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Fondue Savoyarde: A special cheese fondue

Fondue Savoyarde is a cheese fondue popular in Switzerland and France.

  • Fondue owes its name to the region in which it is usually prepared. It comes from Savoy, a French territory bordering Switzerland.
  • Three specific types of cheese are used in equal parts.

Fondue Savoyarde: This is how the Swiss eat fondue

Special ingredients are used for fondue:

  • On the one hand, certain types of cheese are part of the fondue: Beaufort, Comté and Emmental, in equal parts.
  • As in any cheese fondue, the caquelón, that is, the pot in which the fondue is prepared, is first rubbed with a clove of garlic.
  • Then the white wine is heated and the grated cheese is slowly dissolved in it. For the classic Fondue Savoyarde, the white wine must come from the Savoy region.
  • You need to stir all the time to prevent the cheese from clumping together or burning.
  • As soon as the cheese is completely melted, stir in some kirsch and add some pepper.
  • Now the fondue should come back to a short boil, then you can dip the diced white bread into the cheese sauce. Tip: The bread should not be completely fresh, but rather dry.

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