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Proven Tips for Fishing Floating Trout Baits
A Lil ’ Corky added to a floating bait trailer truck fished off the bottom is a great way to catch trout. The increased rise allows larger baits to be used, whereby increasing visibility and scent dispersion. ( Photo by Scott Haugen )

By Scott Haugen

As temperatures rise, trout living in lakes and ponds seek cool water, often among tall denounce and weed beds. A bait floating above such habitat can be extremely enticing, whether cast from the bank or a boat. While many anglers fish floating baits, cheese and even worms injected with air for trout, relatively few add drift bobbers to their presentations. however, they give anglers some hearty advantages .

What Drift Bobbers Do for You

Pairing a Lil ‘ Corky drift bob with PowerBait, for model, offers four specific benefits. First, it increases the visibility of the display, making it easier for pisces to find it from a distance, or in murky conditions. Second, it adds buoyancy, which decreases the bait ‘s chances of getting tangled in grass and weeds. Third, because a roll bob adds buoyancy, larger baits can be used. ultimately, olfactory property can be added to both the bob and the bait. trout have a mighty sense of smack, so increasing the total of aroma you use will allow fish to more well locate your extend .West June FishingAdding scent, then rolling it into your Power Bait, is a great way to target a trout’s sense of smell. Because a Lil’ Corky increases the bait’s ability to float, greater scent dispersal occurs throughout the water column. (Photo by Scott Haugen) When it comes to matching a drift bob to a ternary hook holding floating bait, my best success has come by pairing a size-12 Lil ‘ Corky with a size-12 ternary. While this might seem like a bigger-than-normal setup, I ‘ve found that trout wo n’t shy away from the larger presentation. In fact, larger bait has helped me catch pisces in waters laden with alga and silt, and the success I ‘ve had with the big trailer truck has prompted me to fish waters I might not have tried otherwise .
If fishing in clear water where weeds and grass are not a concern, feel barren to drop to a smaller size-14 Lil ’ Corky. Combined with a size-14 triple hook covered in Power Bait, this frame-up is a reproducible fish-catching combination.

West June FishingFishing floating bait for trout, be it from shore or a boat, is applicable throughout the West. Here, author, Scott Haugen, admires a nice morning’s catch of rainbows. (Photo by Scott Haugen)

How to Rig Them

There are two ways I rig my floating-bait trout frame-up. My choose fishing gear includes a slither testis doughnut, which ensures that when a trout picks up the bait, the pipeline slides through the sinker and boosts hookup rates due to low or no resistance. If a trout feel line resistance, it much drops the bait. To rig a sliding-sinker setup, simply thread your egg sinker up the mainline, then tie on a size-10 barrel swivel. A two-foot-long leader can be tied to the other eye of the swivel. Should you find yourself fishing in, say, 6-foot improbable supergrass, just let out line once the doughnut has hit bottom and the airiness of the Corky and floating bait will allow it to rise into the desired come to partition .West June FishingLooking to catch more trout with your floating bait setup? Try adding a drift bobber, increasing the amount of bait, and adding scent to both. Here a sliding sinker setup (left) and fixed sinker setup are being baited up. (Photo by Scott Haugen) The second rig choice is a fixed-sinker apparatus, where split shoot can be attached directly to the mainline. Start by sliding a Lil ‘ Corky drift bobber onto your mainline, then tie the double hook to the end. Place a schism shoot or two a few feet from the hook, and you ‘re set. reclaimable split injection are easy to reposition on the trace, allowing for immediate depth regulation should you find yourself in weeds or wanting to change to locations with different depths or bottom social organization. Because leader duration is easy to adjust with this apparatus it can be fished many places. Drop it among jumble logs, downed trees, tall grass, weeds and moss, and you ’ re fishing a stationary bait in places that are hard to fish any early way .West June FishingThe addition of a Lil’ Corky created enough buoyancy to get the floating bait riding higher than the bait without a Corky. Both setups here are identical, including leader length, but the one without the Corky didn’t have enough lift to get through the grass. (Photo by Scott Haugen)

Expand Your Range

This buoyant floating bait method acting can besides be fished in sloughs found in rivers and small streams. evening if there ‘s a little current, the bait will stay suspended thanks to the buoyant combination of the floating tease and Lil ‘ Corky. This not only makes it more visible to fish as they swim by, it besides helps establish a perfume wrinkle in the water system .


so if you want to catch more trout when fishing floating bait this summer, try adding a drift bob and increasing the sum of bait being used. As you ‘ll discover, these small drift bobbers are n’t fair big bait imitations, they ‘re ideal for floating Power Bait precisely where it needs to be for you to catch more trout .

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