embodying the vision of the Adobe Originals plan, Flood is a handwritten font that captures the aesthetic of an artist ’ south brushstrokes. As an court to the art of Chinese calligraphy, this is a perfect choice for anyone looking for Chinese restaurant fonts.

Cookie is a script style font that has cosmetic appeal without being illegible when used for your menu ’ south body text. The divine guidance that Cookie ’ second godhead, Ania Kruk, wanted to draw on was brush calligraphy and 1950s-era advertisements .

Created by Wei Zhimang, Zhi Mang Xing is a font that is based on the creator ’ s own handwritten calligraphy vogue. With this clear influence from calligraphy salute in the baptismal font, it besides pays court to the celebrated artist and calligrapher Wu Changshuo. equally far as fashionable Chinese restaurant fonts go, Zhi Mang Xing captures the history of chinese cuisine and polish in its style .

Mexican Restaurant Fonts

Over respective centuries, american Mexican cuisine has evolved and changed thanks to a overplus of influences. frankincense, ideal Mexican restaurant fonts can capture the classical styles of traditional restaurants or tied add a modern flair for a unique new spirit .

Malaga is a font that embodies singular ocular fictional character a well as the cultural heritage that inspired its couturier, Xavier Dupré. Inspired by his travels, Dupré named this font family after one of Spain ’ s port cities. With a historically rich dynamic, Malaga works well for spanish or mexican restaurant fonts .

Merienda is a font kin that uses the pleasingly soft shapes of hand-drawn brush strokes. Meaning ‘ good afternoon bite ’ in spanish, Merienda epitomizes the lightsomeness of both the good afternoon and the single-dish meal the word represents. This baptismal font works best when used for section titles in your menu and can be used in short pieces of text as well .

The Arvo font syndicate brings the lively attitude of a slab-serif font without being besides overwhelmingly boldface. The reason that Arvo is a prime exercise of Mexican restaurant fonts is thanks to the conversant so far contemporary aesthetic it brings to your menu .
pizza restaurant fonts

Pizza Restaurant Fonts

There is nothing like sitting down with your friends and kin at a local pizza restaurant to eat hand-made happiness .
For a menu that captures the joy your dishes bring, you need the right pizza restaurant fonts .
Your dishes aren ’ t the only target you should be innovative, after all—create a menu that celebrates the meals your customers enjoy !

Barricada comes from the award-winning Sudtipos font type foundry. Backed by designers with expertness in packaging design, post, and more, Barricada was crafted with manage. This font gives off an aura of nostalgia for family pizza nights—which is why we feel it makes an excellent choice for pizza restaurant fonts .

The first american pizzeria, known as Lombardi ’ mho, became a part of New York history when it first opened in 1905. ever since then, the delightful flavor of pizza dishes has taken our state by storm .
Capturing the artistic style of handmade graffito, the Sedgwick Ave baptismal font takes its name from the historic South Bronx street in New York. With the big-city position that this New York-inspired font brings, you can use it to add the right savory accents to your menu .

With a name like Satisfy, you know this is a delectable choice for pizza restaurant fonts ! Satisfy brings a modern dash to a traditional brush script. This baptismal font besides takes inhalation from some of the long-familiar italian roots that many pizza dishes posse. Make your menu represent your restaurant ’ s charming personality with this subtly elegant font .

Italian Restaurant Fonts

It is probable that many of your customers imagine a single cup of tea when think of italian cuisine .
Of course, any owner of an italian restaurant knows that italian food has therefore much more variety show to it that merely can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be ignored .
This is why it is crucial to take advantage of that kind when it comes to choosing your italian restaurant fonts, excessively !

When thinking about your favored italian restaurant, you might picture the delectable curls of your go-to pasta smasher. The Bello font kin personifies the elegance and season of your dishes. This font brings the charisma that italian restaurant fonts need to make a customer hungry for more .

La Belle Aurore creates a amatory atmosphere with its design that is distinctly influenced by traditional handwriting using ink. This font takes its inspiration from the Criterion classical film Casablanca , which depicts a melancholy fib of love affair. The script-like characteristics of La Belle Aurore make a menu feel cautiously handmade, equitable like your dishes .

Mediterranean Menu Fonts

Harkening back to the humble beginnings of civilizations like Ancient Greece, Mediterranean food covers a wide image of cuisine. Some cuisines feature the classic Mediterranean trio, consisting of grapes, grains, and olives .
All in all, the exalted history of the Mediterranean Basin brings with it a expansive history of food and culture. frankincense, delightful Mediterranean menu fonts must capture this history and singular relish in their design .

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to Mediterranean menu fonts, painting a vibrant movie of the huge cultures and cuisine is a must with the Bely font family. This font has a richness to it that doesn ’ t take away from its laid back personality, making it perfect for any Mediterranean restaurant .

As the list suggests, the Ubuntu baptismal font is function of the larger Ubuntu operating system undertaking. Created with the purpose of being easily legible, this font brings with it a unique personality that can enhance your menu .

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17 Delicious Restaurant Menu Fonts

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